Don't Worry!

Don't Worry!

Okay, is everyone calm? I know the title's cryptic but I was concerned that if I made the content of this post also the title, everyone would freak out about the sky falling. To tear off the proverbial bandaid, in the next few days, I will be announcing that I'm stepping down as Warlady. 

Now, maybe its a bit of ego (which is actually appropriate for Kailanna's character now that I think about it) to think that I'd need an explanation post to accompany it, but given the current weather and worry over game health and population, I wanted to give everyone a bit of OOC reassurance and explanation before dropping the bomb on Mag. 

Firstly, let me be very expressly clear, stepping down as Warlady is NOT a sign that I plan to quit Lusternia, and has NOTHING to do with any concerns over game health, storylines, projects or any disagreements (perceived or actual) with any person, group, animal or mineral. The reality is that over the past couple months, and culminating in a very busy last weekend, my SO and I have moved in together. Sidenote- moving sucks and combining two houses and households sucks even more. We now have a combined total of two dogs, three cats, a snake, a turtle, a tarantula, two frogs and some fish. 

So the reality is simply that while I fully intend to continue Kailanna as long as possible and enjoy dispensing her particular brand of charming yet sociopathic snark, I'll likely be playing on an entirely different schedule (probably more days but fewer evenings in the EST timezone), and with a bit less consistency around when and how often. 

This will obviously leave me with less time to handle the necessities of city leadership, which everyone in Mag knows I have always handled with promptness and exacting attention to detail. Since I've always vowed to myself never to be the guild/city leader who just trails off, stops doing the job, and either vanishes or quietly sits in the seat until a new butt has to step up and sit in it just to keep the city running, I think it will be better for me to announce my intention to abdicate the big chair and make you all fight it out right now to see who's stuck taking over. This should also help because when the upcoming Ascension storylines start spinning up, you won't all have to constantly go "Oh nobody can find the Warlady, guess we have to do this without her again."  We're gonna change it up, new faces in charge, new administration, fresh start for everyone BECAUSE I HAVE DEEMED IT NECESSARY.  

Rest assured that I've already thought of suitable in-character reasons for Kailanna stepping down, which will be detailed once I make a newspost ingame announcing the intent (Probably in a day or two to give people time to find this post before panicking over the ingame one). When I'm not ingame I'll still be easily reached by game message (which still pings on the app) or on discord, and Kailanna will be more than willing to handle any questions and dispense valuable wisdom about the administration of this great nation. She'll still be around plenty, she'll just be pulling strings from behind the chair rather than issuing orders while sitting in it.  

In summary - Upheaval ahead for Magnagora, lean into it and have fun, and DON'T WORRY.
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