Is investing in Influence a good idea for me?

TitusTitus Member Posts: 45 Apprentice
I have to admit, I am curious about Influence. While I have geared myself out for bashing, I wouldn't mind having something else to do when it gets a bit tedious. The fact that you can also sell Esteem is very attractive.

Titus is Human right now, so only 12 Charisma. I have enough lessons to Trans Influence, but here are what my skills looks like at the moment.

Common Skills         Rank           Pool
-------------         ------------   ------------
Combat                Inept          Melee
Resilience            Inept          Fitness
Discernment           Apprentice     Intellect
Lowmagic              Inept          Arcana
Planar                Adept          Mysticism
Discipline            Apprentice     Willpower
Environment           Inept          Communion
Influence             Inept          Magnetism
Dramatics             Inept          Performance
Arts                  Inept          Finearts
Beastmastery          Inept          Magnetism
Aethercraft           Inept          Mysticism

Trade Skills          Rank           Pool
-------------         ------------   ------------
Tattoos               Inept          Finearts

Guild Skills          Rank           Pool
-------------         ------------   ------------
Psionics              Expert         Intellect
Kata                  Fabled         Melee
Harmony               Gifted         Communion

With Psionics and Harmony, I get a ton of Ego regeneration, as well as buffs to Influencing itself. My primary concern is that if I Trans Influence, I wont be able to finish off Kata right away. Will my bashing suffer a big miss rate with Fabled compared to Trans?


  • SilvanusSilvanus The Sparrowhawk Member Posts: 1,659 Transcendent
    I can't speak for the Monk stuff, but you don't need Trans Influence to make a profit. If you can get to the third empowering skill (praise, think its at fabled), and then get Dramatics up to (at least) Sycophant, you will have more then needed as an influencer.

    Also adding in scented oils, Ikons and Throne/Beauty blessing, you can easily turn the esteem generated into a profit.
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  • ShedrinShedrin Member Posts: 905 Transcendent
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    Influence is always good. If you're just focusing on levelling right now, then go for that. It will also help in revolts and quests.

    If you want to do combat earlier, then put it in other skills: finish off Tahtetso, and get some Combat and Discipline.

    If you want something inbetween, getting up to wheedling is a good point to stop in Influence.
  • LeradLerad Member Posts: 2,405 Transcendent
    Influencing even with only the 3 empowerment skills, as Silvanus mentioned, will be faster than bashing for exp until you hit level 85 or slightly more. That's when your crits will naturally let you get more exp when bashing. On the other hand, you'll want your charisma to be at effectively 15 or 16 for influencing. Higher is better, obviously. Not too difficult as a human with 12 base cha, of course.

  • TitusTitus Member Posts: 45 Apprentice
    Thank you. :)
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