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In a quiet murmur, Devotee of the Tah'vrai, Adrien Shee-Slaugh says, "Would you like to meet a God?"

A short little story where @Adrien teaches a new member of the Glomdoring (me!) about Lord Nocht.
Adrien is an absolute delight to interact with, FYI.


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    And since there's mention of Gael's scars, but no actual description in the log...just gonna throw this here for completeness:

    He is a graceful elfen, standing five feet eight inches tall, composed of gaunt body, gangly limbs, and a vast network of pale white scars, the skin
    beneath a ruddy sand color. Straight dirty black hair is tied back into a loose knot at the back of his head, the sides shorn shoddily to the barest 
    bit of peach fuzz. Sticking out at acute angles from the sides of his head are two prominent pointed ears, just shy of a foot in length, though his 
    right ear stops well short of half the length of the other, ending in a raw jagged patch of scar-tissue. His forehead and cheeks are marked in an 
    array of mismatched cuts, no two seemingly in the same direction, all of which pale in comparison to one long, inch wide cut crossing his face 
    lengthwise from cheekbone to cheekbone. Pale grey, his narrow eyes are hooded by a thick browline, between which is a large hooked nose that angles 
    slightly down over a thin mouth. The rest of his exposed skin is equally interspersed with old wounds, the highest density of which seem to culminate 
    across the backs of his hands.

    He is wearing:
    a red wildewood scarf wrapped multiple times about his neck, but loosely
    a shadow-black backpack
    a silky cloak of woven starlit night
    robes of the dark forest
    a pair of shadowy boots.
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