[Mafia Game] Pick Your Power Mafia: Lusternia - GG! TOWN VICTORY!



  • FylerFyler Member Posts: 598 Mythical
    edited July 2017
    I don't know how Vivet tricks me every time. New rule, vote Vivet always.

    Known Aliases: Celina/Cyndarin/Fire Jesus/The Night/That Bitch who griefed us
  • ArixArix Member Posts: 1,141 Mythical
    When in doubt, Vivet out? Also I like how I managed to cockblock the only person who went for godfather
  • TremulaTremula Banished Quasiroyal Member Posts: 2,645 Transcendent
    It really was fun, but a hectic rebranding of things at work kept me away from my computer for a good majority, and I didn't even know I'd been lynched until I was! I still would be super interested in seeing what sort of wacky things Sylandra tried that Irillia had to bat down, I feel like that was promised earlier so take this request like this (should definitely be) famous scene:

                          * * * WRACK AND ROLL AND DEATH AND PAIN * * *
                                         * * * LET'S FEEL THE FEAR OF DEATH AGAIN * * *
              * * * WE'LL KILL AND SLAUGHTER, EAT THE SLAIN * * *

    Ixion tells you, "// I don't think anyone else had a clue, amazing form."
  • SylandraSylandra Friend of Dog Member Posts: 4,355 Transcendent
    I hinted earlier! I'm not saying precisely what yet because I'm thinking of making a game organized around silly items and don't want to give it away yet. :D
    Fyler said:
    Sylandra has a very signature (and somewhat twisted) sense of humor
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