Ship Proficiencies

IxchilgalIxchilgal Member Posts: 33 Apprentice
What exactly builds piloting proficiency?  I've done several aetherhunts, only gone up 1%.  Tarkanos has done dozens, hasn't gained a single point.  Obviously I'm using some skills he isn't, but...what?

I get that piloting was too easy to build before, but now it just seems like it went stupidly far in the other direction of being impossible to get.


  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 6,595 Transcendent
    Spam pilot steer (not the drift one, but the actual skill).  All aether skills are built up by spamming something on that module a lot.  Find the thing that has the lowest balance cost and use it thousands of times over.

    Pilot steer, grid join, turret target.
  • IxchilgalIxchilgal Member Posts: 33 Apprentice
    That's what I thought it was, but someone was telling me that basic steering no longer works to get proficiency for piloting.  Which seems to go with Tarkanos never getting any proficiency, despite being bullied into piloting for a couple of dozen of aetherhunts, some of which go on for a couple hours.  You'd think he'd have gained at least one point by now, if all it took was basic steering.
  • SsalissSsaliss Member Posts: 3,575 Transcendent
    Yeah, steering won't give proficiencies. Go out in a one-man ship and just glide around instead.
  • IxchilgalIxchilgal Member Posts: 33 Apprentice
    Gliding doesn't do it either.  Nor does steering.  Either that, or the rate of doing is stupidly slow.  I get that it used to be too easy, but it's either bugged to not work at all, or it got pushed -way- too far in the other direction.  I've flown around for hours, as has Tarkanos....and gained one or two percent.  Other modules are capable of getting their proficiency just by doing their job during aetherhunts, it's not unreaonable to expect that the pilot can do the same.
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