Derith's Vision Quest on the Spiritual Path of the Eagle

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Sitting near the campfire, you say to Derith, "Your journey begins with a trip to the spirit realm. You will not be going in deeply--just enough for your spirit to glimpse what it needs to know."

Serenguard Derith nods and sits down across the fire from you.

You say to Derith, "As with all vision quests, you will be skyclad, letting nothing distract you from your quest."

You say to Derith, "Close your eyes... focus on my voice, and nothing but my voice. Let it pull you along the currents and eddies here, where the veil between realms runs thin. Do not lose it or stray from it, as it will be your guide."

Serenguard Derith nods, closes his eyes, and start to breath slowly in and out.

Everiine waves his arms over the fire and chants soft, quick syllables. In the darkness of your mind, an ethereal scene shimmers into faint existence. You see Everiine and yourself sitting in the rings of stone around a fire, but the a thick fog surrounds the site, obscuring everything else from view. An unusually bright moon hangs directly overhead, unmoving, and the sounds of creatures running in the distance, chased by unseen predators, echoes through the night. The image of of you and Everiine fades into the fog, leaving you standing alone in the fog under the moon, the sound of the creatures in the night coming closer. "Can you hear me, Derith?" a voice echoes in your mind.

Serenguard Derith says, "Aye."

Everiine's voice echoes again in your mind. "Listen to my voice, and don't let go." The fog begins to clear around you, revealing an unfamiliar rocky, mountainous landscape. You shiver as strong winds blow through your spirit. "You should be able to see where you are," the voice says, "and soon, an animal will appear." As predicted, an animal soon appears in your vision, and animal known for its keen sight. What animal do you see?

Tilting his head to one side, Serenguard Derith says, "Looks like a bird... An owl."

Serenguard Derith says, "More shadow than shape, but I think an owl."

Everiine's chanting can briefly be heard in the air before fading again. The animal is indeed an owl, an owl decorated with blue tribal markings. It lands on a nearby dead branch and examines you with piercing eyes. "Hail to you, Traveller. You are a stranger to this realm. Why are you here?" it asks in an elderly voice.

Serenguard Derith says, "Hoo. To learn t'learn."

Everiine's voice echoes in your mind, "To learn what? She needs to know that."

Derith ponders for a moment and says "Hrm..."

Serenguard Derith says, "To learn to see."

Everiine's voice seems satisfied, and the owl turns her head. "To be able to see is an important trait for one who seeks my Master. I have sight that rivals the birds of the Basin. I see in both daylight and moonlight. I see the mountains in which I fly, the woods in which I hunt. But I also see the littlest prey, which I hunt. The tiniest movement escapes me not."

Everiine's voice echoes in your head. "Do you have any questions for her? You must be quick--the prey and predators are coming, and your time here is short."

Serenguard Derith says, "Ah-It's not just sight, is it? It's knowing the world."

Serenguard Derith says, "Lots of ways to see, an' eyes are just a one."

Everiine's ethereal form flickers into existence, ready to take you back. The owl turns her head again. "You see well, Traveller! For the eyes are but one way of seeing. You must use all your senses to perceive the world." The sounds of the creatures grow ever closer, almost upon you. "My Master will be pleased," she says, and with the silent flap of her wings, lifts into the sky. Everiine takes your hand, the fog returning and surrounding you. "Listen to my voice," he says, still in your head. "Pass through the veil. Return to the mortal realm." The fog completely encloses you, and fades into the darkness in your eyes. The sounds of the Serenwilde return to you--the crackling fire, the patter of rain, the sound of Everiine's chanting.

Serenguard Derith opens his eyes and blinks a bit.

Ceasing his chanting, you say to Derith, "Good--good, you are back."

You ask Derith, "How do you feel?"

Frowning a bit, Serenguard Derith says, "Feels a little like I sat in the rain for half a day."

Serenguard Derith says, "Didn't feel the rain during it, though, but I swear I felt the fire."

You ask, "Der What did you see? What did you learn?"

Serenguard Derith says to you, "Eh? Didn't y'see it?"

You smile with a wink and say to Derith, "Of course. The question is, did you?"

Nodding slightly, Serenguard Derith says, "Fair enough. Aye, an owl came to me atop a slope."

Serenguard Derith says, "Blue markings - s'old Eagle's, I think."

Serenguard Derith says, "Spoke to me of sight, day an' night an' prey."

Serenguard Derith says, "Spoke of coming predators, or was that you?"

You ask Derith, "That was me. The spirit realm is not a safe place for strange travellers. What did you learn from what the owl said?"

Serenguard Derith says, "Helped me sort out a thought I'd been havin' about ol' spirit Groundhog."

'Oh?' you exclaim quizzically at Derith.

Serenguard Derith says, "Groundhog sees the earth from beneath, paws an' whiskers an' worms."

Serenguard Derith says, "Eagle sees the earth from above, eyes an' wings."

Serenguard Derith says, "But the two of'm know the same earth."

You nod your head at Derith.

Serenguard Derith says, "Y'don't have to see everything t'know everything, though I suspect it'd help."

You ask Derith, "Do you feel you learned what the owl was trying to say?"

Serenguard Derith says, "Hoo. Well, she seemed pleased, but I can't say I'm sure."

Serenguard Derith says, "I can say I learned from what she said, at least."

You say to Derith, "She would not have been pleased if you did not learn what she had to teach. She is a wise bird in the service of her Master."

Showing that he understands, Derith nods his head slowly.

Rising, you say, "I think it is safe to say that you succeeded in your vision quest. It is with pride and honour that I name you Eagle's Eye. You have begun your quest to learn the ways of Brother Eagle."
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    Absolutely beautiful. Well done, both of you.
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    Makes me proud to see this. Yes, I know the new paths were entirely your work, Everiine. But it still makes me proud that it got done under my watch, and with my pushing. :)
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