Prayer to the Sword

AvarisAvaris Member Posts: 48 Adept
Avaris prays to @Terentia for guidance on the Wyrd, but the instruction that he ends up leaving with is...Entirely unexpected, to say the least.

An absolutely phenomenal RP session, and one that I am delighted to have had the chance to participate in - Very interesting to see Terentia's take on the matter, and it was so nice for Avaris to be able to engage someone that shares his style of perspective, and who he could engage comfortably as a soldier. She's also pretty danged funny, which is amazing to learn!


  • TerentiaTerentia Member, Moderator, Gods Posts: 48 Divine
    a delectable meatball pouch. ((<-- ???? ))

    Oh, yes, that. It was a gift.  ;)

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