Crystal packages for Nexus, now updated for Nexus 3

I was sure I had made a post about Crystal before that I thought I should update, but I guess I haven't. So... announcing the Crystal packages for Nexus, now updated to work in Nexus 3.0, all free for anyone to use:

CrystalShip: aethership hunting supporting command, empath, turret, and collector
CrystalQueues: handles balances, used by most of the other packages
CrystalInfluence: quick, easy, and efficient influencing
CrystalHunt: configurable hunting
CrystalShop: inventory a shop, get a restock report, easily stock and price
CrystalFactions: color highlighting names by faction, saved ally/enemy lists
CrystalDebate: smart debating with pattern analysis
CrystalWaypoints: define your own landmarks and travel to them
CrystalSupplies: set restock points, and get warned when you run low on healing, comms, etc.
CrystalOutfits: define outfits and wear them with or without glamrocks
CrystalAstrolabe: displays astrolabe information and additional astrology details from anywhere
CrystalHerbs: harvest herbs on a path, adjusting based on season
CrystalRefine: automatically refine crafted items, with or without bodyfuel
CrystalNotices: core package used by all others, adds multicolor display commands

Get them here (and please read the directions!):
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