Net gaming user list (Steam/PS3/Xbox/etc)

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As far as I could see, there is no thread existing at present where people can share their usernames for other games that they may play during the times they are not hanging around in Lusternia - so I figured I'd get the ball rolling!

As I get people listing usernames I will add them to this first post for convenience - I do ask however that you only give your own usernames, do NOT list usernames for other lusternia players, if they want their usernames added they can do so themself.

So, here is my details

Steam: BatsuNZ
Xbox360: Kaeron
PSN: Burning__Batsu (there is 2 underscores in there, not one!)

I will happily add almost anyone, just make sure to put in your message who you play in Lusternia so I know who it is.  I use steam FAR more than I use XB360 and PSN these days.
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