The Wedding of Raikogen and Irillia

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Zyphora follows you southeast.

The Grand Collectivist Ballroom.

Before the entirety of the orchestra, Conductor Fre'zik zi'Prouep holds aloft a diamond baton whilst studying the sheet of music at his podium with intense scrutiny. Seated in the orchestra pit of the ballroom, the various Symphonists of the State Symphony Orchestra remain poised to perform, awaiting instruction. White Falcon Raikogen Tanestra, Temporal Commissar is here, surrounded by an aura of focused silence. Shabinar Naralis Siarani looms here, projecting an aura of command. He wields Ailadul, Moonblade of Truth in his left hand and Gebkuil, Moonblade of Honour in his right.

Naralis gives the world a smart salute.

Raikogen flashes you a joyous smile.

You flash Raikogen a joyous smile.

White Falcon Raikogen Tanestra, Temporal Commissar says, "I was worried I had remembered the location we decided on incorrectly."

With a trace of humour, High Scion Zyphora Windwhisper, the Gilded Iris says, "I apologise for keeping the bride so long. There were some final arrangements to be done, and a bride should look her most beautiful upon her wedding day."

Irillia nods emphatically, with a soft chuckle.

White Falcon Raikogen Tanestra, Temporal Commissar says, "Of course."

You smile impishly and say to Raikogen, "You look marvellous! I do believe all my time spent was not wasted, after all, if only so I could match you."

Shards of crystal float in from the northwest in a fluid stream, fusing together into Maellio.

White Falcon Raikogen Tanestra, Temporal Commissar says to you, "You look absolutely radiant, dearest. Any marvel at my choice of clothing is easily eclipsed by the marvel those would have in being graced by your presence."

Maellio inclines his head politely to those around him.

With a flourish of his arm, Szariec, the amethyst-horned hippogriff bows deeply.

Iridescent bubbles bounce about as they flow from the northwest, slowly merging to form one giant bubble that pops, revealing Elanorwen.

A dove comes flying into the room, deposits an elegant stationery painted with birds of paradise into Elanorwen's hands, warbles cheerfully, and flies away.

Daraius suddenly appears, looking bewildered.

With a flourish of her arm, Vivet bows deeply.

Motes of gentle, clear light blink into life, gradually coalescing into the form of Isune.

She is a radiant immortal and carries Herself with effortless grace, suffusing the space around Her with sparkling motes that twinkle like morning sunlight. Gazing about with the preoccupied inconstancy of an artist, Her eyes are a crystalline blue-green flecked with gold and rust, though often their colours are lost to an inherent glow that flares and dims with the slightest shift of mood. Lustrous feathers frame Her face and cascade down Her back in a mane of snowy-white, whimsically threaded with wisps of daylight and strung with frosted crystal decorations. Her high, prominent cheekbones, faintly hawkish nose, and full lips lend Her an aristocratic air which manages to complement rather than contrast Her sense of wispy, gossamer delicacy; Her form is slender, even fragile in build and appearance, and Her skin is fair to the point of translucence. Seemingly unconnected to Her, ephemeral and almost liquid wings which shimmer over with rainbows of colour like oil on water slowly sweep to and fro. Faint sparks of light drift within and about those wings in sporadic, yet intricate patterns, silently dancing around Her. She is wearing a crystal-beaded cloak of periwinkle and violet velvet, a snowflake preserved inside a gem of ice, a mist-woven gown twinkling with winter sunlight, a mist-emblazoned ring of smoky quartz, a crystalline rose of pure diamond and a bracelet of soothing twilight.

Shabinar Naralis Siarani says, "Greetings, Lady Aesthete."

Isune, the Aesthete says, "What a gathering! So many faces."

With a surprised smile, Isune, the Aesthete says to Naralis, "And some I have not seen in too many centuries. Tidings, Naralis."

Isune leans close to Naralis and gently lays a kiss upon his forehead.

Glancing about Herself, Isune, the Aesthete says, "What a lovely place to be wed. If I am not mistaken, this is the first wedding held here at the Collectivist Ballroom. However, allow Me to further its beauty."

Isune drops a folded gossamer canopy.

As the canopy flutters to the ground, three rods of rose quartz arc up to catch the wispy gossamer, unfurling in undulating waves of rippling colour and silken starlight to shade a crystal dais.

Each thread a streamer of colour hand-plucked from the canvas of the aurora, this canopy shimmers with each ripple of the fabric, flickering with sun-drenched hues. Airily held aloft by three pillars of spiralling rose quartz, the canopy's interwoven strands of silken starlight and cloud gossamer reflect a spectrum of twilight indigo blending into cool cerulean, burnished morning gold softening the deep violet of eventide, and blushing pink winking off this star-studded panorama of the ever-shifting sky. Two tassels of fine-spun gold pull at the wispy material like a curtain, enfolding the pillars to form a pavilion shaded in vibrant, celestial hues. Wreathing each quartz column, shy rosebuds tangle about the polished gemstone, their satin white blossoms redolent with sweet-scented perfume. Beneath the shade of this ethereal awning, a circular crystal dais gleams with glassy light, mirroring the prismatic rays filtering through the enchanting gossamer like a lake's reflection at dawn.

Utterly entranced, Elanorwen emits a long "Ooooh."

Opening his mouth wide, Naralis gapes in wonder.

You flash Isune a joyous smile.

Isune's eyes twinkle enchantingly.

High Scion Zyphora Windwhisper, the Gilded Iris smiles gently at the sight.

Isune, the Aesthete says, "Today we celebrate an auspicious day indeed."

Isune, the Aesthete says, "We celebrate the union of Raikogen and Irillia."

As Isune speaks, the vicinity is flooded with the sublime beauty of the aurora, which illuminates her and arcs languidly through the air to include you and your beloved in a corona of indigo,  lavender, and champagne light.

Isune, the Aesthete says, "I am a fortunate Goddess to have both of these individuals in My Divine service. Both came to Me after long journeys, journeys rife with struggles of the heart and of the soul and its constant yearning for peace in a world that too often lacks it."

Isune, the Aesthete says, "Of Irillia, My Handmaiden of Beauty, what can I say? All she touches shines with her boundless creativity, her grace and elegance. Though she be soft-spoken, she  possesses a great strength of character, and I am honoured to stand by her on her wedding day as her patroness."

Isune, the Aesthete says, "Let us bear witness to the vow of Irillia."

Motes of errant sunlight gather close to you as though attending to your every word.

Isune smiles softly.

You say to Raikogen, "My dear Raikogen. From the moment we first met, I could not help but be impressed by your unmistakable capacity for steadfast loyalty and devotion. As the friendship between us deepened into courtship, you became my friend, my confidant, my protector, and my sanctuary, as I grew to admire, respect, and cherish you for your courage, your noble spirit, your  wisdom, and your generous and gentle heart."

You smile and say to Raikogen, "Like a lock and key, though we may differ in design and function, we are unified in our shared purpose of safeguarding the Collective, the Lady Aesthete, and each other, as well as treasuring the values of beauty, compassion, and sacrifice together."

Her voice softening, you say to Raikogen, "My dear Raikogen, I am both humbled and overjoyed to take you as my husband, to give and to receive, to speak and to listen, to teach and to learn, to inspire and to respond, to join with you and to share a future together, and to keep to you this vow of fidelity and dedication, wrought in love, kept in faith, and eternally made new."

With a soft, gentle smile, Isune, the Aesthete says, "And do you, Raikogen, accept this vow?"

White Falcon Raikogen Tanestra, Temporal Commissar says, "I do."

Isune, the Aesthete says, "Raikogen Tanestra has served as one of Mine even in My long slumber, and even after My departure to the city of Hallifax. Of him, let it be said that he has a divine capacity for devotion, and a heart that knows well of Compassion, Sacrifice, and Beauty in all its forms. My White Falcon, you honour Me with your actions and your words, and today you honour Irillia  by taking her as your wife."

Isune, the Aesthete says, "Let us bear witness to the vow of Raikogen."Motes of errant sunlight gather close to your beloved as though attending to his every word.

The body of Daraius Shevat appears in a flash and his soul descends to fill it, causing the previously expressionless face to fill with emotion.

White Falcon Raikogen Tanestra, Temporal Commissar kneels most gallantly before his bride, gazing up at you with a quiet gaze of affection and adoration before speaking.

Daraius takes some salve from a vial and rubs it on his head.

Daraius Shevat dutifully brushes down his fur.

White Falcon Raikogen Tanestra, Temporal Commissar says to you, "Dearest Irillia, since I have arrived in Hallifax, alone and without much direction, you have been my guide, my teacher and my constant companion. You taught me of Hallifaxian society and culture, showing me the wonders of tea and the hidden corners of the beautiful city of Hallifax. Words alone cannot express the joy that overtakes me to take you as my wife. I accept you as you are, and I offer myself in return."

The body of Shaper-Magistrate Maellio Onz'Verheu, Penumbral Observer appears in a flash and his soul descends to fill it, causing the previously expressionless face to fill with emotion.

Szariec, the amethyst-horned hippogriff begins to follow Maellio obediently.

White Falcon Raikogen Tanestra, Temporal Commissar says to you, "I promise to always to be honest and straightforward with you. I promise to support you in all your endeavours, artistic or otherwise, and to be your pillar of strength in times of need. I promise to learn and grow with you even as time and life change us both. I promise to always respect you as an individual, a partner and an equal."

White Falcon Raikogen Tanestra, Temporal Commissar says to you, "I promise to love and cherish you through the good times as well as the bad. My love for you is unconditional and knows no bounds. As I have given you these promises, I give you my love and my life, which is yours to keep."

Eyes shining, Isune, the Aesthete says, "And do you, Irillia, accept this vow?"

Smiling joyfully at Raikogen, you say, "I do, with all my heart."

Isune, the Aesthete smiles impishly and says, "Then by the power vested in Me, by Me, let you be joined as one like the many colours of the sky, intertwining so that they can no longer be severed in their union."

You reach out and touch a canopy of cloud gossamer and silken starlight.

At your fingertips, a streamer of burnished gold colour streaks across the canopy's panorama of the sky, bathing you in prismatic light.

With a wistful look on his face, Raikogen touches a canopy of cloud gossamer and silken starlight.

At Raikogen's fingertips, a streamer of incandescent white colour streaks across the canopy's panorama of the sky, bathing him in prismatic light.

Suddenly, the flickering lights shift in hue, brightening to the exuberant pinks and golds of the early dawn to herald the start of you and your beloved's new life together.

Smiling, Isune pulls upon the golden tassels of the canopy to shroud you and your beloved from sight.

 All at once, a flock of peregrine falcons cries out overhead in joyous celebration, their talons releasing a blanket of white rose petals upon those gathered before departing skyward. The canopy's curtain parts to shower you both in the flurry of blossoms, flush with delight as Isune declares you finally wed!

Isune, the Aesthete says, "Congratulations, dear ones. May your marriage be blessed with happiness."

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    The wedding rings

    Burnished to a shimmering, silken lustre, two narrow bands of platinum and gold intertwine gracefully together to form this distinctive wedding ring. Both bands are finely hammered into faultless, rounded circles, interlocked in overlapping sweeps of aurulent gold and pristine platinum to closely embrace the finger when worn. Upon the golden band is delicately etched an airy skybloom blossom, its wispy, curling petals unfurling in subtle, flowing strokes above a slender stem with wide, veined leaves. A lissome aerial swoops above the skybloom, with broad, feathered wings and curving neck outstretched and dark, twilight-blue sapphires glinting within its eyes. Engraved in deeper, more angular incisions upon the platinum band, a fierce falcon dives steeply against a backdrop of golden beryl stars, its thin, tapered wings tucked close to its sleek body and its talons extended with dire purpose. Sinister, spiralling tentacles adorned with minuscule suckers writhe upward to threaten the valiant falcon, caught forever in unrelenting combat against its deadly foe. Nestled within the intersection of the two bands, a single brilliant-cut diamond sparkles with every caress of ambient light and reflects it as dancing, scintillating motes in a spectrum of prismatic colours. A symbol of adamancy and eternity, the dazzlingly faceted diamond cradled at the ring's pinnacle unites the gold and platinum bands into a masterfully crafted token of enduring beauty and fidelity.


    Irillia's beautiful wedding gown, designed by Zyphora:

    Resplendent in pale hues seemingly as delicate and ephemeral as the lavender skyblooms of Clarramore, this wedding gown has been formed from luxuriously soft, pearlescent silk. The off-shoulder neckline demurely bares the feminine decolletage in fragile splendour, draping around the upper arms in graceful swaths of opalescent lilac gossamer. Betwixt these sleeves, the bodice traces a gentle sweetheart neckline, the silk sewn and ruched into delicately frilled petals; these unfurl subtly outward in mimicry of the peony flower, its pale heart at the centre of the bodice deepening into lavender at the edges of its petals. Silver lightly frosts the petals, redolent of dawn's evanescent veil of dew. Ensconcing the torso in gradated hues of white pearl and lavender, the gown's bodice tapers to a baroque waist, trimmed in silvery lace and tiny seed pearls. The gown's bell-like silk organza skirts, in contrast to the bodice, have been rendered in misty white, only their subtle iridescence and richness of fabric a testament to their opulent make. With sufficient movement, the underskirts of the gown are revealed, fabricating volume as well as grace. The deepest layers are the dreamy lavender of the bodice, fading in an opalescent gradient through paler hues until the outermost skirt. Evocative of Clarramore's silver-bemisted skybloom gardens in the heart of springtime, this gown embraces and enhances the natural, blossoming radiance of the bride on her special day.


    You look at an impeccable steel-grey suit that Raikogen is wearing:

    Classic lines and refined, precise angles integrate harmoniously in this gentlemanly suit, impeccably tailored from finespun steel-grey broadcloth to foster a distinguished appearance and streamlined, balanced silhouette when worn. The sharp, well-cut jacket is skilfully structured with firm, sharp cornered shoulders and a fitted waist to enhance the impression of a broad-shouldered, tapering figure, with narrow, peaked lapels, side vents, and a lustrous black silk lining adding subtle, sophisticated grace notes. The straight, crisply pleated trousers descend smoothly in a fluid, uninterrupted flow of supple steel-grey broadcloth, culminating in deep cuffs just past the ankle. A rich blue satin vest and matching pocket square deftly folded within the breast pocket lend colour and elegance over a pristine, snowy white shirt topped with a gleaming silver cravat. Adorning the jacket sleeves, a pair of twinkling sapphire cufflinks sculpted to resemble blossoming roses provides a brilliant finishing touch to this debonair, yet dignified ensemble.

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    That suit alone is reason enough to marry the guy.

    Thanks for posting this. Obviously I missed the first half, but I'm so glad I worked things out with my connection by the end. Isune's divine touches were fabulous.

    Also, I take exception to this: 

    The body of Daraius Shevat appears in a flash and his soul descends to fill it, causing the previously expressionless face to fill with emotion.

    Should be the other way around.

    I used to make cakes.

    Estarra the Eternal says, "Give Shevat the floor please."
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