The Sacrifice of Vatul to the Crimson Lord

AnitaAnita Member Posts: 891 Transcendent
Last night an impromptu ritual-sacrifice was held to serve Vatul, the Lady Grey, up to the Crimson Lord for judgement. As with previous Fainite rituals, it's a little bit gorey / graphic (but not too much!)


  • VatulVatul Member Posts: 265 Virtuoso
    Thanks to all the Fainites for putting this together. @Iveseth, @Anita, @Avurekhos.
    The cool night-time breeze shivers in the arid caress of the streets of the capital city, brushing the earthen taste of dust across your lips.
    A blessed silence falls upon the city for the moment, most activity confined to the towers and the
    theatre due to the snowy weather.
    Pinprick points of light twinkle in the deep black overhead, their brightness full of a cold,
    hungering malice.
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