Conflict Report Summary

Hey All,

 Below is just a general summary of player comments on the conflict reports. To give you a general idea of what you, the players, are feeling about these items. I tried to note something here if 2 or more players mentioned something (stripped down to the basic sentiment). There were quite a few ideas, explanations, etc that are not reflected here as I was just trying to get the general common themes no each report. You may notice some contradictions - but remember this was just general summaries of player comments, players will often have different opinions so that is why some statements may conflict with each other.

Report 70 - Village Conflict

  • Pros

    • Like that there are both PvP and non-PvP revolts

  • Cons

    • Timezone population issues

    • Peaced revolt lengths

    • Debating (just running away)

    • Village feelings (conquest bonus)

    • Blank-face

    • Too easy to keep villages (village feelings related)

Report 83 - Timequakes

  • Pros

    • 30 minutes is nice 

    • should be more frequent

    • In need of the least changes

  • Cons

    • Population issues

    • Research is expensive

    • Timing is too short now

      • Change back to 1 hour but less frequent

      • Less PK

    • Daily credit time is too short

    • Not enough anomalies

Report 284 - Aetherflares

  • Pros

    • Sometimes skill will beat numbers

    • Not typical PvP conflict event

    • Clarionblast made it possible to take down giant ships

  • Cons

    • Requires huge ship/People to operate ship

    • Requires constant preparation

    • Colossi are not good

    • Camping dock to prevent ships

    • Bombard time can be too long

    • Focus Construct not worth much

Report 356 - Wildnodes

  • Pros

    • Best event for potential PvP fights

    • Needs the least changing

  • Cons

    • Too long if no fighting

    • Happens at the end of the weave too much

    • Stealth Veil too strong for stealing nodes

Report 369 - Supermob Raiding

  • Pros

    • Good way to strike at your enemies - actual consequences

  • Cons

    • Long bug preventing Supermob quests for Celest

    • Continuum/Vortex much worse than other supermobs

    • Losing supermobs is too harsh to recover

    • Mechanics encourage it to be done with as few defenders as possible

    • Too easy to kill nowadays

    • Timequake immunity might mess up a raid.

Report 373 - General Raiding

  • Pros

    • A good way to attack an enemy

    • Can be a good way to build org RP/enemy RP

    • Can be a fun fight if not hitting and running

  • Con

    • Typically hit and run raids (no fun)

    • No incentives to ‘end’ raid

    • Mobs too easy to kill (non-supermob ones)

    • People using discord to complain about raids

    • Pointless - only done to beat down opponents

    • Low impact

Report 402 - Domoths

  • Pros

    • Lockout mechanic helps both sides get domoths

  • Cons

    • Long and boring if no fight

    • Best strategy is to do when nobody can fight you

      • Claiming and dropping a common strategy to wait for more teammates.

Report 403 - Alliances

  • Pros

    • Potential combat population imbalances (ideally help reward skill over numbers more)

    • General approval of alliances

    • Would allow for potential alliance armies

  • Cons

    • Might enforce certain alliances (3v3 vs 2v2v2 etc)

    • Might cause fewer shakeups

    • Elder gods interfere too much in player alliances

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