Announce Post #3198: Solstice Activities

With Solstice in full swing, here's a full rundown of what is happening right now!


From this post onwards, those logged into Lusternia may find themselves receiving a visit from Ironbeard, bearing a present for the lucky recipient.


Keep an eye out for Jolly Bundy sending his fellow gnomes out with a few more presents. When you find one, just influence them with Charity (AB INFLUENCE BEGGING for full details) to get hold of a present. Remember that you can only get a present this way once an hour - so if you find a Solstice gnome and you've already had a present, share it with your friends!

Holiday Credits

As we did last year, we are enabling the HAPPYHOLIDAYS command from midnight (GMT) December 20th through to December 26. It will allow you to claim all 20 daily credits in one go.

Solstice Quests

Each city and commune has a small quest that will award a special Solstice gift upon completion. These quests can be done by anyone from newbie to demigod. Note that you can only gain your own commune or city's gift!

In New Celest, Eraol Flenn seeks stars in a jar.
In Magnagora, Firica d'Vanecu seeks to pacify phantoms with tantrums.
In Serenwilde, Caedir Aormeah seeks does in the snow.
In Glomdoring, Dominique Nightshade oversees the masquerade of the shade.
In Hallifax, Alandu Windwhisper seeks venerators of the generators.
In Gaudiguch, Mosachi Xeeth seeks lizards with gizzards.

Additionally, each city and commune's dedicated store selling the rewards of previous Solstice adventures is once more open. Anyone who has missed out on getting them in the past will be able to make up for it each Solstice season. The shops can be found:

In New Celest, by the lobby of the Syrinx Plaza Hotel.
In Magnagora, within the construction site south off Sombre Lane.
In Serenwilde, southwards from the Ellindel Memorial.
In Glomdoring, a hollow by the Stables of the Wyrden Thorn.
In Hallifax, up the stairs from the Ministry of Commerce and Exchange.
In Gaudiguch, within one of the rooms of the Dapper Dashro Lounge.

Solstice Court

Finally, the baying of unruly huskies heralded the opening of the Solstice Court. Eager visitors can visit it by CATCHing snowflakes drifting upon the highways or taking one of the husky-pulled sleighs parked along Stairs of the Last Nine, right outside the Aetherplex. That scenic route offers room for a party of four and the leader decides how fast the sleigh will go. To return, simply PULL the rope within the manor or ENTER one of the sleighs at the sleighgrounds departure site.

Once there, be sure to visit the bridge where several retired gnomes have taken up residence and peddle their wares. If you forgot to bundle up before leaving for such icy climes, you can purchase warm clothes upon the bridge too. Be sure to swear the vow with Steward Tombin to receive your leaflet which will guide you through the new Solstice quest. The reward is a stocking that you can hang for yourself or others. Explore and you will find many improvements and additions!


Everything will remain open and available until January 2 (inclusive), except for HOLIDAYCREDITS which will function between 20th-26th December only.
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