Announce Post #3304: Happy Egg Hunt!

Egg hunt or squirrel hunt? Either way, the devious duo that kidnapped baby squirrels from the Reserve appear to have unleashed them, now grown, upon the Basin of Life. Thrown overboard from the airships of the kidnappers, the squirrels have landed all over safely thanks to built-in parachutes. Many still float about, pulled by the winds.

If you come across a cage, be sure to PROBE it and then find a good spot to OPEN the cage so the squirrel can be rehomed. Each squirrel type likes a different tree-laden environment so don't be surprised if they are picky!

You will be able to assist in rehoming the squirrels from now until noon on Monday, 10th of April (server time). Why should you help the squirrels? Because they're adorable! Isn't that reason enough to vo- help them?
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