A short, simple marriage.

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@Elyonne arrives, following Ancient @Acrune McCloud.

Abecedarian Elyonne Starfall says, "It's okay you'll make it."

Before Avechna the Avenger.
A vast temple surrounds the gargantuan stone form of Avechna the Avenger. The building is a massive 
structure of gleaming hardwood columns and cross-beams, topped by an enormous domed roof. Carved 
into the wood are superb illustrations of Avechna battling an ancient malevolence that at one time 
threatened all of creation. These depictions are quite vivid, and through a clever set of lines the 
form of Kethuru seems to twist and change depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Also 
carved into the supports are ancient words, a promise of continued vigilance against all injustice. 
An aura of throbbing power pervades the air surrounding Avechna. Avechna the Avenger towers before 
you, radiating a powerful aura. A screech owl is here, surveying the surroundings. Ancient Acrune 
McCloud is here, shrouded. He wields a gilded shield depicting the Star of Celest in his left hand 
and a gleaming symbol of hope in his right. Abecedarian Elyonne Starfall is here. She wields an 
argentine lyre of the forest in her left hand.
You see exits leading east and down.

Acrune greets you with a sincere smile.

You press your palms together over your heart and bow humbly to Acrune while chanting a harmonic 
mantra. Acrune's eyes light up with profound peace.

Elyonne giggles happily.

You say, "You might want to invite your cities and family unless you're just wanting a simple 

Acrune tilts his head and listens intently to Elyonne.

Ancient Acrune McCloud says, "Hopefully not cold feet."

Acrune shuffles over to Elyonne and shyly takes her hand in his own.

You say, "Anyone else coming?"

Ancient Acrune McCloud says, "I'm fine with a simple ceremony, but it is the bride's day, so I'll 
leave it up to her."

The corners of Acrune's mouth turn up as he grins mischievously.

You beam broadly.

You tilt your head and listen intently to Elyonne.

Abecedarian Elyonne Starfall says, "I'll see if anyone would like to!"

You smile and say, "Take your time."

A beam of moonlight comes down from the sky and bathes Elyonne in light.

Elyonne claps her hands together merrily.

@Raeri chirps happily at Elyonne.

Elyonne hugs Raeri compassionately.

You see the following people here:
Acrune, Raeri, Elyonne, Regnaso

(Celest): Acrune says, "If any of you would like to join me and Elyonne for our wedding, you're 
welcome to teleport to us at the peak."

Acrune greets Raeri with a sincere smile.

Raeri doffs the hood of elegant robes of silver and gold to Acrune.

Abecedarian Elyonne Starfall says, "Rae Rae!"

Elyonne sways back and forth.

Raeri Stormcrow says, "Hello! And congratulations!"

Elyonne gives a trillingly melodic laugh.
Abecedarian Elyonne Starfall says, "Not yet!"

Raeri looks about furtively, trying his best not to look suspicious.

Acrune looks about himself, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

(Celest): You say, "Come on, everyone. Acrune is getting married at the Peak."

(Celest): You say, "Don't make me drag you up here with my tahto."

You brandish a golden-hued tahto of dangling lanterns menacingly.

(House McCloud): Acrune says, "Anyone wish to join us for my and Elyonne's wedding?"

***********************[ THE VALIANT HOUSE OF MCCLOUD ]************************
Name                   Generation               Position                    FT 
Acrune                 Progenitor                                           On
Regnaso                2nd                                                  On
Tridemon               1st                                                  On

Acrune is your great-uncle on Mother Sidonie's side.

You say, "Oh, hey. I'm performing my great uncle's wedding."

Elyonne giggles happily.

"Heh heh heh" Acrune chuckles.

Raeri's eyes sparkle with amusement.

Abecedarian Elyonne Starfall says to Acrune, "You're so old!"

Your eyes twinkle enchantingly.

Raeri Stormcrow says, "Ancient, even."

You say, "He really is. Maybe you should marry a younger McCloud."

You shift your eyes suspiciously from side to side.

Elyonne gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

Acrune grabs protectively at Elyonne.

Raeri hides a grin behind his hand.

You utter a deep, rumbling laugh.

Elyonne giggles happily.

Elyonne shuffles over to Acrune and shyly takes his hand in her own.

You say, "I jest, of course. Do you two have any sort of rings or other exchanged gifts for the 

Acrune nods his head emphatically.

Abecedarian Elyonne Starfall says, "Age before beauty."

You say, "Anyone else coming?"

Ancient Acrune McCloud says, "None that I know of."

You nod your head slowly in understanding.

You beam broadly.

You clear your throat.

You have emoted: Regnaso pats himself down, finally pulling a small book from his pocket.

Clearing his throat, you say, "Dearly beloved family and friends, we are here today to marry Acrune 
McCloud to Elyonne Starfall."

You say, "Marriage is not a simple thing, being composed of equal measures of love, sacrifice, and 
hard work. It is a bonding between two souls who are one."

You say, "These two individuals wish to express their love by forming this bond for eternity, 
sharing all that they have with each other. Is there anyone here who does not believe they should do 

With a smile, you say, "Good. Elyonne Starfall, do you have any sort of vow or speech you wish to 
make to Acrune, with the rest of us as witnesses?"

Among the sparkling motes of light, a translucent figure appears in the air and then quickly 
solidifies as Meliana comes into view.

Elyonne nods her head emphatically.

@Meliana sucks thoughtfully on her teeth.

You nod your head at Elyonne.

You smile and say, "Go ahead."

Acrune flashes Meliana a joyous smile.

Abecedarian Elyonne Starfall says to Acrune, "I take you, Acrune, to be my partner, loving what I 
know of you, and trusting what I do not yet know. I eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together, 
getting to know the man you will become, and falling in love a little more every day. I promise to 
love and cherish you through whatever life may bring us."

Meliana smiles softly.

You have emoted: Dawn's Baron Regnaso McCloud, Ordained by Virtue smiles softly at Elyonne before 
turning to Acrune. "Very well. Acrune McCloud, do you have anything to say in return?"

Acrune nods his head emphatically.

You nod your head at Acrune.

Elyonne taps her foot impatiently, glaring at Acrune.

Raeri's eyes sparkle with amusement at Elyonne.

Ancient Acrune McCloud says to Elyonne, "I take you, Elyonne, in love, hope, and happiness. I pledge 
to stand by your side, through times bright and dark, through pleasure and pain, for the many years 
to come. I look forward to our future, with a love that will be everlasting and evergrowing."

You have emoted: Regnaso nods, leafing through his book again before he continues.

You say, "By the power invested in me by Lord Valtreth, Majesty of the Dawn and the result Himself 
of the marriage of two souls, I pronounce you husband and wife."

You formally wed Acrune to Elyonne.

Acrune beams broadly.

Scax throws his hands into the air and gives a loud, "WOO!"

You say, "You may kiss your bride, Acrune."

Acrune kisses Elyonne passionately.

Bob Junior says, "I had a party hook onnce. Lost it iNsiDee of soMe buxsm dracnari maiden, I thiik."
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