Wisdom, Doubt, and a Rekindling - Lantra Order RP

AvarisAvaris Member Posts: 57 Adept
Avaris's final tenet-related trial for Lantra's Order, pertaining to Wisdom. It's a long one, but the description of the rooms and appearances that Lantra crafted for this are more than worth the read by themselves, and her writing and characterisation is, as always, exquisite.

Shortly after, Avaris posts to the Order news announcing his intent for moving forward, which causes Auriella to pay him a visit.



  • GavielGaviel Member Posts: 1 Inept
    As a new player, this was dope to read!
  • AvarisAvaris Member Posts: 57 Adept
    So glad that you enjoyed, @Gaviel ! If you want context for the memories, and more of that sweet, sweet Lantra RP, you may be interested in the following logs;

    Judgement - Avaris has an audience with Li-varili
    Warnings - Terentia's anger
    Distant as the Further Star - Lantra gives Avaris his Fortitude trial
    Fortitude, to Outlast the Stars - The interaction with Nocht!

    If Lantra-related RP has tickled your fancy, I encourage you to seek out members of the Order to talk to, or pray to the big Lady herself! Welcome to the game, it's good to have fresh blood C:
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