Announce Post #3327: Mortal Coder Call

We have once more opened applications for mortal coders. The position entails working with the game's coders to resolve bugs and implement minor features. Due to limited resources, we will only be accepting a small number of applicants.

This call is open from now until the end of August, but we will be leaving the option open going forwards as well. The difference is such that we are actively looking right now and have the resources to train new coders, but might not other times you apply and the process may take a lot longer.


- Implementing fixes for bug reports.
- Implementing solutions for approved envoy reports.
- Implementing or assisting with minor new features.

- Be 18 or over (that is yourself, not your character)
- Have played Lusternia for a minimum of 400 hours, total across all characters.
- Be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
- Be able to work as part of a team.
- Be able to commit time to working on Lusternia. There is no minimum, but we ask for at least one hour a week on average.
- Have experience in the following:
* Knowledge of at least one imperative language.
* Basic terminal experience with Linux or a Unix-like system.
* Ability to use a version control system.
- Be willing and have the ability to work with Rapture, Lusternia's programming language.
* You will be fully trained in its use. The important part is willingness to learn.

If you meet these requirements and are interested, please send your application to with the following information:
- Real Name
- Age
- Your characters in Lusternia
- A short paragraph detailing why you are applying and why you feel you would be fit for this role.
- Any example of previous code you have written for any purpose.
* Please either link to a hosted repository or provide a small ZIP file with a sample as an attachment.
- Any relevant experience.
- Anything else you feel is worth considering.

All personal information you disclose (name, age, etc.) will be kept private by Lusternia's producers and will not be given to any volunteers. It is vital you give this information accurately - please do not use pseudonyms or similar.

For more detailed information regarding responsibilities, requirements, compensation, and the application and onboarding process, please see HELP MORTAL CODER (HELP 22.3).
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