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I had an idea for a personal beast but I wasn't sure how lore-friendly it would be.

While googling combinations of <Glomdoring related word here> <random animal or mythic creature> I came upon this. I was wondering if it would be lore-friendly to even have something like this before I started writing out the beast. I'm aware that Dragons are usually more Gaudiguch centered since they're tied to the same shard as Dracnari and the Drachou. I do have an idea how I would say the rose dragon came to be, saying that it rested deep in the soil of Glomdoring and was transformed along with the rest of the forest when Viravain Wyrded the woods. Would something like that require approval from admins?

Image result for rose dragon fan art


  • Dragons are a very recognisable and epic part of Lusternia's history! Our last year arc, in fact, was tied to them. Drachou is one of the Basin of Life's only examples of dragons and is Gaudiguch related, yes, but it is hardly their domain. Dragons are their own thing! However, they exist so far outside of the Basin of Life that this is likely not a possibility to have occurred lore-wise.

    The administration does have a very big hand in custom beast requests (and all customisations), to answer your other question! On this particular topic, I would recommend looking into other art for your inspiration as this particular image is fan art of the Black Rose Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh card, and we want (and need) to be very careful when approaching other intellectual properties.
    Art is by the wonderful Gurashi!
  • I thought I'd see about it. I know some people have dragon pets but I also have other beasts in mind.
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    I mean, there's a character running around with the Weighted Companion Cube from the Portal series as a custom pet. I'd say there's a wide latitude here :) .
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