Criticals and Damage Shift

DaraiusDaraius ShevatThe juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,371 Transcendent
With a quick spin, you kick an ice mammoth with your left foot.
You shift the reserved damage of your last strike forward.

When this happens, is my shifted damage being multiplied by the WSC, or just added to it? 

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  • DaraiusDaraius Shevat The juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,371 Transcendent
    Sorry if I'm obtuse, but I need just a little more clarification. It's the order of the lines in the shift/crit message that confuse me.

    Say I kill a mob with 100 health with an attack that does 100 damage, and I get a critical (2x). I have 100 damage shifted to the next attack against a mob with 1,000 health, and that attack is an Obliterating Crit (8x). I get my base damage of 100 multiplied by 8, but is my shifted damage from the last attack also multiplied by 8 (for a total of 1,600 damage), or is it added (for a total of 900)?
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    Just had something happen which MIGHT have some significance? Was hunting the blasted lands, chasing a bunch of jackals around – killed a jackal (health unknown, due to them all running around everywhere) with a crushing critical, then got gravedug, then killed the gravedigger with a critical hit, the previous damage also being carried forward.

    For reference, I do something like 1200-1600 damage. I forget, and it varies anyway depending on whether or not I have a knowledge blessing etc (on this occasion I did not). Without any crits, jackals take something like four hits to kill, gravediggers like 6-8? 

    Someone with a more organised mind than mine might be able to draw some conclusions from this :P

    (I know a log would have been better, but it wouldn't let me post it ;-;)

  • KarlachKarlach God of Kittens. Member Posts: 3,867 Transcendent
    Crushing criticals have a higher multiplier than normal criticals, so you did far more damage to the jackal than you did to the gravedigger.

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  • ReylReyl Member Posts: 150 Adept
    ok let me think..... let's call my damage 1500 because it's an easier number. The crushing critical against the jackal would then have done 6000 damage. If 4 hits (also 6000 damage) usually kills one, and odds were I'd hit it maybe twice already, that leaves 3000 damage to shift to the gravedigger. Gravediggers (let's say 6 hits w/e) have 9000hp (this is so dumb I'm probably getting this all wrong), and I get a critical... ~*~SO~*~

    a) the shifted damage is applied separately and not multiplied:
    3000 shifted + 3000 normal crit = 6000 – not enough to kill a gravedigger


    b) The damage from the last attack and the current one are added together, then the crit happens and multiplies that damage
    (3000 shifted + 1500 = 4500) X 2 = 9000 – yay dead gravedigger

    does that make any sense?
  • SsalissSsaliss Member Posts: 3,575 Transcendent
    As above, the damage from damage shift is applied first, then any new damage is done. You can never "double-crit" by multiplying an already-multiplied value. So it'd be case a).
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