In Which Gabriella Shares the Story of Allessa the Beloved

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(Gabriella and Hiriako spend a quiet moment in Lady Maylea's Realm.  Gabriella tells the first half of the story of Allessa the Beloved to Hiriako, and to a little flower that stays in Maylea's Realm - these are her memories of that time, and her participation in the event.  From September of 2012.)

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "Once upon a time, there was a young babe, born under a fated Moon and Night. It was whispered, that she was a child of prophesy, bane to those that whispered in the shadows of the Night, and hope to those who danced beneath the Moon's pale light."

Winter's Tempest, Hiriako Myeras smiles as he pulls you up, easing you into his lap as he listens. His chin makes your head a rest as he holds you.

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "Her guardians, devoted, beloved parents, fled in their fright, seeking a safe haven within the Basin of Life, the babe snug within her mother's arms. Alas, they ran scared from those that would have helped them - startled, perhaps, by the large number of those eager to help them from the First Forest."

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "Pursued they were then, by those of evil intent from the Corrupted Forest, as by those that would offer aid - a rush to destroy and save them, opposing missions. Alas, the fleeing family was discovered a mite second too late."

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "The father, slain by those that boded ill, dashed to the ground was his body just outside a place that might have offered them sanctuary. Suddenly - a great flash - and the babe was vanished from her wounded mother's arms, whisked to safety, though not known at the time."

Winter's Tempest, Hiriako Myeras closes his eyes as he listens to this story, always seeking to hear more details of it.

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "But Whom was it, that saved the babe? It was not known where she had gone. The grieving mother was gathered up, and taken to a safe place to heal within the Forest. Many days passed, before she was well again, and then bid farewell to her guardians, off to find her babe. Her beloved's body was gently put to rest at the behest of an elfen woman to her Patron, buried solemnly beneath an ancient plinth. Mourned, and never forgotten."

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "Not long after the woman had departed, did the elfen woman's Patron reveal Herself - and the blessed child of Fate. She had been the One to whisk the child to safety - safety from those of the Corrupted Forest - and from the reach of the Silent Lord."

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "A cry was thrown up, of relief, and soon, of concern for the woman, pursuing her missing child through the Basin. A search began for her, though it was in vain, as she was nowhere to be seen, for many, many weeks."

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "Meanwhile, She who had saved the babe, placed her in a special mirror for her protection - one that reflected an endless blue sky with neither sun nor cloud, and a flowing sea of blue-belled flowers."

Winter's Tempest, Hiriako Myeras brings his hands down to your own, softly taking them, squeezing them. A slow sigh escapes as he listens.

You lay your head gently on Hiriako's shoulder, entwining his fingers with yours.

The leaves upon the willow rustle and whisper together, and the five flowers in full bloom within the draping branches shimmer and sparkle with fresh luminescence.

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "The elfen woman and a member of her family, a cousin, yet a niece - silly things, interwoven families are - decided to keep guard over the child, lest she be lonely, or in danger. During one of these quiet times, She who had saved the babe quietly entered into the mirror. A faint song was heard, and the reflection revealed, of the Goddess cradling the child, singing her a soothing lullaby."

Winter's Tempest, Hiriako Myeras says, "Cousin and niece? I don't think I caught that bit."

The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across your lips.

You murmur, "My relation, Sadie. She is both my great-neice, through one side of my family, and my cousin through another."

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "Peace passed, for a time, within that Realm. The mother was not found, yet hope was not given up on her. But then, one day that the elfen woman and her relation did slumber, the Silent One craftily tricked one of the Goddess' following to lead Him into Her sacred Realm."

Hiriako shakes his head.

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "The exact details were not known of the trick, but it was of no matter. The Silent One, in His great anger, tore open a fissure into that peaceful place. He sent forth a vast army of redcaps, and His followers, to do battle with the Goddess' faithful and wave after wave of sprites. The bodies of the fallen fae were used to try to stem the tide and close the opening. But alas - it was not the Good that triumphed that day."

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "One of His faithful, unnoticed, or unable to be stopped, crept in, and then snatched the Mirror housing the babe, and darted back through the fissure. It was snapped closed behind him, and the child was lost that day."

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "But ah, do not worry too much little one. The Bloom of Serenity is clever in many ways. To His great ire, the Silent found He could not remove the babe from the mirror, and thus - could not harm her."

Winter's Tempest, Hiriako Myeras rests his chin upon your shoulder as he hugs her.

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "Thus, both Gods decided something must be done. It was not known what those of the Corrupted Forest were up to, but the Bloom of Serenity sent her faithful and their communemates to gathering various vile and poisonous creatures of the Basin, to drop into a stewing cauldron."

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "It was not known by the faithful what their Goddess wanted, but whom were they to question? They knew She would reveal all, in Her time. They did as bid, enthusiastically, even, and soon the vile brew was completed, and the plan was set forth. It was to be twisted into a tea, meant for the Silent One. But ah, how to convince Him to drink it?"

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "The Goddess here bespoke to the very same elfen woman from before, and asked her to do what She warned could be a dangerous task, and to participate in a farce of rituals from old times. Better, peaceful times. 'But why me?' asked the elfen woman. 'Surely there are those that are more worthy, and clever to help you.' At this, She shook Her lovely head, and whispered, 'Ah, dear one, but it was you that first visited the grave of the fallen husband and father, the first to lay flower at his feet and wish him well, that convinced Me. I know You can do this.'"

It is now the 21st of Vestian, 335 years after the Coming of Estarra.

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "And so, with great fear of failing her beloved Bloom of Serenity, but wish to help however she might, she agreed to go through with the facade. Thus, a meeting was arranged."

Winter's Tempest, Hiriako Myeras closes his eyes, listening still.

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "The Bloom of Serenity presented the bowl, and pretended to drink from it, before passing it to Her faithful elfen woman. 'Oh, but I could not possibly drink before You, Great One,' she demurred, respectfully handing the bowl to the Silent One, with hands that shook, or so she feared. The ruse was not discovered though, and unsuspecting, He drank deeply."

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "And ah, thus He was poisoned. Poisoned, by Her hand, by the elfen woman's hand. Oh, and it was not forgotten by the Silent. Indeed, the elfen woman would find in the years to come that she would be haunted by that choice, by that One, though she never regretted the part she played."

You have emoted: Gabriella pauses for a moment in her telling, rubbing her arm with a slightly shaking hand.

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "But the Silent One was not entirely unprepared, and at once wrought His revenge upon the Bloom of Serenity. He produced an amulet, poisoned in its own fashion, which He blinded Her with, and then disappeared to safety. The elfen maiden led Her Goddess back to the safety of Her Realm - but joy."

Winter's Tempest, Hiriako Myeras pushes a soft kiss to your cheek as he rubs your own arm, hand lightly rushing across it.

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "The Goddess healed Herself once within the sanctity of Her temple, with the Eye of Dynara."

You have emoted: Gabriella leans into Hiriako, resting her back against his chest as she quietly speaks to the little sprout.

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "A new search for the child's mother was raised, and they searched more avidly than ever. Thankfully, she was found, safe and unharmed. Indeed, she was found only mere moments before a new meeting was called between the Divine Ones. This time, the Bloom of Serenity did not stand alone. No, she was aided by Her newfound friend and ally, The Forest Dreamer. And, thus, in this meeting, to the great shock of all, She traded life and safety of the child of prophesy, in exchange for handing over the Eye of Dynara to the Silent."

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "And so, the weeping mother was reunited with her child, blessed of Moon, Beloved of all, safely removed from the Mirror that had protected her. The honour of her name was given to the Goddess who - after much consideration, bestowed the name of Allessa upon the child, retrieved from a play written by one of Her faithful - a Tiriel of the time."

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "And so, Allessa the Beloved, and her mother Kavindra - for that was her name, were brought together once more. Kavindra was shown her husband's gravesight within the Bloom of Serenity's Realm - that the stone was marked with his name, Karnnur, and reassurred that he would *never* be forgotten."

Hiriako smiles softly.

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "The remaining members of the small family were whisked away to the Havens, living in safety for a time with the Goddess, to heal and to grow. Kavindra, it was rumoured, was offered a permanent home in the Temple, as a priestess of the Bloom of Serenity, though she had said yay or nay to it."

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "They would visit, from time to time. Each visit showed the babe growing older, stronger, a vibrant, happy little girl, full of life and curiousity."

Winter's Tempest, Hiriako Myeras lets his cheek rest against the top of your head.

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "But then, one day, the visits ceased, and Kavindra and Allessa retired to the Havens for a very, very long time. Soon too, the Bloom of Serenity began to sink into torpor, bestirring only once in a while to reassure Her following that the family was indeed safe. And that was all they heard for a time. And then, slowly, complete silence, for many, many years."

You whisper to a peculiar grey sprout, "And that is all for now, my little love, though the story does not end there."

You have emoted: Gabriella closes her eyes slowly.

"You are so much bigger than you think you are," She says, fervently. "You are a beacon of hope that shines through the world with every step you take. You are My beacon, Gabriella, and you shine even into the darkest of nightmares."
The air sparkles with silver motes of light as a silken voice says, "You will see growth and strength where others will see weakness. You will walk with Us as a paragon of Serenwilde's power, for you have already walked this path before."
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