Events Post #479: Grub for the Sous Chef

It was a bright Avechary morning when Mwami Honeypunch stepped out onto the Alabaster Road, her mind set on one thing: Food. Making her way to the Aetherplex, she was perplexed by the absolute flood of foods available. A platter of poutine? A bowl of creamy lobster soup, perhaps? All of these things caught her eye, and especially a platter of roasted grub, but none of it seemed to really inspire her.

Mwami had recently apprenticed with Kioul, but he was not entirely sure of her creativity. Mwami ate simple foods and did not go out of her way to spice things up, so Kioul did not believe her ready to become his sous-chef. He was willing to give her a chance, and that chance was all she needed. Her journey to the Aetherplex was to seek out ideas for a dish to really impress the Culinary Warrior, but nothing seemed suitable.

By chance, another aspiring chef happened to come through the Aetherplex on her way to help Adalgiso. Velcora Lunarose, of Serenwilde, happened to notice the perplexed furrikin browsing the listings and took it upon herself to try and help. Brainstorming had never been Mwami's strong point, but that was right up Velcora's alley. Various ideas were tossed between them, including garosaur tartare and cave lobster drenched in butter, but Mwami's eyes kept darting back to that roasted grub platter. Soon, Velcora seized on that and started throwing out even more recipe ideas. Finally, Mwami decided that she had some recipes in mind, and before heading back to her shop, urged Velcora to come visit her.

And so she did, finding Mwami just next to Kioul's own spot on the Waystation Circuit. She was greeted by a very dishevelled and disorganised honey badger furrikin, who had come up with what must be a supremely appetising stew, minus a few ingredients. Mwami explained what she needed, with a very helpful Velcora offering to fetch it and let Mwami stay near the stewpot. After no small amount of hard work, Velcora returned with ingredients in hand and the duo cooked up quite a fine stew to show to Kioul. The stew was odd, to say the least, but it had come from the heart. The massive epicurean was pleased enough with his apprentice and her place at his side was thus secured, for now.

What will Mwami come up with next? Will she ever become as great a culinary warrior as the mighty Kioul?
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