Impromptu sermon on fear

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Preface: This was done super, super quick.  I made a few spelling/grammar errors (I don't think I've done a big RP without one yet), but no one seemed to mind.  I'd like to also just say that I normally wouldn't share something like this.  I've tried to keep much of Kio's in-org RP private, so as not to influence any of his cross-RP arcs.  If I notice these arcs starting to give way, I will not post anymore logs.  I'm putting a lot of faith in people's ability to keep information from the forums out of their IC interactions.  If I can do it, you can do it.  I just want to liven up the place with a little more Glomdoring RP, since I'm trying my best to do as much as I can (especially in the Shadowdancers - but most, if not all of that will be kept private, as right now it's all character development stuff and I don't want to spoil the story for those involved).

Again, I hope you can enjoy this for what it's worth and without taking any of this into your IC experiences with Kio.  I promise that if you think you know what's happening with him, you don't (because frankly, it's starting to build so much on top of itself that I've had to get a notebook to keep track of his interactions x.x).  Happy reading!


Kio nods to those gathered, stepping out so that he stands before you.

Dipping his hand into a shadow cauldron, Kio pulls out a long shadow and releases it into the air. The room darkens with the churning darkness.

Smiling to those present, Kio says, "Before the weave, little Tredian attempted ta nab the fae 'a faethorn in an attempt ta hide 'em from Momma Night's embrace." His mood shifts as a wicked, almost cruel grin takes hold of his features as he continues after a moment's pause, "He was dealt with."

Chuckling softly, Kio says, "In fact, his friends were also entertained with Her gifts. Thinking themselves strong, the squirrels of the Wilde - and their friends - thought to fight against the will of Mother Night." His momentary gentleness fades as he finishes the sentiment: "And so they were taught that not even within the Ethereal Wildes are they safe."

Kio turns away from those gathered, his fluid baritone rumbling the air as he continues, "And so they were strangled by our roots. Fearing the Merciless Forest, they cowered and whined like whipped pups and watched from their corners as Prince Daem and I brought Mother Night that which Tredian could not take from Her. As the fae were bound, we enjoyed the whimpers of our foes dancing in harmony with the laughter of Her Avatars."

Kio's fur ripples softly as he bows his head. Slowly, he raises his arms out from his sides, the shadows gathered here beginning to swirl and jump towards him. They barrage his body and splash about, eventually settling themselves around his form in a shifting robe of darkness.

Kio lowers his arms back to his sides as he turns to face those gathered once more, his once cerulean eyes now dark, grey, and cold. The shadows cling loosely to his form, enveloping him in pure darkness. They seem to lap at the talisman embedded within his chest, fearful to overtake it.

His shadowy eyes flickering as his body holds stoically, Kio orates, "Fear is but the web in which the spider sits. My fear is the web, and I the spider. There is no fear but that which I use to ensnare."

His deep baritone a lulling timbre, Kio orates, "Thus is the fear of Mother Night. Thus is the fear of the Merciless Forest."

His voice lifting into a resonant tribute, Kio orates, "We are of the Wyrd, sons and daughters of Brother Crow and raised in the virtues of Her Darkness. We do not fear. We have never feared!" Lowering his voice slightly and stepping forward, he continues, "We are fear."

Walking gently through those gathered, making eye-contact with those he passes, Kio orates, "We are the dogs hiding within the shadows. We are the whispers that drive the weak into madness. We are the spider partaking of the blood of the insects."

Kio stops among the small crowd, standing amongst them as though surrounded by friends. In one swift, fluid motion he produces his athame from amongst the robe of shadows and drives it through this gut, the audible "splorch" accompanied by a cascading river of blood which pools at his feet.

Kio removes his hand from the athame, allowing it to decorate his stomach amongst the blood. The shadows gathered about him begin snaking towards the crimson pool as his feet, lapping at it as though they are thirsty animals.

His cruel smile unwavering, Kio orates, "Death itself trembles at the Darkness of the Merciless Forest." The shadows begin snaking up his front, following the trail of blood until violently ripping around the athame impaled in his gut and snaking into his body. "Blood. Pain. Death. These are our tools."

Kio's form is quickly enveloped by a swarm of shadows, swirling up and around him. As quickly as they swarm they begin to dissipate, leaving nothing but his athame falling slowly to the ground. Kio stands once more at his place before those gathered with no trace of his recent wound.

Nodding his head in reverence, Kio orates, "Remember their fear. Know how it tastes. Know how it smells."

Softly, Kio says, "Revel in it. Dance amongst their corpses as their loved ones turn away, so fearful as to let us rend their lovers into bits before their eyes." A cold, chilled breeze takes holds as he chuckles softly. "We hold no mercy. We hold no fear. Nothing matters but Glomdoring."

Prince Daem Bel'Fiore, of Relentless Darkness says, "Glory be to Glomdoring."

Queen Valonah Bel'Fiore, Soul of Darkness says, "Glory be to Glomdoring!"

Kharne, Ward of Shadows says, "Glory be to Glomdoring!"


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    While it affects my character none (unless it somehow gets to her IG, but that's unlikely) I can't help but wonder if this was before or after their convo.
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    Now I really want to do the Auseklis fear sermon thing!

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