The Collected List of Jingles

As has transitioned from a voting site into a static page listing all-time voting results, we have phased out our Jingle system that would remind players to vote. Jingles were written by players and displayed as follows: PLAYER wants you to know, "TEXT." Isn't that reason enough to vote? 

Just as your votes are now forever immortalised on TMS, we immortalise your jingles here. Thank you for the votes cast!

Aagasa - Xenthos' pits all over the game. Need more company to fall into them.
Abelor - Stabbing zombies is fun. Especially when they try to run.
Aech - More people means bigger parties! Keep the fun alive!
Aeldra - Squid, so many squid. Let's get more people to find them all!
Aeral - Come forth, adventurers, and you will find many quests to complete, the perfect way to unwind!
Aeryon - Help the lost find their way by coming to Lusternia!
Aesic - What do we want?! VOTERS! When do we want 'em?! NOW!
Aethen - One of us! One of us!
Afollia - There's something strange about the flavour of her tea. I can't shake the feeling my life is hanging by a thread...
Agneliosh - When the voting gets tough, the tough gets voting.
Aikona - Voting takes seconds. So what's YOUR excuse?
Aimoku - The more people join, the more nice things we can have!
Akali - Don't just hunt alone. Bring more novices to make things less boring!
Aknarin - Enjoying the recent events of the basin? Good well click below and allow others to share in the experience!
Alariell - Need more people to hunt with? Get to voting, then!
Alarin - Lusternia rocks! Definitely worth voting for!
Alary - Explore the wonders of the desert, partake in the customs of old. Debauchery and joy await, and mystery tinges all.
Alaula - The bees have told me they are keeping the honeycombs, but if we get enough votes they'll share their secrets!
Alexandria - Tea parties and murder, obviously all the fun things you'll ever want to do.
Alidra - From Knights in shining armor to the depths of Aetherspace... Lusternia has the best people and is the greatest place!
Alysi - He has an inflated sense of himself.
Amadiya - Magnagorans will sometimes smile.
Amanael - Being here will let you shine like the Light of Celestia!
Anelissa - The world is always better with more friends... and more enemies!
Angelique - Find the beauty and cruelty intertwined in all that is the Taint.
Anyskana - Vote for Lusternia! It's not that hard... just click the link and voila! Dooo eeet!!
Aomeoughu - Fun for all ages, whether you be young buck or old bat!
Arian - For every vote, Serenwilde plants another tree and a fae is hugged.
Arien - Lisaera is the best!
Aruokei - Reminder to do your dailies and rake in all the free goodies.
Asamira - We need more people to test our weapons with. Vote for more training dummies!
Ashira - Wyrd, Moon, Fire, Crystal, Water, Taint. Doesn't matter, we all smell.
Ashryn - You know you should, you know you -want- to. Do the right thing.
Athree - More cute shards please!
Atiya - Vote for Lusternia! You know you want to!
Auoua - The kings are weak before you and you shall stand above the Kepheran menace.
Awtori - Lusternia has the friendliest playerbase a newbie could ask for!
Ayi - Where can you find cute little kittens and dragons of wrath? Lusternia's world of demons and angels in fact!
Baerdal - Brother Crow says, "Vote for Lusternia!"
Balian - Moondancers, Harbingers, Illuminati, Oh my!
Bazalt - Lusternia, home of the Ascended Ones!
Bazalt - We need more victims-- err, volunteers for "experiments"!!
Bleuu - Lusternia, a Renaissance Festival for your fingertips! BYOM (Bring your own mead)
Brantas - Kethuru. Kethuru never Changes.
Brawrur - Brawrur needs hugs, get Brawrur more hugs by voting!
Brinsingal - Vote for Lusternia so we get more nice things!
Bryna - Shed some Light on Lusternia, vote now!
Caharin - Friends don't let friends play terrible muds. Vote Lusternia today!
Canisse - The best victories are won without ever raising a weapon. Come play Fate with me!
Caohite - Bring in new roleplayers by voting!
Celaphaeia - There once was a ship that set to sea, and the name of the ship was Vote for Lusty.
Cheliyi - You are never alone if there are trees around!
Chundae - Voting is a good opportunity to bring Lusternia to more people. So vote! Get more friends!
Ciaran - Arena queue empty and nothing to do? A vote for us is a vote for you!
Cinui - Delicious treats, what more could you ask for?
Cisoa - Bust myths like breaking glass. Hurray for science.
Citinia - We are we are.. the youth of the Basin.
Ciuvi - More people means more roleplaying, more roleplaying means you get to show off your stuff more!
Coraline - Salty, Spicy, Sour and Sweet, voting brings you food to eat!
Crek - Carrion, sacrifices and a fanatical commune. What more do you need?
Crenshaw - Without new folks, how can the world experience Gurashi's cookies?!
Cyna - Every time you vote for Lusternia, Gorgulu eats a puppy. Keep Gorgulu supplied with puppies. Vote for Lusternia today!
Cyndarin - Playing with flame gets me all fired up!
Daedroth - If you vote for Lusternia, all of your wildest dreams will come true.
Daisee - Sweets and snacks, and wibbly wobbly timey attacks, that's what Lusternia is about!
Daraius - All shall have a place within the eternal Collective. They just have to find us first.
Delsea - In bowers of flowers a child of the 'wilde is fixin' for Dixin - so vote, you goat!
Dionisse - Ya can be anythin' ya want ta! Even a fish!
Dom - Join us in the path to the Wyrden Supremacy!
Drauzgot - The more votes cast, the more warm bodies for the Engine to roll over.
Drusk - Every character is as genuine as the other, unique in their own way and by their own rights! Bring us more! Add to the story!
Dylara - New people means more people, more fighting, more events, more fun!
Eadei - We all have our parts to play, no?
Eatti - Voting for Lusternia is good for everyone!
Eicia - Lusternia: Bringing you closer to Divinity.
Eistel - Vote! You might save a tree's life!
Eleana - Wicked wiccans running wild in the Serenwilde!
Elexia - A vote a day keeps the Soulless away!
Ellowyn - Lusternia, where I met a best friend for life!
Elysian - Did you know, that bird, is the word? Especially Gaudiguchian ones!
Erebos - What are you doin', reading this? You should be voting, already! Go! Shoo! Vote!
Eruna - We need more people to test our weapons with. More training dummies!
Esei - Come on lads... almost in the top ten.
Ethna - F'ai Glomdoring!
Evette - They say freshly spilled blood makes the Wyrd grow.
Falaeron - Need new victims... I mean volunteers for your science experiments? Bait them in with your vote!
Faragan - The immersive world of Lusternia needs you. Light, taint, nature, wyrd, harmony and chaos will defeat the soulless. Vote to get more help.
Feota - In Lusternia, a rise in votes lifts all tides - and in New Celest, the Tides guide new adventurers to great heights!
Ferne - I love you!
Feyr - It's Feyrly beneficial to vote. Make it part of your nature!
Freja - F'ai Glomdoring!
Fthora - Do you want demons in hats? Because voting for Lusternia is how you get demons in hats. Vote Today!
Glitterna - I will haunt your dreams.
Gorduroy - Tae'dae gard'ner sneakin' round, never makin' any sound. Ninja bear!
Gurashi - Doot dooo do do doot - Lusternia - doot do do doot - Lusternia - doot dooo do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do do do doot doot do do doot.
Gwenelle - You won't get a hernia, vote for Lusternia!
Gwirodydd - Make your ancestors proud and defend the First World from the Soulless!
Gysolem - Supreme Master Luciphage wants YOU to VOTE! [This message paid for by the More Sacrifices for the Demon Lords campaign].
Hakai - The most traditional piece of art made by skelletons are "skull-ptures" heh heh heh... i need to learn a "femur" of these puns.
Hani - Just vote already.
Harken - We love Lusternia, yes we do! We love Lusternia, and so will you!
Hiriako - Look at me. Look at you. I'm a druid. You're not. I'm in a tree. You could be like me. Now I am a tree.
Hokuloa - For every vote missed, Kethuru eats another divine.
Huskii - Hunting is always better with friends!
Ileein - In Collectivist Hallifax, Lusternia votes for you!
Ilian - The Higher Emotions approve of Lusternia!
Ilisa - Creepy crawly underground, here illithoids can be found. Someday soon they'll rise above, show their inner worm some love.
Ilithi - Ebb and flow. Rise and fall. But without more souls, we can't do it at all!
Iojois - Vote early. Vote often. Vote Lusternia.
Irulan - Don't ya want everyone to have as much fun as you are having right now? Don't ya?
Ishra - The more players we have, the more new jingles we get to read!
Issey - La di da di, invite people to the party!
Istas - These hooves are made for stompin' and that's jus' what they'll do. Come to Lusternia or they'll stomp all over ova' you.
Iveseth - It's wonderful being so perfect! Become a Viscanti and you can be perfect too.
Iytha - If you ever find yourself between a roc and a hard place, or things are just getting Wydyr and Wydyr, remember it'll all turn out Zoaka.
Jalaras - Leading the mass to prayers each month!
Jaspet - Two wights and one wrong do make it right - but only in Lusternia!
Jezhrael - A flood starts with a single raindrop.  Start the flood.  Vote.
Jolanthe - If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it might still be a chicken. Only in Lusternia.
Kaeahne - Lusternia, where "just be yourself" does not apply!
Kagato - Not voting makes the baby furrikin cry. You don't want to make them cry, do you? DO YOU?
Kahekili - Vote for Lusternia or we feed the cat to Kethuru!
Kaindor - Drinking is fun, but it's better with friends!
Kaionu - Vote for Lusternia or we feed Avechna to Kethuru!
Kalaneya - There are some things that money can't buy. For everything else, there's Lusternia.
Kalea - Vote for Lusternia!
Katalina - Gathering fae keep the soulless away!
Kazban - Assimilate to the Collective... better yet just vote for Lusternia and get your friends to!
Kennian - May love and hope guide your path.. directly to the voting button.
Kethaera - I regret everything except voting for Lusternia.
Kharan - Vote daily so I can pay for my horse's food and keep him "Stable". I will stop the puns once you vote.
Kharazin - Don't faint, it's the beauty of the Taint!
Kioha - Roleplay! Roleplay! Let's build some connections! There's a place waiting for you!
Kiradawea - Did you know that Lusternia has over 100 honours quests? Not even I have done all of them.
Kistan - There is always a cold beer and a warm welcome in Gaudiguch for voters. Vote early, vote often!
Kogon - Three words.  Bears.  Riding.  Turtles.
Kravgha - The beacon is lit. Lusternia calls for aide!
Kraw - How will you reign supreme if you don't bash a few heads?
Kregarn - You won't find Wyrdyr people anywhere else!
Kreon - A butler's duties are to make sure to clean, make afternoon tea, and vote, a butler always votes.
Kyrane - Vote for Lusternia so we get more shinies!


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