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This might be a dumb question but how would you get them normally?


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    To what? Tattoos and kirigami give buffs to damage and resistance. War karma gives a damage buff, knowledge karma gives an eq buff. Life karma gives a health buff. Astrology spheres can give all sorts of buffs. Certain class abilities give various buffs to health, mana, and ego.
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    Umm cutting!
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    Black Widow Curio gives a cutting buff, as would tattoos, kirigami, darkbeer (I think), wondercornucopia, various other things.
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    For damage (not comprehensive):

    War Karma Blessing
    Geburah (highmagic)
    Strength (warrior specific)

    Type specific:
    Some class specific skills

    Harder to obtain:
    coal artifact from the Christmas sale.

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    Shaddus said:
    Black Widow Curio gives a cutting buff, as would tattoos, kirigami, darkbeer (I think), wondercornucopia, various other things.
    @Farlaris the above is true, but if you're looking to buy or make one consider the Wooden Wakabi which gives a 1 buff to both cutting and blunt. They should be easier to obtain. If you buy one I'd be surprised if you couldn't get it for 25 credits...or you could run the quest.

    Along with the Black Widow and the Wooden Wakabi, the  Stuffed Piglet also gives +1 cutting along with +1 to poison damage.

    AFAIK there isn't a +2 cutting curio.
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    Yeah there isn't, which is why I enchanted with divinus instead of keeping it pure cutting.
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