Getting Acquainted

AvarisAvaris Member Posts: 50 Adept
Lantra summons Avaris and they have a little chat! He's getting to know Her, step by little step, and is much frustrated with himself for (in his view) misstepping so often.



  • AvarisAvaris Member Posts: 50 Adept
    Aeldra and Avaris have a little talk about his earlier encounter with Lantra, and he learns a little of the significance of Rhapsody. (Super looking forward to the quest!)


  • AvarisAvaris Member Posts: 50 Adept
    It has been a busy day of learning more about Lantra - And Rhapsody! Amazingly exquisite material, as always, from Lantra's work. Definitely recommend doing the quests and whatever mechanical bits you can, because the lore of fantastic! Lots of love in every bit, and it's very apparent.

    Rhapsody - Avaris, guided by Aeldra, summons the Voice of Rhapsody, and has many feelings about it.

    Another Step Closer - After that, Aeldra takes him to experience more of Lantra's memories (Which are cruelly Rhapsody-centric, I swear the RNG did it on purpose) and discuss what insights he gleans from them! he also has. Intense feelings about these. Shockingly.

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