Non-Binary Titles, Honorifics, and Terms

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So, non-binary as a gender is new to Lusternia (not even two years old yet), and we don't really have honorifics for us IC. Certainly, we have titles of various types, ranging from Glomdoring's Shadow Warden to Hallifax's Comrade to even Friend, but what about things like Mister and Miss, or Lord and Lady? This is just a small collection of neutral-org titles one could theoretically use in Lusternia, for all people, God or Mortal. Please feel free to make up your own or search for more, since that's what we've done IRL this entire time; there is no shame in doing such a thing.

Another note: gendered honorifics (such as king, lady, etc) CAN be gender neutral if the individual in question is, in fact, gender neutral to one degree or another. Not everyone is comfortable using gendered pronouns or honorifics, so ask first when possible. Historically, English defaults to traditional male and masculine titles, though again not everyone is alright with that.

This is also NOT prescriptive. It is ONLY descriptive from personal research, and not meant to be taken as either a catchall OR exhaustive list.

  • Mx. - extended form is mixter, muxter, mixer, or muxer. You could theoretically put any vowel in place of the first i/u.
  • Misc. - pronounced as 'misc' - inspired by the Latin word miscellus or 'mixed'.
  • Mre. - pronounced as 'mystery' or 'mistre', extended form can be mistre, mystre, or another similar spelling.
  • Myr. - pronounced as 'mer' or 'mir' - may be extended as myren, which is also its plural.
  • Msr. and Mzr. - pronounced as 'misser' and 'mizzer' respectively. Note; 'misser' can sometimes be an accented form of 'mister'.

  • Mirdam - mix of 'sir' and 'madam' but sounds closer to 'madam'.
  • Mistdam - mix of 'mister' and 'madam'.
  • Sir'ram - mix of 'sir' and 'ma'am'.
  • Laddam - mix of 'lad' and 'madam'.

  • Laird - pronounced like 'lay-rd'; originates from Scotland and historically used for people of all genders.
  • Layde - pronounced like 'laid'. Generally sounds quite closer to 'lady' and may be taken as more feminine.
  • Potentate - a term for someone in power; more likely used for someone who is actually in power such as a CL, GL, family head, etc but up to the people in the game.

  • Monarch, Ruler, Sovereign - all gender-neutral terms for king and queen.
  • Caln - a monarch word based on the Q/K sound of queen and king.
  • Prin, prinxe, princet, princette, princev, princen, princus - neutral terms based on the prince/ss ending.
  • Heir - gender-neutral term for someone who will inherit something (not necessarily monarchy but is best suited here).
  • Your Highness, Your Majesty - gender-neutral terms to refer to heirs and monarchs respectively.

These ones do not strictly fall into one category.
  • Ser - generally neutral term for sir/ma'am, but generally slides towards Celest due to their historical use of 'Sir'.
  • Tiz - short for 'citizen'.
  • Honorable - a term for someone the speaker finds honorable.

pronouns: they/them


  • Another one for the sir/ma'am category: saer, lovingly stolen from Baldur's Gate 3.

    pronouns: they/them
  • Familial
    • Auncle - neutral term for combining aunt, uncle
    • Nibling - neutral term for sibling
    • Ward - neutral term for child
    • Nieph - neutral term combining niece, nephew

    Perhaps it might be interesting to come up with some specific to each org's culture too?

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