Announce Post #3305: April 2023 Reports


We are opening reports for another round over the coming days, so we are giving you a bit of a heads up so you can start planning your reports.

For this round of reports, we want to focus on combat. Primarily, we would like all reports to be either combat skill changes, or combat skill QOL changes. We will have a round of reports in the future for general QOL changes, however at this time they will not be accepted.

I will be monitoring reports once reports are open. Any reports that are submitted that are not related to combat skills will be closed and an explanation will be sent to the report writer. This will also extend to reports that are incorrect or vague.

In the same style as the last set of reports, we are going to keep report comments hidden from other players.

In future, we are going to look at having combat focused reports run differently to QOL and general reports, however we require more planning and work to achieve that.

Good luck and happy reporting!

~Ealix and the Admin team
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