Serenwilde - Purpose of a Festival, of Ritual

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Table of Contents

  1. "Groves of Three" and the Opening of the Festival
  2. Quiz: Guilds in Moonhart's Grace (excerpts)
  3. Nature Hunt of the Allied Tribes
  4. Discussions: What is Seralem to You? By Nehvi
  5. Wild Hunt Ritual of the Wodewoses
  6. Lecture: Oraculum and Other Spirits
  7. Discourse: Partaking in the Fruit
  8. Vengeance Games: The Seren Civil War (advert)
  9. Ritual: Raising of the Brambles and Closing of the Festival (pending)

1. "Groves of Three" and the Opening of the Festival

A carefree elfen lady listens to each answer in turn, then lifts a finger at Acalia's words. She smiles at her, then fixes her study upon Eeryn. "Perhaps you may have hidden," she says, "but perhaps, with the unity Acalia speaks of, and the community Llani speaks of - that we all seek - you may have found strength you did not know you possessed."

Eeryn nods, eyes fixed upon the enchanting elfen lady.

Eirossel thoughtfully, "It is like a tree, many must make this forest. Just as we all must make the Wilde. It is something not done alone."

Acalia nods her head emphatically.

A carefree elfen lady nods her head once, agreement gleaming in her pale eyes.

Playing Lief Myeras-Silvermoon's lecture, "Groves of Three," for cute novices. And someone makes their way home. Everyone joins in to give the festival proper opening ( Ctrl+F Discussion Time! ).

Thank you to everyone who could make it! You made this amazing.


I left my own typos in. People go with the flow and make a beautiful experience together.

Table of Contents
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    2. Quiz Highlights.

    Too cute. orz I nearly awarded points.

    (Serenwilde): You say, "This question is for zero points, to test you're ready! Who currently leads as Wyldewald of the Wodewoses?"

    The melodious voice of Essoheli resonates in your mind, "Elarin!"

    Huskii tells you, "Dad!"

    (Serenwilde): You say, "[Zero point] Question: What is the title held by the leader of the Sowers of the Last Seed?"

    Velcora's melodic voice sings into your mind, "The Vates Arboreal."

    Huskii tells you, "Sister in law!"

    Hey, listen! /Navi

    (Serenwilde): You say, "For our tiebreakers, we will be branching out a bit from Miss Lief's play, "Groves of Three," and our founding teachers, to highlight united efforts of our guilds in more recent events. Also because everyone is too smart."

    (Serenwilde): You say, "Question: Which of our guilds have a connection to Seralem? Two points."

    (( Thoughtful answers come in. ))

    (Serenwilde): You say, "This one will not have partial credit! Counting down 10, 9..."

    (Serenwilde): You say, "6, 5..."

    (Serenwilde): You say, "Answer: All of them."


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    Partaking in the Fruit:

    A long one, but the Listeners invite the Wilde to visit the Barrowglade, learn about the Ancestors, and gain insight into how the Listeners piece together the past. With some first-hand experience.
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    Nature Hunt of the Allied Tribes

    We ask spring unfurl to melted snow
    Drawn from soaring heights and depths below.
    Touch what Wildbriar magicks manifest,
    And may Seren forest echo with your quest.

    This activity was inspired by chatting with Adrenthorne. <3 (I'm withholding this log in case he releases something IG for the Wodewoses.) Later, Huskii surprises Xiran while helping gather water.

    But first! Miaei Wildbriar is fierce and I love her.

    Binky Tailsnap says, "She's very talented. But I worry sometimes about what she says to people."

    From the branches, Miaei Wildbriar exclaims, "I was POLITE!"

    Xiran wheezes with laughter.
    You smile and say to Binky Tailsnap, "Good thing she has you then."

    Binky Tailsnap looks down, clasping his little hands together. "Yeah. Me, Duet, and Miaei are great friends, despite us all being very different!" He looks up and smiles.

    Beaming, you say, "That's wonderful to hear."
    You think to yourself: Ah. Perhaps. Something to keep in mind for the Commune as a whole? Mm.

    Blessed Waters for the Nature Hunt
    Following Rig-Wilde Huskii, Xiran and Velcora learn about some special places in Prime Serenwilde.

    Opening Ceremony
    Note: Huskii is non-binary and Xiran should have said "They."
    Serenwilde breaks out the big buckets!

    Norra Lunarose of Moon Lake says, "Well, it's not so much that we claim them as [territories] belonging to us, but that... We belong to them?"

    Closing Ceremony


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    A month before the Wild Hunt, Nehvi approached myself, and asked is she could be part of the closing rituals.
    Attaching a log of the Rites of the Moonwater Anointment (Or Serenwilde Thanksgiving :wink:

    7GaO_j-i -
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    To go with above, here's Rig-Wilde Huskii's wonderful opening ceremony to the Wild Hunt

    I trimmed out the initial start where Essoheli and Norra anointed everyone with face paints.
    Velcora regularly kept a nose out to welcome others during the hunt, so we ended up with a bigger group than we started. Norra passes along candies to them too.

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