Events Post #529: Silverfur Stargazers

It was the middle of winter in the year 676, when grumbles of Professor Slabmika Mologmomo's alerted everyone to her field reports being tardy, much like some of her students when coming to class. The Professor of Gorglognal Academy, located in the Gaaglin Swamp, was awaiting information from taurian twins who had recently begun working for the Academy. Given the dangerousness of their journey home, a search party was sent out to locate the Silverfurs. While they searched, a debate went on among those present about the importance of these documents. What information did they contain? Why were they important? Professor Slabmika only explained that since the Balach Observatory was lost to them, they had to make other arrangements for researching the stars and what may lay beyond the reach of the Basin.

Huskii Myeras was the first to locate the pair, soon joined by Veldrin, Ayisdra, Sapphira, Uzriel, Wrynn, Tridemon, Esei, Eluisa, Xiran, Tikki, and Mani, with the Professor in tow shortly after. Trouble had found them indeed. They were covered in burns from head to toe it seemed, however, any attempts at magical healing by Waykeeper Mani of Serenwilde or rinses of cooling waters only further burned their skin. Lady Grey Sapphira d'Vanecu even suggested a lich seed might be the only thing to cure them entirely. Was all hope lost for the youthful taurians?

It turned out that while travelling to their family homestead, Ojuka Silverfur encountered a dreadful ooze in the wilderness by the Gloriana River. She had been prepared, however. A glassworker at heart, she had previously crafted a glass vial ten times the thickness of a normal design to collect a sample. This shattered anyway when it touched the small glob but perhaps saved her and her brother, Ojyu's, lives.

Soon, the Professor summoned Professor Vleim Etloo from the Academy for assistance, and after a quick detour, she determined that the sustained burns were indeed chemical. Wyrden Haruspex Esei Shee-Slaugh brought forth the vleebgarglegush alembic needed to mix a poultice that contained various life forms from the swamp. "The sucking one, and the long other sucky one, the sticky one, and the squirming one" - were the instructions given. Tikki, Chair of Hallifax, thought on this list and correctly deduced that a tick, leech, frog, and marshworm might be the only hope for a cure. Once applied, the concoction released the essence, allowing traditional healing to take root and ease the burns.

The field reports, however, shared no such luck. Either ruined by the ooze, chemicals, or mud from the local area, they were completely useless and would need to be redone. With an invitation, the crowd followed the twins back to Verasavir Valley where, with a pair of keen eyes, Huskii Myeras spotted their homestead and escorted them inside.

After a bit of a fuss between the Ojuka and Ojyu, writing a new field report for the Professor could begin. The family's telescope, aged almost as much as their homestead, had been taken apart for routine cleaning and would need to be reconstructed. Waykeeper Mani deduced Ojuka's instructions on configuring the device with ease. Though with some encouragement that the more help the better, Tikki, Esei, and Veldrin also offered their advice.

Like with most delicate pieces of machines, however, disaster struck once more. One of the main lenses cracked right down the middle. Seaglass gemstones would be required to replace it. Eluisa Starfall was the first to find the specific type of creature that held the material, soon joined by Tylwyth Nightshade. Once the raw material was broken down into a usable substance and placed into its proper mold, Tikki was left to operate the oven.

The reports were not quite ready yet though as adjustments would need to be made to the telescope in order to properly record and document the moon's trajectory through the sky. Willingly, Tylwyth took the sextant and set out to gather the data needed to calculate the telescope's angle. Upon his return, Tikki solved the mathematical puzzle to get the correct position. After waiting for the sun to set off into the west horizon, the group gazed through the telescope only to spot a meteor shower falling from the sky. In the end, Ojyu once more produced his report and sent it off to the eager Professor.

What exactly does the Gorlognal Academy need these reports for? And what danger does this mysterious ooze pose, one so similar to that found within the Muhanlesh Caverns?
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