Volucer's Search for a Doll

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A tranquil, fragrant glade.
The light here is perpetually muted beneath the thick canopy of leaves arching 
overhead. Occasional shafts of sunlight break through the mass of interwoven 
branches, bathing parts of the glade in sudden bursts of pale gold radiance. 
Drifting motes of light weave and turn about the glade, varying shades of blue, 
purple and silver glowing amidst the branches of the trees overhead and floating 
gently over the grassy ground underfoot. The glade is blanketed in a peaceful 
hush, broken occasionally by the songs of birds, and the air is thick with a 
rich fragrance of mixed floral and spicy scents, emanating from no particular 
source. A large pedestal stands in the centre of the glade, formed from 
prismatic crystal of many colours. Motes of icy white light surround a sculpture 
of a regal woman, enthroned here in splendour. Dame Dioyne Fairquillion stands 
here with cool austerity, hands folded politely upon an elegant walking cane. An 
enormous falcon nervously talons the ground, wings mantling.
You see a single exit leading south.

Dame Dioyne Fairquillion:
Tall and austere, this hawkish trill woman sums up her surroundings in a quick 
glance, her eyebrows ever-lifted with faint incredulity as she presses her thin 
lips in a tight line. Though clearly never a great beauty, this willowy trill 
has aged gracefully; the palest grey colours subtly thread their way through her 
large white wings, barely discernible except when caught in the light. Her 
haughty and imposing demeanor is further heightened by her high cheek-bones and 
the fathomless blue of her soulful eyes. Her attire is prim, but polished, 
constructed from smooth black satin that gently drapes into a fashionable frill 
about the neck and bustles dramatically at the waist. A single ebony ribbon ties 
back her head feathers in a tight semblance of a bun, its faded ivory plumage 
flecked with the occasional shadow of silver. Her no-nonsense gloves cut neatly 
at the wrist, and she rests them leisurely upon an elegant walking cane, 
clutching an opaline falcon that has been cleverly carved into its crest.

Wide and dialated eyes of gold foil quickly focus and unfocus as the falcon 
turns its head with short jerks and bobs to eye anything that moves too fast for 
its liking. His nervously clicking beak and talons are a mother of pearl white, 
while the scales around his nostrils, eyes, and forelegs are blue quartz, though 
all of them are scuffed, dull, and in poor condition. Downy feathers are matted 
to the top of his beak and head, leading back to a ragged crest, and the once 
long and elegant feathers that tipped his ears have been broken clean off. His 
feathers overall are white and patterned with dull grey bars that work their way 
across his back, but many are haggard from little care and overzealous preening, 
and even more feathers have transparent markings and rusty stains from improper 
molting. He holds his wings halfway opened in a permanent mantling stance, 
though they occasionally flick open or shut in a jittery twitch.

Dame Dioyne Fairquillion tilts her head curiously.

Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "Why, how funny to see you here."

You have emoted: Zyphora curtseys gracefully, saying, "A pleasure and welcome 
surprise to see you again, Dame Fairquillion."

Your mouth turns up as your face breaks into a smile.

You have emoted: Zyphora gently nudges Volucer. "This is Volucer, whom I believe 
you have met before."

Glancing about herself, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "A strange location, is 
it not? But a soothing one."

Volucer holds himself up proudly.

Dame Dioyne Fairquillion inclines her head politely to Volucer.

Amused, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "Yes, I had been hoping to see you."

You have emoted: Zyphora gazes about as though soaking up the surroundings. "It 
is very lovely."

Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "I feel as if I have stepped into a painting. A 
melancholy painting, but a lovely one nonetheless."

Volucer fidgets impatiently.

Under her breath, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says to you, "Gracious, is he quite 

Dame Dioyne Fairquillion ponders Volucer thoughtfully, looking him up and down.

Glancing at Volucer, you say, "Volucer has a request to politely beseech of you."

Volucer clears his throat in an attempt to gain everyone's attention.

Volucer says, "I would like a doll, please."

A startled laugh escapes Dame Dioyne Fairquillion's lips, which is quickly 
stifled as her hand moves to politely cover her mouth.

Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "My, I've only showed off one of them thus far! I 
see word travels fast in the Beacon of Harmony."

Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says to you, "I was rather skilled as a seamstress for 
my last employer. I often had to fashion ballgowns and the like for his 

You laughingly say, "I myself am a tailor, so I am left in greater awe of your 
many talents."

Dame Dioyne Fairquillion's eyes sparkle with amusement.

Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "Oh, hardly talents. I am merely competent at the 
profession I have dedicated myself to."

Dame Dioyne Fairquillion waves her hand dismissively.

You smile and say, "The doll we saw was quite the specimen! When my cousin and I 
saw it, we were simply covetous."

Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says to Volucer, "And I was quite taken with this silly 
falcon, as well. I have never seen a bird quite like him."

Volucer preens himself proudly.

Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "Though, one thing does bother me, you see..."

You tilt your head curiously at Dame Dioyne Fairquillion.

Volucer tilts his head curiously.

You say, "What is that?"

At length, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "I finally met the trill who led me to 
Hallifax. She is the one I gave the doll to, you see. I find it perplexing that 
you should know her, when she seemed quite enigmatic every time I sought her in 
the city."

Volucer looks up at Zyphora for guidance.

With a glance at Volucer, you say, "Well, she frequents the city quite often, 
just as you do. She is quite interested in what cultural works the citizens have 
to offer. She has been known to watch plays with some of our citizens at the 

Slowly, brow furrowed, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "I find it peculiar that I 
have done such service, and been given such generosity, by a nameless patron. A 
mysterious benefactor of sorts, if you will."

You look thoughtful and say, "It is quite mysterious that a patron feel the need 
to shroud their identity. But she does no harm, does she?"

A gentle, feminine voice laces through the aether, "Perhaps mysteries deserve a 
little illumination, Dame Fairquillion."

You feel a stirring within you, disjointed thoughts and unexpressed emotions 
beckoning you to the Glade of the Sleeping Goddess.

(The Canvas): Yatrius (from the Prime Material Plane) says, "Did anyone else 
feel that?"

(The Canvas): You say, "Yes."

(The Canvas): Yatrius (from the Prime Material Plane) says, "Do you know what it 

(The Canvas): Raikogen (from the Prime Material Plane) says, "Hrm I must have 
missed it, what happened?"

(The Canvas): You say, "I felt a stirring, beckoning me to the Glade of the 
Sleeping Goddess."
(The Canvas): Allyrianne (from the Prime Material Plane) says, "I would imagine 
that it means we are to go to the Glade of the Sleeping Goddess. You may 
teleport to me if you wish."
Motes of light around the caldera pulse brightly as a soft voice echoes,
"But She was lovely, and all She touched became lovely, too.
And She touched the Architect's heart, a place that no other had claimed with their artistry."

"Or if you pick up something a little too heavy for you, does it hurt?
It is only a little pressure on the understood boundaries of yourself."

- Sunshine, by Robin McKinley


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    A tranquil, fragrant glade.
    The sculpture Inedra, Oracle of the Aesthete stands here, her perfect form 
    wreathed in shadow threaded with violet lights. Dame Dioyne Fairquillion stands 
    here with cool austerity, hands folded politely upon an elegant walking cane. 
    With light brown eyes, a muscular wyvern with iron-clawed skeletal wings prowls 
    around here. An enormous falcon nervously talons the ground, wings mantling. 
    Yatrius is here on one knee before Isune, genuflecting reverently in Her 
    presence. He wields a dusky crystal lyre in his left hand. Sublime Opus 
    Allyrianne Windwhisper, Ambassador of Song is here. She wields a starry bird of 
    paradise lute in her left hand. State Company Member Raikogen Tanestra is here. 
    He wields a rapier of the Holy Flame in each hand. Isune, the Aesthete floats 
    here, surrounded by sparkling motes of light.
    You see a single exit leading south.

    Looking perplexed, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "I must say I do not know what 
    is happening, precisely."

    Motes of gentle, clear light blink into life, gradually coalescing into the form 
    of Isune.

    You curtsey gracefully before Isune.

    Yatrius humbly drops one knee to the ground before Isune, genuflecting 
    reverently in Her presence.

    Allyrianne kneels before Isune, swearing her allegiance to Her.

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion blinks slowly, looking positively bewildered.

    Raikogen kneels before Isune, swearing his allegiance to Her.

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion curtseys belatedly, as if astonished at her lack of 

    Volucer inches bashfully over to Isune and nuzzles Her tenderly.

    With a smile, you say to Dame Dioyne Fairquillion, "This must be your mysterious 

    Isune's eyes twinkle enchantingly.

    Stammering, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "Oh, my."

    Isune, the Aesthete smiles and says, "Dame Fairquillion. I believe we have met 
    before, many a time, in Talthos, and in the city of Hallifax. I have been 
    pleased with what I have seen of you."

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "I, well, I am simply an old governess. I 
    certainly don't believe I have done much to merit a Divine's attention, but I am 
    flattered that you believe such of me."

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion lowers her gaze, still curtseying low.

    Allyrianne smiles softly.

    Isune, the Aesthete says, "I will not hear you speak meanly of yourself. I have 
    heard nothing but the highest regard from those of Mine who have met you in your 
    travels, and I have seen nothing but potential within you."

    Abashed as she turns about herself, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "I am afraid 
    I have not met all of those gathered. How rude of me."

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion curtseys gracefully before Raikogen.

    Raikogen bows respectfully to Dame Dioyne Fairquillion.

    State Company Member Raikogen Tanestra says to Dame Dioyne Fairquillion, "Well 
    met, Dame Fairquillion."

    Inclining Her head politely to Dioyne, Isune, the Aesthete says to Raikogen, 
    "Raikogen of Mine, this is the Dame Fairquillion, former governess of Talthos. I 
    have been enticing her to visit the fair city of Hallifax, as I am impressed 
    with her talents in a way that she seems to not be."

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "Oh, merely decorum, some seamstressing, a few 
    artistic lessons, but..." She finds herself blushing. "Lady, I find it 
    distressing that you know much of me, and yet I know so little of you."

    State Company Member Raikogen Tanestra says, "Ah a former governess. Both 
    talented and humble then it seems."

    Volucer nods his head at Raikogen.

    Isune, the Aesthete says, "You are in My Glade, among Mine. What would you wish 
    to know?"

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion blanches.

    Wide-eyed, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "Gracious. Mother always said not to 
    involve myself with Divine, and certainly not to question them..."

    (The Canvas): Isune says, "Perhaps one of you would be willing to speak to the 
    governess. I fear I terrify her."

    (Order): Volucer says, "It's the feathers, Lady."

    Gently, you say to Dame Dioyne Fairquillion, "Do not fret, Dame Fairquillion. 
    Our Lady is very kind and compassionate."

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion allows herself a quiet nod, glancing about herself for 

    Just as gently, you say to Dame Dioyne Fairquillion, "If you have questions, you 
    need not fear asking them of Her."

    With a faint smile, Sublime Opus Allyrianne Windwhisper, Ambassador of Song says,
     "Although we are also willing and ready to answer your questions, if that will 
    give you ease."

    You nod your head emphatically.

    Midnight shadows coalesce around a new day, and Mother Night embraces the land 
    in utter darkness.
    It is now the 14th of Kiani, 356 years after the Coming of Estarra.

    To herself, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "Generous and kind. Yes, I did 
    suppose something of that. She seemed quite generous, and that is what led me to 
    visit Hallifax as I did. I felt rather purposeless, but Hallifax has changed 
    that... A cruel Goddess could not have filled that void in me, no?"

    Volucer mumbles to himself something that makes Isune give him a dark look.

    Volucer hums innocently to himself.

    With certainty, Sublime Opus Allyrianne Windwhisper, Ambassador of Song says, 
    "She could not. Already you know that She seeks out ability and skill where it 
    may be hidden or unknown, and seeks to give it aide and encouragement."

    Cautiously, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "I see. Then, what does being one of 
    yours entail, Lady? What can I offer you? I am no artist, a mere tradeswoman and 
    bureaucrat. What does it mean to serve the Aesthete?"

    Isune, the Aesthete looks about to those gathered with a faint smile.

    Isune, the Aesthete smiles and says, "I believe My Order can answer that 
    question far better than I."

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion presses her hands upon her cane, looking slightly 
    calmer than before.

    Clearing her throat delicately, you say, "It means calling up one's own gifts in 
    order to bring Beauty to the Basin, to create, preserve, and protect it in all 
    its forms. We have our leaders, our bureaucrats, our artists, and our defenders. 
    All who believe in Beauty, Compassion, and Sacrifice are called to serve Her and 
    exalt the perfection of Hallifax, Her Sister's city."

    You say, "As a tradeswoman and bureaucrat, you are more than capable of offering 
    Her talents that shall uplift and maintain Her three Tenets."

    After a moment spent gathering her thoughts, Sublime Opus Allyrianne Windwhisper,
     Ambassador of Song says, "We are not all artists, and we artists could not 
    serve the Aesthete if we did not seek to do so in all aspects of light, not only 
    by representing Beauty in our art, but by inspiring, encouraging and teaching, 
    for without those who do those things, finding the path to creating Beauty would 
    be even harder."

    Volucer lowers his head and carefully scratches one ear with a taloned foot.

    Volucer lays his ears back and relaxes, his eyes lidding halfway.

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion nods slowly in understanding. "Yes... Yes, I see, it is 
    all connected," she repeats to herself. "One cannot expect only one path to 
    exalt the Lady's Tenets.

    Glancing up to the Goddess, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "Of these, I believe 
    I understand Compassion most, Lady. One cannot teach without it, or at least, 
    one cannot teach well."

    Isune, the Aesthete says to Dame Dioyne Fairquillion, "Then I would have you 
    teach of Me, to Mine and those who wish to be Mine. Do you do undertake this 
    duty, Dame Fairquillion?"

    Astonished, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "Lady, I know only the barest amount 
    of who you are. A teacher cannot teach a subject in which she is not schooled, 

    Isune, the Aesthete says, "Then I shall remedy this, if so you wish it of Me."

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion ponders this at length, before allowing herself a slow 
    and steady nod.

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "I wish to serve, and can imagine no patron 
    greater than you to serve. Do what you must, Lady, so that I may serve you to 
    the best of my mortal ability."

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion kneels before the Goddess Isune humbly.

    Her voice sharpening somewhat, Isune, the Aesthete says, "My High Scion. Please, 
    awaken Inedra."
    A flicker of light washes briefly over the sculpture's crystal eyes.

    You say, "Pyralir."
    The sculpture's crystal eyes flash brightly, and emotion suddenly fills its 
    marble face. A ripple of coloured light engulfs the sculpture as it begins to 

    The proportions of the sculpture begin to change, growing and expanding until it 
    reaches a towering height. Its carved hair transforms into flowing locks, its 
    marble limbs softening and flushing with colour. A dusky floral scent envelops 
    the figure as she stands complete.

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion glances up, eyes widening at the spectacle before her. 
    She turns to the Goddess, who nods slightly, before going towards the statue 

    Her hand outstretched before the sculpture, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "She 
    is... Lady, she is beautiful, but I feel something strange within me. I do not 
    fear her, but I feel." She pauses. "I feel a profound sorrow within me, and I 
    cannot explain why."

    Isune, the Aesthete says, "Inedra was created as a vessel of My emotions. Within 
    her is all the suffering of joy, sorrow, and anger that I have been unable to 
    withstand on My own. Should you wish to know Me better than most, better enough 
    to teach those of Mine, you need only look to her for this knowledge."
    Inedra, Oracle of the Aesthete frowns fiercely at Isune her icy-blue eyes 
    absolutely cold.

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion lifts her hand once more, shaking until she steadies 
    herself. "I wished to serve you in Compassion, Lady, and there is no greater 
    Compassion than this. So will it be done," she says at last.

    As Dame Dioyne Fairquillion places her hand upon Inedra's cheek, the statue 
    flares with colour, startling in its many hues. They suffuse the governess 
    completely, her eyes opening to shine with the knowledge of ages long past and 
    memories too powerful to withstand. The governess falls to her knees as Inedra's 
    glow dims, appearing somehow changed though she looks no different to the mortal 

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "Oh... Lady Isune, such..." She tries to continue 
    to speak, but cannot continue to say a word. She finally rises to her feet and 
    faces the Goddess with sudden resolve, curtseying as she says, "Knowing what I 
    know, Lady Isune, I can no longer serve any but you. I am your servant, 
    willingly and fully."

    Isune, the Aesthete says, "Then arise, My Dioyne, as one of My Assembly of the 

    (The Canvas): Isune says, "Welcome, Dame Dioyne Fairquillion, to My Order."

    (The Canvas): You say, "Welcome, Dame Fairquillion."

    (The Canvas): You say, "We are happy to have you among us."

    (The Canvas): Allyrianne says, "Welcome, Dame Fairquillion."

    (The Canvas): Dame Dioyne Fairquillion says, "I am humbled to be here, my Lady. 
    I cannot thank you enough for all you have given me."

    (The Canvas): Yatrius says, "Welcome among Hers, Dame Fairquillion."

    Dame Dioyne Fairquillion smiles softly.

    (The Canvas): Raikogen says, "Welcome, Dame Fairquillion."
    Motes of light around the caldera pulse brightly as a soft voice echoes,
    "But She was lovely, and all She touched became lovely, too.
    And She touched the Architect's heart, a place that no other had claimed with their artistry."

    "Or if you pick up something a little too heavy for you, does it hurt?
    It is only a little pressure on the understood boundaries of yourself."

    - Sunshine, by Robin McKinley
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