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Been gone a while.  Used to be you'd get damage type runes (Jagged Lightning, etc...) so that your weapons would do more damage to help force sips and hence build wounds.  Is this still applicable in Lusternia with all of the updates to DMP and other methods of boosting damage of a particular type (tattoos, curios...)?  Would it be more worthwhile to go for higher level stat bonus runes or increased wounding runes instead?

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    I've never had an artied warrior, but when I played a non-artied one, I was advised to buy the Wounding rune first (I stopped playing him before I bothered), and that it was by far and away the most important. The others, I was told, are luxury items that will help your comabt, but not really make-or-break you, except in the highest tiers.
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    The damage runes are more of a "every little bit counts" artifact. I'd recommend wounders and stats above it any day. It's not a huge difference outside of what you might deal on certain smaller targets.
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