Fishy tale I Told ilistala.

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This is what you see if you look at Ilistala.
Dark marks adorn the pristine white fur of this enormous leopard, black rosettes strewn across it in an inverse image of the night sky. Tensed muscle flows beneath her fur with each movement, elegantly graceful and obviously deadly. Her shoulders rise to an impressive height of six feet, far larger than the normal leopard. Bright blue eyes sparkle above a blackened muzzle, alight with curiosity. Powerful jaws generally conceal deadly white fangs, each revealed to be gleaming white when she bares them. Her paws, each as large as a Faeling's head, make no noise as she walks-- evidence of her care apparent with each step she takes. A long tail, similarly patterned with dark rosettes, occasionally lashes behind her.
Ilistala, an enormous leopard has an air of extreme strength.
She weighs about 1200 pounds.
Her feedbag is nearly empty! She is looking well-fed.
She is wearing Ushinaa's Refined Saddle of the Honourable Ebonguard.
This is the loyal steed of Spirit Warden Xenthos An'Ryshe, the Ebon Strategist.

Softly, you say, "Hello."

Ilistala, an enormous leopard tilts her head and listens intently to you.
You have emoted: Tylwyth scritches illistala behind her ears.
Ilistala, an enormous leopard rubs up against you, purring like a cat.
To ilistala, you say, "So, the other day I was flying over this river."
To ilistala, you say, "And I found this fish that was This big!"
You have emoted: Tylwyth spreads his hands as wide as he can.
Glorious rays of morning light burst forth from Father Sun's crown as it peeks over the world's edge, announcing a bright and shining new dawn.
To ilistala, you say, "And it just leaped way out of the river."
To ilistala, you say, "And I was all."

Ilistala, an enormous leopard flicks an ear as she listens to your story.
To ilistala, you say, "Ayum."
To ilistala, you say, "I am getting that fish."
To ilistala, you say, "So I pulled out my scythe."
To ilistala, you say, "Showoff scythe."
You display a severing scythe for all in the room to see.
A black direwolf tilts back his head in a low, resonant howl.
To ilistala, you say, "So them I dived down into the water after it!"
Ilistala, an enormous leopard shakes her body, as if flinging off the thought of water.
To ilistala, you say, "Yeah."
Sparkling motes of bright light surround the Master Ravenwood Tree.
To ilistala, you say, "But I have trout's spirit with me so I did fine."
Softly, you say, "I Was just atking a swing at the fish to lop off it's head."
Galloping awkwardly from the ether, a young nightmare arrives upon a bank of clouds.
Lifting her head, Ilistala looks at Kelhrae hopefully.
A dusky brocade moth spirals slowly around you.
Kelhrae stretches languidly.
To ilistala, you say, "BUT just them."
To ilistala, you say, "I HUGE trident speared right throug hthe bugger."
An illithoid scourge says, "For the Glomdoring, Kelhrae."
Galloping awkwardly out to the down, a young nightmare leaves upon a bank of clouds.
To ilistala, you say, "I looked up but coudln't see who threw it!"
An armoured bat flutters just overhead.
To ilistala, you say, "So, as the trident had pined the fish in place, I jumped up out of the water."
The sharp sound of a twig snapping echoes behind you.
Ilistala, an enormous leopard looks upwards.
To ilistala, you say, "Yeah I did that too!"
To ilistala, you say, "But all I saw was the remnants of an old trap."
To ilistala, you say, "Not sure how the fish sprung it."
To ilistala, you say, "But I pulled out the trident."
To ilistala, you say, "And had me a fish."
You nod your head emphatically.
The sound of wings flapping heralds a screeching murder of crows flying overhead.

Ilistala, an enormous leopard stares intently at your hands.
Softly, you say, "Oh I ate it already."
To ilistala, you say, "Oh I ate it already."
Ilistala, an enormous leopard stares implacably at you.
To ilistala, you say, "OH."
To ilistala, you say, "Would you like one?"
Ilistala, an enormous leopard nods her head affirmatively.
Softly, you say, "Ok one moment."

[SNIP going to Gloriana river and kililng a Trout]

Ilistala, an enormous leopard sniffs you, trying to decipher just what that smell emanating from you is.

You give the corpse of a rainbow trout to Ilistala, an enormous leopard.

Softly, you say, "Better?"

Ilistala, an enormous leopard makes a chirping sound as she receives the fish, looking quite enthusiastic before she digs into it.  Scales and fish-guts fly everywhere, before the now-sated cat settles down to clean her whiskers, leaving behind only a few fishy bones.



So that was just a fun bit of spontaneous RP I came up with. 

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