May 2018 Canadian Meet: Ottawa or Toronto?

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Hey all! I had such a blast at last year's meet in NYC. I just wanted to gauge interest in a meet in Ottawa or Toronto.

I will be travelling to either Ottawa or Toronto at the end of May/possibly June for vacation and it would be awesome to include a day with some Lusternians -  or coffee, brunch, or whatever we might end up doing! I'm open to everything!

Let me know your interest/availability!
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    I can potentially do Toronto if you do it there, but hard to say this far off. I have no idea where on the map Ottawa is, but that might be a possibility too.

    EDIT: I just found a map. Ottawa is definitely a possibility if I can manage a meet then at all.
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  • saobuttsaobutt Member Posts: 38 Apprentice
    I'm moving to Canada in a few months. Looking forward to meeting people and having fun!
  • AllixeaAllixea Member Posts: 59 Capable
    I can do a TO meet and I'm a soft maybe on an Ottawa meet. TO is a stones throw away but Ottowa is a good 7 hours :P
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  • IanirIanir Administrator, Moderator Posts: 540 Creator
    Just updating that I can definitely do either really bar any life-changing events (work-related moves, getting hit by a bus, etc.)

    If I can make it, if we can plan things out, something's on me as is tradition.
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  • HiriakoHiriako Member Posts: 374 Gifted
    Maybe for me too. Toronto is about 4 hours and I've been wanting to swing through Buffalo!
  • IxionIxion Member Posts: 746 Transcendent
    Considering. Hmmmm Canada.
  • ZvoltzZvoltz Member, Gods Posts: 402 Divine
    I'd be interested in Toronto. Ottawa is a bit farther away, so I'm not sure if that will be possible for me.

  • LysistrataLysistrata Member Posts: 32 Capable
    Neither. Newfoundland. We know how to party!
  • VersaleanVersalean Member Posts: 1,075 Transcendent
    Just not how to tell the time.
  • SylvanasSylvanas Member Posts: 269 Expert
    Hey all,

    Just checking in. The meet may need to be later in the year. Thoughts on dates/month? 
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    Hi! I am not sure if this is still happening but I told a couple of people that I would throw out some ideas to help organize this. The suggestions below are centered around the Downtown Core to minimize travel time.

    TTC Daypass is $12.50. On Saturday, Sundays and holidays, they can be used by 2 adults. Pretty good price for being able to travel by TTC for the whole day.

    Harbourfront/Centre Island - Ferry to Centre Island is at Harbourfront so these two can be done together. Ferry prices are around $7.50 for a return ticket. These are really nice places to walk around in Spring/Summer.

    High Park - Largest public park in Toronto. I'm not sure I've walked the entire park but I know there is a zoo somewhere in there. In late April/early May, a lot of people go to see the cherry blossoms bloom. Otherwise, it's just a nice place to walk around.

    CN Tower - I think they have several different packages on their website. General admission is $38.00 and you get to view Toronto from 2 observation decks. Time permitting and for those bold enough, you can also experience the Edgewalk where you walk outdoors around the roof of the CN Tower. This is $225.00 and needs to be booked ahead of time.

    Ripley's Aquarium - A lot of people enjoy this. The jelly tank is my favourite. If we go, please drop me off at the jelly tank and get me when you are all ready to go. Otherwise, it's an aquarium and it's $35.00.

    Royal Ontario Museum - Admission is $20.00

    Art Gallery of Ontario - Admission is $19.50.  Special Exhibition at the moment is Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors which goes to May 27.

    Huge number of festivals start in June and go through the whole summer. I can't type it all out because it's too much! You can check out Yes, it is from last year but I couldn't find a good one for 2018 yet.  Most, if not all, of the events still apply and there is a good description of what each event is about.  We can check out 2018 dates after people confirm what they would be interested in.

    In terms of food, there is just SO much. Since there seemed to be quite a number of people interested in the Toronto meet, we would definitely need to book reservations if people want a sit down restaurant. That would also knock out a lot of awesome places that can't accommodate large groups unless people are okay with buying and walking/finding another place to eat.

    Some of my favourite smaller places are:
    Right next door to that is Kekou Gelato -
    Okay! I'm tired! Let me know what you're interested in and when this meet is and I can post more ideas.
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