.. what's up with herbs now?

.. so yeah, after 10+ years idle, I find that my herb skill seems useful for like, mostly sparkleberry and chervil only. As far as I can tell the herbs are used to make other "stuff", but it's nowhere near as required now versus the sheer amount of herbs we once went through.

Are there any discussions/plans around that? I do like chilling and harvesting but I can't see us going through say, the sheer ridiculous amount of kafe one can harvest.


  • A bunch of herbs were brought out of storage by having them now decay in shop stockrooms.

    A QoL change (changelog 2169 / report 164) for herbalists is that we can harvest a group of herbs. It's a little more per grouping if you have artifact gloves or equivalent. 

    There are various artifacts to multiply the quantity of the end product also (Cooking artifacts that increase batches affect making purity dust wafers, runes that go on kegs, and spectral artifacts). I think this direction is better to not require as many herbs for curatives to support the current population. I'm both an herbalist and a shopkeeper though.
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  • oh! do they decay even in a shoprift? or?
  • Not in a rift, only on the floor. It means there's a ceiling to how many can be stored.
  • I'm running a shop now and they're stored in the shoprift. So I don't think there's a low ceiling there.
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