Announce Post #3276: Bans

As most of you are aware, we normally keep reasons for player punishments between the Issues Team and the players involved. However, an issue came across our table today that is of such significance and impact that we believe we should share it with the whole community.

We have permanently banned a player whose characters have engaged in extensive in-game behaviour with multiple players that constitutes a gross and extreme violation of our Terms of Service. The player has further engaged in similar behaviour that violates the rules of our Discord server. While we can ensure your safety in-game, our reach on Discord is very limited. That is why we wish for you to be aware of the steps you can always take to protect yourself there. Discord has a Safety & Trust team that you can always report such situations to. They take a very hard stance on accounts being made to circumvent blocks and will react if you report it.

You can report your ticket here:

And you can find a guide to reporting here:

Please always report when you do not feel safe or feel harassed. It is possible to report issues anonymously through ISSUE ME if you prefer. Sometimes rule-breakers are very good at covering tracks and we will unfortunately not find anything actionable the first, or even second time. Report even so, because we will continue to investigate and collect evidence to take action against any behaviour that has no place in our community.

Lusternia Team
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