Tumblr ask memes brought to Lusternia.

AlaryAlary Member Posts: 450 Expert
Feel free to ignore this, this might be just the product of an exhausted mind and someone with a tumblr blog. But here's one. For our Lusternia Characters. First one is this, do it for the person who posts above you? I ... don't know. 
5 things you would put on a pentagram to summon me:

Mysrai, the Beckoner Beyond the Maze intones, "Continue to manifest the paradigm of working, My Alary."
The Divine voice of Camus the Cinderfly echoes in your head, "Thank you, once-body. I am happy that I fell into that eye."


  • MarcellaMarcella Member Posts: 1,231 Transcendent
    summoning things on pentagrams is a thing in Lusternia?
  • MoiMoi Member Posts: 1,213 Transcendent
    For Marcella: Talking orclach skull (a distraction!), 4s of EQ, 2p, someone that can disenchant monoliths and a generous sprinkling of Sulphur.
  • MarcellaMarcella Member Posts: 1,231 Transcendent
    I...I don't understand this thread at all.
  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.Member Posts: 7,924 Transcendent
    A dozen identical gnomes, a cheese platter, a treasure chest, a map, and a still beating heart.
    Bob Junior says, "I had a party hook onnce. Lost it iNsiDee of soMe buxsm dracnari maiden, I thiik."
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