Events Post #480: The Menestrean Wayfaire

As they do for every Festival of the Creatrix, Jal Czigany and his troop of performers returned to offer their entertainment for Lusternia.

However, something was different this time: Long named after Jal Czigany, the Wayfaire has seen a re-dedication, renamed the Menestrean Wayfaire, in honour of the Vernal Goddess Menestre of the Laughing Heart. Thus did Jal and his fellow performers remind themselves of the principles the Vernal Goddess espoused - joy, hope, laughter, and fun - and came to offer such to the Basin of Life once more.

Two more secrets did Jal reveal to those with the words to ask:

Firstly, his people's homeland was not called after his name, as was believed for centuries. It was called instead the Cultural Province of the Zemeran Coast. He and his performers hid the true name of the Coast for fear that greedy excavators might plunder the last ruins of their home for the mystical curios that came from there. But the recent storms caused by the raging Sea Spirit in her awakening have made it impossible for them, or anyone to return.

And secondly, his people were also not called after his name, but they were Zemerans, bearing the name of the same Coast which is now barred them: They were named after Zemera, who became the Lady Menestre they now honour in the Menestrean Wayfaire.

And so did all in Lusternia flock towards the new Menestrean Wayfaire, where, as is often the case on the return of this carnival, adventurers find an even more fantastical beast offered amongst the menageries - a strange terror of the deeps.
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