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12.10.1 update for m&m

Aff times

Having data can be really useful in understanding or realizing things - and the new mmconfig showafftimes option helps you with that. With it on, m&m will tell you how long have you had an aff for when you've cured it. You can also make use of this data in scripting - the manual has been updated to tell you how. There are many applications for this - from displaying the aff times in your UI to dynamically re-prioritizing depending on how long have you had an aff for.

New alias: cc

A new alias – cc – and a new function mm.cc() have been added to m&m. Both of them allow you to communicate on a given channel easier – by taking care some of the common things for you. They’re pretty useful, so read on for how they can help you! The cc alias can be for talking with your group regardless of the medium you’re using a squad, clan, team or anything else. You’d only have to get used to typing cc instead of all the different things or the current one you’re using – and switch what channel you talk on with mmconfig ccto. The mm.cc() function can be used as your announce function – you can trigger it to whatever you’d like to announce, change where it announces to instantly with mmconfig ccto, and not worry about the function announcing when you’re in aeon or paused.


Darkfate has been added to the system - it will track it and act accodingly with it on now.

New affs

The system now has two new pseudo-affs - tendonunknown and crackedunknownkneecap. This allows the system to cure these affs off symptoms  better - in cases when the initial delivery was hidden/missed, the system will cure off the symtom instead of the diagnose.


Maestoso handling been improved - the system will now recognize when it was cancelled by a Bard, and several other relevant messages to it were added.

Scripted priorities

The API for priorities got two new toys: mm.prio.gethighest(balance) and mm.prio.insert(action, balance, number). mm.prio.gethighest(balance) will return you the action and balance that are on top of the list for the given balance. This function can be useful to use when you'd like to place a priority above the highest - guaranteeing that it'll be looked at first. mm.prio.insert(action, balance, number) is a useful complement to the mm.prio_swap() function - this function will either insert the action for you at a 'hole' in the priority if there is one, or if there isn't one - it'll insert at that spot and shuffle other items down.

Shamanism forecast

Shamanists Forecast skill will now tell you the weather in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit, in case you missed it!


The inra alias was improved to group things when rifting items away, so it generates less spam.

Miscellaneous improvements

A ton of other improvements, changes and fixes made it in - check the list below! Changelog:
  • added a cap on how big the stats % chart can be
  • added a crackedunknownkneecap aff
  • added a feature to show how long have you had an aff for (mmconfig showafftimes)
  • added a kneepcap prone trigger
  • added a nimbus already on line for the enchantment version
  • added a stance symptom trigger
  • added a tendonunknown aff
  • added a venomlock for completeness sake
  • added Allcure from a healing shrine
  • added an maff alias
  • added cavalier crushleg and bleeding triggers
  • added Celcius temperature to Shamanism forecast
  • added curio damage absorption line
  • added darkfate
  • added fracturedskull arnica cure
  • added interference def line
  • added ironwill to defup+keepup
  • added m&m updated aff event
  • added maestoso wearing off lines
  • added mm.F2C() function
  • added mm.prio.gethighest(balance) function
  • added mm.prio.insert(action, balance, number) function
  • added mmconfig ccto - to change where cc alias and mm.cc() function report things to
  • added new bashing triggers
  • added shamanism imprint def line
  • added snake bond lines
  • added the z/s change to knighthood line
  • added vlua, vecho and cc aliases
  • coloured dormant domoths in light blue
  • disabled named illusions by default now
  • documented mmconfig ccto, cc alias, mm.cc() function
  • documented stopwatches on affs
  • fixed allheale not to doublesip
  • fixed defs to be reset on relogin properly
  • fixed earthpulse not to require 10p
  • fixed focus spirit not to go off with manabarbs on
  • fixed springup not to be done when you're impaled
  • fixed up a bunch of knighthood lines
  • improved balance regain lines to be checked for Arts Illusion detection
  • improved deathaura defup
  • improved impale detection in sap
  • improved inra to batch-inr herbs
  • optimized inra to mass-inr items where it can instead of individually (herbs and tints for now - if you'd like to help with other riftables, let me know)
  • sorted bashing triggers alphabetically
  • updated for the liquorice change
  • updated gnosis line
  • updated the wording on mmconfig cleanse to say that it affects both the spell and enchantment


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    12.12.1 update for m&m

    Quick new update, mainly for the Aquachemantics lines.

    Given how things with Aquachemantics are still being ironed out in the game, you can expect changes, and another update to follow-up with the final results.

    • added aquachemantics def lines
    • added Aquachemantics lines
    • added colors to pinleg writhing lines
    • added more bashing triggers
    • added the default stance line to parry show window
    • improved defup/keepup not to go off while prone
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    13.1.1 update for m&m

    New update! Wildewood lines, Mudlet 2.1 fixes and other system fixes.

    Wildewood lines

    Wildewood attack, and Wildewood def lines have been added to the system. As this is a new skillset, expect changes to come to it soon and an m&m update to follow soon after.

    Mudlet 2.1

    Mudlet 2.0, and Mudlet 2.1 have been released! With this update, feel free to upgrade your Mudlet. Your m&m and normal triggers, aliases and settings will stay.

    This update will also fix the huge peopletracker labels on Mudlet 2.1, bringing them down to a better default.


    Several important things have been improved on, see the changelog below:


    • added a default F2 keybind as an example for dor
    • added a mm.preattack() function that you could use in your attack alias to get up quicker if you're prone and not in slow curing
    • added new bashing triggers (thanks Viynain!)
    • added novamist line
    • added stun for kissing a toad and getting toaded trigger
    • added the new prone symptom
    • added Wildewood lines
    • fixed blue lines in mmshow on Mudlet 2.1
    • fixed darkfate not to affect smoking pipes
    • fixed healspring not to give an e!
    • fixed inra to get runes once again
    • fixed mmconfig scrollid 0 to work
    • fixed non-artefact pipes not to be smoked underwater
    • fixed rebounding smoking not to wait for herb balance
    • fixed skin aura defup/keepup to work
    • fixed weatherguard not to go off indoors
    • highlighted crow feeding
    • improved writhes to be more exact with the new writhe words
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    13.2.1 update for m&m

    This new update brings in several changes - Aerochemantics lines, a new update method, a peopletracker script and included demesne compress script!

    New update way

    This is pretty important, so read through. The way you update m&m has changed - for the better and easier. I've held off on introducing it as long as I could, as naturally it'll cause confusion as people won't read this, but I can't anymore as m&m will now come with free default addons included, and this way makes it really easy to get them installed and updated.

    Now, onto how you should do your updates now. The old way was: download new zip, extract it. Uninstall m&m from Mudlet, install new xml, replace Mycharacter m&m folder on your computer with the new one, and restart Mudlet.

    The new way is:

    • download new zip
    • uninstall Mycharacter m&m in package manager
    • install new zip itself in the package manager
    • restart Mudlet
    You can then delete the zip you downloaded, and you can also delete the old Mycharacter m&m folder you had before, you don't need it anymore. That's about it. Now addons are included automatically in the zip you got and are installed automatically when you install m&m, and updates to them can come with m&m updates, making this a lot easier.

    New default addons

    The demesne compressor addon now comes default with m&m! If you had a copy of it installed before, uninstall it, as the new one was improved. Viynain did work on it to clean up meld lines and added warnings for the big damage skills (Aerochemantics damage warning isn't in yet, but all other new ones are).

    The peopletracker script is new! It will plot people on the map for you - for example, off scent. This can be hugely useful at times when you want to work out where everyone is, or who is sneaking off on their own during a fight, and so on. On top of that, it also gives you a gotop command - with it, you can gotop person to walk to a person you've seen. You will find its documentation here: http://doc.mm.vadisystems.com/peopletracker.html.

    Aerochemantics lines

    The new Aerochemantics lines are in! As usual expect fixes and improvements for them later on - some thing were already typo-fixed in the game. This update also brings in some Wildewood line fixes.

    New Icewynd lines

    Icewynd was updated and so has m&m! Thanks to Hiriako and Viynain for helping with the new lines.

    Anti-illusion improvement

    m&m now will not eat herbs while it's confirming slickness, so a scenario where you really get slickness but used herb balance on something else just before doesn't happen with AI on. This is pretty helpful to have, and the option for this is mmconfig waitherbai.


    There has been a ton of fixes and improvements to various things - see the changelog below.


    • added a hemi lock (can't refill)
    • added a trigger for healing sacrifice to reset afflictions & show an echo
    • added Aerochemantics lines
    • added auto-imbue to influencer script (thanks Hiriako), enable it with mmconfig figurine
    • added Glinshari warnings
    • added gotop to peopletracker
    • added mmconfig waitherbai, enabled by default
    • added more bashing triggers
    • added new Icewynd triggers (thanks Hiriako and Viynain)
    • added peopletracker, demesne compress scripts by default
    • added rubeus off line
    • added sacrifice to be recognized by the system for cures
    • added Shuck throatlock trigger
    • added stupidity and sensitivity to be affs negated by death karma (thanks Veyrzhul)
    • added vertigo symptom for climbing
    • documented waitherbai
    • fixed crowform & runicamulet to stay through death
    • fixed health application curing wounds & numb in one stopping health curing
    • fixed hexagam breaking both legs trigger to work
    • fixed knightood lines for warriors (thanks Kelly)
    • fixed runic amulet to work properly with it cancelling fire def strip
    • fixed stance def line to capture vitals and lower
    • fixed stand not to go off with an unknown crippled leg
    • fixed tangle line for Crow users not registering web with AI on when proned
    • fixed Wildewood prone trigger to work
    • fixed Wildewood treehug trigger to work for males
    • improved Avalance trigger to assume a broken arm as well
    • improved crushed windpipe symptom to cancel whatever sip/eat was happening right away
    • improved gnosis and death/chaos karma to not count unknown affs when an unknown aff is negated
    • improved m&m to work as Mudlet packages
    • improved pipe out symptom to unregister an artefact pipe
    • improved unlit pipe plist trigger to also unmark the pipe as artefact
    • removed melding lines, added to Demense Compress script instead (thanks Viynain)
    • removed sleep from shadowtwist, it'll assume aeon & stun or check stun instead accordingly
    • updated karma chaos line
    • updated peopletracker to allow a custom font size
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    13.3.1 update!

    New update - brings an easyer update mechanism, some nice improvements for scripters and fixes all around.

    Easier updates

    Starting from the next update (not this one), the system will reduce updating to just one button click for you! It'll download, uninstall and install the new version automatically when you're ready:

    All you'll do is press Restart, restart Mudlet, and you'll be set. The window will come up automatically when there's an update available; mmupdate and mmupdate force aliases were also added. mmupdate checks for updates and lets you know if you're updated - or if you're not, download the update for you and shows the window. mmupdate force redownloads and reinstalls the system.

    Improvements for scripters

    Three highly useful events have been added, m&m config changedm&m got def, and m&m lost def.

    m&m config changed goes off whenever the system is paused/unpaused or an mmconfig option is changed - what was changed comes as an argument. To check the new value, see mm.conf.<option>.

    The m&m got def and m&m lost def notify you of defence status changes, with the defence passed as an argument. The sample mm_example_affs script will show you defences as well as afflictions now.

    tb for trueblind

    A new toggle, tb, got added to toggle trueblind upkeep. It's similar to th which is for truedeaf.

    If you'd like to disable this alias in m&m, you can - make a new script that does disableAlias("Toggle trueblind") and you'll be set.


    General trigger fixes and improvements also made it in, see below:


    • added 'tb' as a toggle for trueblind (ala th, for truedeaf)
    • added a highlight for force
    • added a m&m config changed event for pause/unpause and mmconfig changes
    • added Aerochemancy Vacuum trigger
    • added asthma, dysfunctional arms and bad leg symptom lines
    • added cosmic soulguard skill
    • added disloyalty, shackled symptoms
    • added failsafe for failing to writhe from antlers
    • added fireproof to be recognized
    • added m&m got def and m&m lost def events
    • added mmconfig changestype
    • added mmupdate and mmupdate force aliases
    • added more bashing triggers
    • added the orange lowmagic def
    • fixed a rare case where an sip of an org potion and a sip of a cure potion would clear the affs on the org potion sip finishing
    • fixed anorexia symptom to be quicker about redoing whatever it cancelled
    • fixed focus mind not to go off with darkfate
    • fixed nekotai dart on def lines
    • fixed Raktiah'sho lines
    • fixed schemantics defences not showing up in m&m's def menu when there was only a month left on them
    • fixed sparkles eating not to go off with darkfate
    • fixed the fact that dislocated legs don't prevent standing
    • improved vecho to show up right away
    • updated schemantics lines for changes in game
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    13.4.1 update!

    Hi! New update for Wyrdenwood and mmupdate changes.


    Dropbox has changed some stuff around, and so the IRE mapper scripts self download won't work and the recent mmupdate feature won't as well. You'll need to update both manually to re-enable them.

    Mapper script

    If rl doesn't say your mapper script version is 13.4.1, update yours manually from here.


    As mmupdate won't work this time (this update will fix it for the Dropbox changes), you'll need to uninstall your old m&m in the Package manager, download the new one from your link and install the zip as a whole again. Restart, and you'll be done.


    Wyrdenwood lines are in this update! Afflictions, defences, and nuke warnings are in. In-room nukes are highlighted for Wyrdenwood and Aerochemancers, and countdowns are given for the exact moment the abilities will hit. Aquachemancers and Wildewoods will be added as soon as one is available for testing...

    Healing Sanitize

    Healing Sanitize support is also in! Do mmconfig cleansetype healing to enable it.


    • added a Akhangooshkrak warning
    • added Aquachemantics for defup/keepup
    • added def lines for Wyrdenwood
    • added Dramaturgy defence lines
    • added in-room nuke highlights and nuke countdowns for Wyldewood and Aerochemancers
    • added mmconfig cleansetype healing, and added support for Healing Sanitise skill
    • added more bashing triggers
    • added on and off lines for Aquachematics (thanks Neos)
    • added paranoia to Death karma
    • added sanitise use (mmconfig cleansetype healing)
    • added sanitize lines
    • added timewarp from aeonfield
    • added Wildewood defences to persist offline
    • added Wyrdenwood lines
    • changed Faeblossom to give skickness instead of illumination/asthma
    • changed Moontear to give fracturedskull (!) instead of vertigo
    • fixed crushedwindpipe to be cured by applying arnica as well
    • fixed fracturedskull's two cures not to go off if one is already being done
    • fixed mm.config.set not to show a prompt if it was used with no echoback
    • fixed tangled to register properly again for Crow
    • improved harvester not to require being loaded in a specific manner
    • updated m&m's update link for Dropbox changes so it works again
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    edited May 2013

    13.5.1 update

    New update for Geochemantics lines!

    Geochemantics lines

    The Geo chemantics lines are in, adding all afflictions from them. Detailed warnings about the nukes are in as well - the system will give you a detailed countdown as the nuke is going to explode, show the casters name clearly, and highlight the in-room line for you.

    Cleanse for a lock

    A new type of a 'soft' lock was worked out - if you had slickness, asthma and anorexia and an ability to focus mind - the system would focus mind to cure it. However, if you have timewarps or insanities on you, the focus will not work - and the system wasn't smart enough to switch to cleanse as the method of curing. Now it is!


    • added Geochemantics lines
    • added power use to drawndown, shine
    • added vitality already on line
    • added Waxing defence
    • improved cleanse cure to go off when slickness can't be cured by focus and you're locked otherwise
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    mm's auto updater keeps updating multiple copies to the system at once, forcing me to just wipe from the database and manual install the old fashioned way.

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    Morkarion said:
    mm's auto updater keeps updating multiple copies to the system at once, forcing me to just wipe from the database and manual install the old fashioned way.
    What I've found is that, if you click the cancel option when the update comes up, then do MMUPDATE FORCE and click the restart option, it works perfectly.
  • KarlachKarlach God of Kittens. Member Posts: 3,863 Transcendent
    Thanks for the tip, will try that.

    The divine voice of Avechna, the Avenger reverberates powerfully, "Congratulations, Morkarion, you are the Bringer of Death indeed."

    You see Estarra the Eternal shout, "Morkarion is no more! Mourn the mortal! But welcome True Ascendant Karlach, of the Realm of Death!

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    12.5.2 update

    Quick update after the first one for an important change: the timewarp lines in the gmae were changed, fixing some bad grammar. This really affects the systems curing of timewarp, so this update rectifies this quickly - get it in if you want your timewarp curing to be fine.


    • updated timewarp cure lines
    • fixed prone symptom not getting caught in blackout
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    Morkarion said:
    mm's auto updater keeps updating multiple copies to the system at once, forcing me to just wipe from the database and manual install the old fashioned way.
    What do you mean by multiple copies? 

    There aren't any known issues with the updater if you're using a recent version of m&m.
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    Vadi said:
    Morkarion said:
    mm's auto updater keeps updating multiple copies to the system at once, forcing me to just wipe from the database and manual install the old fashioned way.
    What do you mean by multiple copies? 

    There aren't any known issues with the updater if you're using a recent version of m&m.
    Three versions of morkarion m&m turn up on the package manager.

    Any MM related keybinds such as pause etc double up their action because they fire twice.

    The divine voice of Avechna, the Avenger reverberates powerfully, "Congratulations, Morkarion, you are the Bringer of Death indeed."

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    I've had the duplicate package issue too. I have packages labelled Alban m&m, and then another labelled m&m (import me). I go through and delete all of the latter.
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    Three versions is fine, one is the system, two are addons. All m&m related actions will double up until you restart Mudlet though.

    You should not have a package called (import me) installed anymore with the new zip-install way, however.
  • KarlachKarlach God of Kittens. Member Posts: 3,863 Transcendent
    And that's what I'm doing wrong, I still unzip the package and use the import me file.

    The divine voice of Avechna, the Avenger reverberates powerfully, "Congratulations, Morkarion, you are the Bringer of Death indeed."

    You see Estarra the Eternal shout, "Morkarion is no more! Mourn the mortal! But welcome True Ascendant Karlach, of the Realm of Death!

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    I'm going to rename that import me to be don't import me next update as it should have been, when m&m switched to the whole zip.
  • AlbanAlban Member Posts: 93 Apprentice
    So previously I had some triggers set up to recolor certain lines (equilibrium, etc), and in order for those to work they had to be above the m&m folder. Now that doesn't work at all any more - is there a good method for coloring lines that m&m is also triggering on?
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    They had to be below the m&m folder, you mean?
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    13.6.1 update!

    Pyrochemantics are here! This update brings the aff and def lines support to m&m, and added several new features to the system.


    • added cavalier defs
    • added m&m got lock and m&m lost lock events
    • added mm.me.locks
    • added Pureblade furrow trigger (and added a 'laceratedunknown' aff to track it)
    • added Pyrochemantics def lines
    • added Pyrochemantics triggers
    • fixed error on QQ
    • fixed Shofangi shred trigger
    • fixed Shuck throatlock trigger
    • fixed whoi alias
    • fixed Wyrdenwood tangled def line
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    The NameDB is awesome. Thanks @Vadi!
  • VadiVadi Member Posts: 256 Gifted

    12.7.2 update!

    Hi! Quick update for NameDB, to make it handle Administrator honors properly.

    There is still an outstanding issue with "deleted" Divines, the followup update will cover this. Thanks for everyone's feedback, and I'm glad that people really like NameDB!


    • added "NameDB highlights reloaded" event
    • added ndb and ndb long alias
    • disabled getting names from messages (it's a source of many suicided people, those just keep getting checked...)
    • fixed for ndb getting admin
    • fixed ndb looping honors on admins
    • fixed ORDER to capture all members, even after MORE
    • fixed parry and woundscheck not to go off when inquisitioned
    • improved install to cancel better if the person doesn't have GMCP on
    • updated wording on pyrochemantic goggles def line (thanks Viynain!)
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    Whoi working with NDB

    That is easily my favourite addition to this update <3

    The divine voice of Avechna, the Avenger reverberates powerfully, "Congratulations, Morkarion, you are the Bringer of Death indeed."

    You see Estarra the Eternal shout, "Morkarion is no more! Mourn the mortal! But welcome True Ascendant Karlach, of the Realm of Death!

  • VadiVadi Member Posts: 256 Gifted
    Yeah, that too!

    I'll be making whoi show qwc-like information in a future update as well.
  • SiamSiam Whispered Voice Member Posts: 2,622 Transcendent
    Hi, Vadi. I just updated my m&m to 13.7.2 from 13.6.1 and I don't seem to have namedb. Can you think of anything I might have done wrong?
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  • VadiVadi Member Posts: 256 Gifted
    Everyone's got it for certain - have you restarted Mudlet after updating? NameDB sets itself up then.
  • SiamSiam Whispered Voice Member Posts: 2,622 Transcendent
    Hey, thanks. Vadi. I'll try that solution. 
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    13.12.1 update

    An update a long time in coming, here is the last one for 2013! Also of note, I will be taking a vacation from the 28th December until the 4th January 2014 and will be unavailable during that time. m&m's order page will be suspended for that time, and I will reply to all messages and emails once I get back. Happy Holidays!

    Scripters: chest pre-apply

    A new ability for those who delve into customising their defences, m&m can now pre-apply to chest via the paregenchest 'affliction'. Using it is as any other affliction - mm.valid.simpleparegenchest().

    NameDB: iff via script

    NameDB got a new ability for scripting as well - you can now set IFF (friend or foe) via ndb.setiff(). You can check if someone is an enemy with the original ndb.isenemy() function as usual.

    NameDB: check bold, italic and underline status

    NameDB, besides being able to check if a name is to be highlighted, can now check if the name is going to be bolded, italicized or underlined as well - see ndb.shouldbold()ndb.shoulditalicize()ndb.shouldunderline().

    mmconfig ccto: covens

    mmconfig ccto can now also talk on Covens! Set the option to coven to make it do so.

    New defences

    Burningeye, doping and windwalk defences are now available on mmdefup and mmkeepup for those who have them.

    Domoth Status fixes

    Domoth Status has been fixed up to display free domoths properly, and also not to confuse the times when they are exactly a week ahead.

    Healing fixes

    m&m won't use Healing to cure fracturedwindpipe anymore as the Healing skillset cannot cure that affliction. Healing also has been improved to detect when trueblind and truedeaf are up (and the system didn't realize that) and it is trying to use Healing Senses to cure the blind/deaf. The system also won't use sanitize for the cleanse effect when Healing use has been turned off with mmconfig usehealing none.

    Better mmconfig politics

    The orders under the mmconfig politics list are now sorted, making them easier to scan through. Sometimes, it's the little things.

    Medicine bag

    Medicine bag support has been a long time in coming, and it will be the next feature that gets added to m&m. I wasn't able to complete it in time however for this update - I'm really sorry. It is, however, something I am working on next on m&m's side of things.

    Miscellaneous fixes

    A good deal of other things also went in that aren't described above - see the changelog below for the full list. Changelog:

    • added "NameDB highlights reloaded" event to NameDB docs
    • added 'm&m got def', 'm&m lost def' events to docs
    • added @timestamp custom prompt tag to docs
    • added a 'paregenchest' affliction that you can use to pre-apply for chest with
    • added a Daughter blind and tangle line
    • added a ndb.setiff() function
    • added an Ascendant raising line to NameDB
    • added burningeye phantasms def
    • added coven to mmconfig ccto
    • added doping def for pyrochemantics
    • added Dramaturgy lines
    • added flare negating trueblind trigger
    • added hallucinations and deadning lines
    • added instructions to turn GMCP on to installation docs
    • added mm.prio.insert(), mm.prompttrigger(), to docs
    • added mmconfig hook to docs
    • added more bashing triggers
    • added ndb aliases to NameDB docs
    • added ndb.setiff(name, status) to docs
    • added ndb.shouldbold(), ndb.shoulditalicize(), ndb.shouldunderline() to NameDB docs
    • added Sacraments Inquisition clearing parry stances
    • added scalpel discharge third-party cure
    • added scripting examples on how to ask NameDB to update data
    • added slickness symptom for arnica
    • added transfix to affmessages
    • added windwalk for aerochemantics
    • clarified mmconfig cleanse in docs
    • fixed Binah not to be focus spirit curable
    • fixed Domoth Status being wrong for times a week ahead
    • fixed domoth status for free domoths
    • fixed flare afterimage trigger
    • fixed Healing senses to detect truedeaf and trueblind
    • fixed hook option going off if you still had set it from cavalier days and then switched
    • fixed mm.prio.insert() not to leave priorities on the same number in certain situations
    • fixed mmconfig org to reset the new orgs status in NameDB
    • fixed NameDB highlighting for watchfor and other categories like org enemies to respect the colours set
    • fixed ndb.iscelest to check 'New Celest' as the city name
    • fixed pit climbing not to go off with unknown crippled legs
    • fixed sanitize healing not to go off when usehealing is set to none
    • fixed the already on message for althetics weathering
    • fixed the crit bonus def line to work for when only an hour is left
    • fixed up Knighthood lines
    • improved 'maff' to run the necessary checks, ie 'maff aeon' now enables slow curing mode
    • improved checkslickness not to go off while crucified
    • improved getinfo interaction for NameDB & deleted characters
    • improved manual 'dv' not to spam way much if you can't diagnose for some reason and are spamming the alias
    • improved mmconfig output for when scrollid is 0
    • improved NameDB qw for when there are no people visible at all
    • improved Order lists in mmconfig politics to be sorted
    • removed fracturedwindpipe from the system trying to use healing fractures for it
    • updated def line for mindclock (synchronize was changed to synchronise in the game)
    • updated the forest fall line
  • VadiVadi Member Posts: 256 Gifted
    14.1.1 update

    A quick update with little fixes - mostly to make Domoth Status work again, as they have, quitely, changed how it looks at the top. Gone are the good old Iosai days of when little changes were actually announced to the population!


    • added laurels to 'ndb set'
    • added pacifism trigger from shrines
    • adjusted beast hypno trigger for stupidity to allow for the lowercase as name (it was changed from upper to lower in the game)
    • deleted generosity, lethargy and depression afflictions (they are no longer in the game)
    • fixed error with pipel when you lacked enough pipes and didn't have an empty one handy
    • improved domoth status to work with new domoth output
    • improved ndb's 'order members' not to hang when the members list doesn't fit
    • made NameDB ignore 'Someone' in secret clans
    • remaned aeromancy's windwalk to mancywalk, so it doesn't clash with aerochems windwalk, same with mancywalk
    • renamed pyromancy's fireproof to mancyproof and pyrochemantics to chemproof not to clash
  • VadiVadi Member Posts: 256 Gifted
    14.3.1 update

    Small but very important update which adds the newly-added unstun line.

    Unstun line

    There's a new unstun line in the game, so do this update for the system to recognise that your stun wore off in a timely manner. Otherwise, the system does have a failsafe, so it won't think that you're stunned forever - but that will be wasted time that you aren't curing.

    mmconfig alwaysrockclimb

    This new option was added per player suggestion to have the system optimise for getting out of the pit vs trying to save time with a normal climb where it can instead.


    • added an already on line for soulguard worm
    • added mmconfig alwaysrockclimb to always use the power climb
    • added the new unstun line
    • fixed standing to go off with piecedlegs
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