A Series of Unusual Events

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(I've had this log - and a few others, for quite a long while now.  I'll be sharing them all with you as I clean them up.  Here, however, we have a tea party with some unexpected Guests, and we get to witness the work of The Aesthete and the Bloom of Serenity.  This log is just one of the many reasons why I love Maylea, and Isune as well. It's quite long, but really worth reading all the way through.  Enjoy!)

(Because the log is quite so long, I have posted a pastebin link!)

"You are so much bigger than you think you are," She says, fervently. "You are a beacon of hope that shines through the world with every step you take. You are My beacon, Gabriella, and you shine even into the darkest of nightmares."
The air sparkles with silver motes of light as a silken voice says, "You will see growth and strength where others will see weakness. You will walk with Us as a paragon of Serenwilde's power, for you have already walked this path before."
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