Selling COMPLETE Vernal Curio Collection

ThulThul Member Posts: 568 Fabled
"rod150755"               the Chromatic Rod of the Avenger
"helm183895"              the Holy Helm of Avechna
"bracers85094"            the Incandescent Bracers of Vernal Might
"sandals126768"           the Pearl Sandals of Vernal Haste

That's right, going up for sale, one complete set of the Vernal Curio Collection! Fast transit to the Forge of Klangratch, the Heart of Shallah, Mount Dio, the Piercing Needle of Transcendent Ice and the top of Mount Avechna, with likely additions in the future (because let's face it, they're going to add another Vernal-themed zone.)

Interested parties should send in-game messages to Thul with offers. Bidding starts at 600 credits. Will update the current high bid here periodically. Bids close 11 Avechary 353, which is roughly May 4, 2013, 00:00 Central time, 05:00 in GMT/Game time.


Current Bid: 600 Credits



  • DynamiDynami Member Posts: 112 Capable
    So only the whole entire collection is up for sale?
    Will you still love me when I am no longer young and fergalicious?
  • ThulThul Member Posts: 568 Fabled
    It's the full package up for sale, yes. Send in-game messages with offers so I can keep track of things.
  • ThulThul Member Posts: 568 Fabled
    Oy. Timing.

    Yup, auction cancelled, try again later.
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