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Gaudy Glamrock: 250 credits
   - This artifact allows the recording of fashion ensembles. Each Glamrock
     can store up to 10 ensembles, each one lasting for up to 300 game-days,
     and lets you project them over whatever you're really wearing. Each
     ensemble includes everything you'd see in the description
     after "He is wearing".
   - COUTURE RECORD <slot> <name>  - Record your current ensemble
   - COUTURE PLAY <slot|name>|NONE - Project a recorded ensemble over
   - COUTURE ERASE <slot|name>     - Erase a recorded ensemble
   - COUTURE LIST                  - Show all your recorded ensembles
   - COUTURE SHOW <slot|name>      - Display full details of an ensemble
   - COUTURE STATUS                - What ensemble are you currently modeling?

Does this supersede the need for a cloak of shifting hues and gloves of concealment - that is, will it conceal all artifacts/extra jewellery, if you so choose?

How does this work with prestige for influencing? Does prestige go by what you're currently actually wearing, or what the glamrock shows that you are wearing?


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    Yes, it covers everything, but you have to apply it every time you log in, and have to re-record it every 12 RL days. Assuming you actually have the clothes, though, it's easy to script it.

    Prestige goes by what you're actually wearing.

    I love my glamrock though. No need for silly unnecessary things to be shown on my person!
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