How does the combat skill affect knight weapon use, beyond parry?

JaxeusJaxeus Member Posts: 32 Novice
I understand parry... sort of. I've been told that the combat skill affects miss chance and damage but my two sources don't agree so I'm coming here to beseech the forum oracles for knowledge. To word differently, how does the combat skill affect knight bashing?

Thanks gang.

Also requesting that someone with the capacity add whatever turns out to be the truth to the HELP COMBATSKILL blurb.

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  • KarlachKarlach God of Kittens. Member Posts: 3,867 Transcendent
    Huh, I could have sworn I read something, somewhere that listed combat as affecting your hit rate.

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  • JaxeusJaxeus Member Posts: 32 Novice
    Xenthos said:
    It will impact damage slightly (because it shares the same pool), but not a huge amount.
    What is the significance of knighthood sharing the same pool? Could I infer that the common magic skills increase damage for magic based attacks?

    Thank you for the answers!
  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 6,588 Transcendent
    Abilities tend to be enhanced slightly by having other skills with the same skillset.  For example, Tracking is boosted by Environment (and thus someone who has trans environment has traps that are harder to deal with than someone who does not, even if both are trans tracking).

    It used to be a flat %, you had to be equal or better in order to have a chance at the trap, but it was changed to a % instead.

    As a note, that is just an example; most guild skillsets have abilities modified in such a way!
  • JaxeusJaxeus Member Posts: 32 Novice
    I was aware of the synergy between environment and tracking but thought that an isolated concept. Is there also a synergy between forging and knighthood, beyond runes, as they share the same pool? How broadly is this applied; Elementalism and Aethercraft?

    Thanks again!
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