A Session with Doctor Ehc'zi

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Trahey goes on a journey to reclaim his heritage.
Your RP skills are really something else @Czixi, all the medical/anatomical stuff sound so professional  <3

(Order): Aiya Ehc'zi says, "Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry, I was visiting friends. Did you need something?"
(Order): Aiya Ehc'zi says, "I quite lost track of time."
(Order): You say, "Merely a question, Lady Ehc'zi. You are in the city?"
(Order): Aiya Ehc'zi says, "I've just come home, but I should certainly be happy to travel to the Beacon, if that is easier."
(Order): You say, "Oh, no need to trouble yourself."

*In the embrace of night and day.

Aiya Ehc'zi curtseys gracefully before you.

Aiya Ehc'zi says to you, "How may I be of assistance?"

You have emoted: Trahey sketches a rather preoccupied salute. "You are a researcher, Lady Ehc'zi. I wonder if you talk a lot with researchers in other fields?"

"When I am able, of course," Aiya Ehc'zi replies, tilting her head thoughtfully. "No ideas evolve properly in a vacuum."

You have emoted: The look on Trahey's face is at once fragile and hopeful. "I was wondering if you... would know anybody that specialises in... restoring broken things. Atrophied things. I don't know if they are." he flushes, aware of his rambling. "I've a problem."

Aiya Ehc'zi's face creases into a frown, and she steps forward hesitantly. "That would depend on what needs restoring," she says carefully, gently. "What is - the problem?"

You have emoted: For the most part, Trahey appears relieved he does not need to bare any defects before unfamiliar Hallifaxians. "My wings," he says bluntly. "I've read up on birds and I do know all creatures that can fly need regular training for it. Mine... I wasn't in a condition to train myself, before the Portal. There was..." he furrows his brow. "An accident, or some sort. Can't quite remember. But after that my wings haven't been the same."

You murmur, "I don't think I tried to put them to use again after that. A lot of years, them going without any use."

Aiya Ehc'zi's lips part in surprise, but she quickly nods in understanding. Deftly, she ties the fluted ends of her sleeves so that they lie out of the way, and holds her hands out before her. "May I?" she says, before adding, "I may specialise in aetheric studies, but I am as thoroughly trained in Healing as I am Astrology."

You have emoted: Trahey's expression is one of admiration as he breathes, "That would be wonderful." There is a moment of hesitation before he removes his coat and pushes his mane to one side, nevertheless.

Long, thick feathers of a rich brown sheen freely cascade down Trahey's back, reaching almost to his waist like a protective cloak. He stands at a little over seven feet, the crooked, frail-looking wings attesting that he is a feathered trill. His eyes are a sunlit, smoky grey, his cheeks ruddy,  and his bushy eyebrows are often raised with mischievous curiosity. The youth is lithely built and slightly tanned from frequent hours in the sun, but the slight flecks of ink on his fingers as well as the unexpectedly intense gleam in his eyes suggest other facets to his character. He walks with the truefavour of Czixi.

He is wearing:
a Sentinel Company watch gleaming silver upon his left wrist
a broad iron ring
armoured boots of dark leather
a nebulous pauldron of trailing mist, capricious tendrils spilling from his right shoulder
a desaturated stole of rough patchwork, its embrace both softening and sobering his countenance
a scale jacket of mirrored bronze
paned, loose-fitting pants of blue and pale grey tucked neatly into his boots
a beret hat of soft white wool as a jaunty, rather than jarring, addition.

Aiya Ehc'zi steps towards you and rubs her hands together. "This is going to be cold, I'm afraid," she says apologetically. "Lucidian skin may not be as cold as others assume, but a doctor's hands certainly are." You catch the remains of her small smile as she passes out of your view, coming to rest behind you. "The muscles are clearly atrophied, but I would be much more concerned about nerve damage. How much feeling do you have in them?"

The vicious whispers of an inner voice wash over you as a fragment of the Welkin Goddess manifests here.

You have emoted: Trahey thinks for a moment. His attention is briefly taken by whispers of the Goddess, and his brows furrow instantly as though trying to ward off a thought. He recovers quickly enough, and replies, "If I may... what must be done if there is damage?" His voice trembles slightly.

"Oh, nerve damage can be regenerated," Aiya Ehc'zi says quickly, her voice a very lucidian balance between matter-of-fact and reassuring. "It is simply trickier." She reaches out and begins pressing at intervals along your wings, firm but gentle. "Tell me where you do and don't feel this, please? Do you know much about how healing functions?"

You have emoted: "Not much, though I would like to learn more," Trahey says. His body tenses somewhat, attention now geared toward picking out pressure from numbness. He is responsive until Aiya Ehc'zi's hand reaches the radius bones.

"Nothing here?" Aiya Ehc'zi says, her fingers pinching first at the joint, then further down. "Or here?" Her voice gives away no concern.

You have emoted: "That first pinch felt a bit tingly. Not as much as I could feel, in other parts. And nothing, for your second test." Trahey's own voice is just as calm, but there is a palpable note of tension underlying it.

Aiya Ehc'zi nods - then, realising that is completely out of your view, says, "Alright. Would you extend that side out for me? Just the one wing will do. I'd like to see the range of movement." She rocks slightly back to give room, then explains, "Healing is not something you do to a body. It is something you encourage a body to do. A Healer learns to increase the speed of their body's natural regeneration, and then mirrors that in others."

Midnight shadows coalesce around a new day, and Mother Night embraces the land in utter darkness.
It is now the 22nd of Urlachmar, 535 years after the Coming of Estarra.

You have emoted: Trahey's own nod is quite visible even with his back turned. He quickly removes a piece of twine from his rift and ties his mane for better handling. As the feathers brush the bronze scales of his jacket he starts. "Oh, before we begin, should I be getting my jacket and others out of the way? The scar won't be pretty." His voice grows a little less sure as he says this last.

"As long as it won't stop you moving, there's no need to remove it for now," Aiya Ehc'zi replies.

You have emoted: "Thank you," Trahey answers almost immediately. Gathering his ponytail and draping it over his chest, he rolls his shoulders. Lifts his right wing, but the movement is slow and strained. The way he stretches it out distinctly reminds one of a drowning man grasping at flotsam.

"Don't over-exert yourself," Aiya Ehc'zi instructs gently. Her fingers ghost over the arch of the wing, not pushing it in any direction. "The intent is to see what you can do, not stress you beyond it."

You have emoted: "I've left them sagging for so long," Trahey murmurs gloomily. "I forsee I'll need a lot of therapy sessions."

Aiya Ehc'zi steps back for a moment to examine the fully outstretched wing. "But the fact that you can lift it at all is very promising," she points out, before remarking, "Your coracoid is fine, as is your humerus. Your tertiaries are spread well and evenly." She touches her fingers gently to each spot for illustration as she continues. "It is your radius and metacarpus that are struggling. Now, the radius is the longest bone, but it is the metacarpus that takes a lot of the stress in flight."

Thoughtfully, you say, "Must have hurt that one worst. Wonder how that happened... but yes. I'm listening."

"Relax this side, now, and extend the other, if you would. It is very possible that the injuries are not identical." Aiya Ehc'zi draws her hands away and rocks backwards, watching intently. As you move, she continues explaining. "The metacarpus takes the weight of your primaries - that is to say, all of the feathers that stretch over a good half of your wing. Not only that, but being the end of the wing, it also controls much of the direction and pitch via the phalanxes."

You have emoted: Trahey complies. His right wing drops as soon as he turns his efforts away from it. He gingerly stretches his left wing, but when it's close to unfurling fully he lets out a low, sharp cry that he bites off within seconds.

Muttering, you say, "Near the shoulder blades, here. Feels like something's fit together wrong, but it's usually not this bad if I leave it alone and not stretch."

"Alright. One moment," Aiya Ehc'zi says, moving behind you. The sudden hum of a gem reaches your ears, and colourful light flickers around you - shades of green and purple. "This will reduce the pain, but it won't numb it. If I did that, you wouldn't be able to tell me where the problem is. I'm going to push at several points here, and we'll work out where you're getting stuck." Once given permission, she does so, using the pads of her fingers to apply pressure around the shoulder and at the base of the wing.

You have emoted: Trahey breathes a sigh of relief once the harmonics kick in. He breaths in when the lucidian's hand presses the upper joint of his humerus. "Yes - underside, underside."

With a rueful smile, you say, "I wonder how I got away with this kind of injury for so long... glad I got to stretch out, wouldn't have found it otherwise, I suppose."

"With an injury so near the joint, it is possible that you are trapping nerves," Aiya Ehc'zi explains, her palm resting gently against the base of the wing, holding it steady. "That would mean that it is not the same, each time you move. The body also learns to avoid pain. It will be holding itself in place to prevent it." She frowns, and adds, "that will have consequences for the rest of your muscles. Do you ever get pain in your lower back, or your legs?"

The perception of time momentarily slows to a fraction as Lachesis studies the Tapestry of Fate, carefully measuring each strand before making notations in a great tome. Time rushes forward as the memory fades, yet the feeling remains that your history in Lusternia is recorded in the great annals of fate, for better or for worse.

You have emoted: Trahey thinks. "As a matter of fact, they do," says. "I've only noticed them once I..." He trails off, expression growing blank. "Music was helping me. The kind that uses harmonic gems." His words here are almost too quiet to hear, but he shakes his head, speaking in his normal volume again. "I've started feeling them after the Portal. When I was on my own. I'd forgotten I even had a problem."

Aiya Ehc'zi nods, the movement easily perceived this time with her closer proximity. "Everything in your body is connected. You are tensing up here around this shoulder, to avoid shaking what your body knows to be painful. To do that, your back is compensating; your legs are then tensing to support your back in turn."

Patting his own shoulder, you murmur, "Poor old blokes. Having to take all of that for so long."

Aiya Ehc'zi takes her hand away and chuckles softly. "Indeed. The body is an incredible thing. It is a Collective of its own - a machine that will elevate one part when another falters, that all may survive." She steps around your side and back into your vision.

You have emoted: Trahey folds his hands before him in response, respectfully awaiting further instructions.

"There is nerve damage in half of your right wing," Aiya Ehc'zi pronounces, not holding back in her assessment. "But that is the better way round. A failure further up is harder to restore. You may have some loss in your left, but we will not be able to tell with that much tension and pain there." She lifts one hand and gestures gently. "I do not see anything that cannot be healed. However."

Aiya Ehc'zi purses her lips pensively, gazing off into the distance as she carefully gathers her thoughts.

Aiya Ehc'zi says, "If I were to radiate an aura and attempt to heal you in this moment, I would damage your wings further and potentially render them disabled forever."

You have emoted: Trahey blinks a little faster, but he offers a smile that is only a little tremulous. "I can take whatever therapy you'd recommend. I didn't expect my wings to heal instantly, however much I'd like them to."

Aiya Ehc'zi nods her head.

"Ultimately, the healing of them is quite simple. It really will, simply, consist of applying a regenerative aura." Aiya Ehc'zi reaches down and begins untying the bells of her sleeves. "But think of it like a compound fracture - the kind when the bone is sticking out of the flesh. Heal a wound in that state, and you will simply seal the flesh around the bone. Your wings are not in place as they should be, with everything so tense. It isn't as excessive as a fracture, but the principle is the same."

You have emoted: Trahey stiffens. "We'll have to go for something physical first?" He asks. To his credit, he doesn't shrink back.

Aiya Ehc'zi nods her head.

Resolutely, you say, "I need my wings healthy. I'll do it."

Aiya Ehc'zi says, "You will need to find someone who can relieve the stress on your muscles. Until they are relaxed, healing is dangerous. Harmonics and the Loralaria will help the process, but it will still require physical manipulation. I would recommend having this treatment on your lower back and legs as well, given the compensation there, or you will simply be left with other issues."

Tentatively, you ask, "Do you... Would you have anyone to suggest? With stress relief there?"

"I'm afraid I've never had need for physiotherapy," Aiya Ehc'zi replies with a sigh, brushing a strand of her crystalline hair aside. "But it is hardly a rare skill. Surely there must be someone in the city who has some idea."

You have emoted: "I'll find somebody," Trahey declares. "There's so much I've been missing out, and I don't want to any longer."

Aiya Ehc'zi smiles softly at you.

Aiya Ehc'zi says, "Have them get you to a point where you have range of motion in your wings. Even if it's not complete. You may not get feeling back in them either."

Softly, you ask, "But I'll be on the right track even so?"

Aiya Ehc'zi gestures towards herself with one hand. "When you are at that point, Eurael and I can heal what remains."

You have emoted: "I'll do it," Trahey says. He holds out his hand to the lucidian for a firm shake. "I can't tell you how much this means to me, Lady Ehc'zi. For so long I didn't have a reason to try and fly again. I'm so glad there's someone to help me along."

Aiya Ehc'zi fills with a warm but muted glow as she reaches out to shake your hand. "It is my pleasure," she says genuinely, her grip as firm and cool as it was upon your wings. "No one should live in such pain."

You have emoted: "I do hope to see you again with this, as soon as I can," Trahey says. His smile is warm and filled with a stronger hope. "I'm so glad I got to know you."

Aiya Ehc'zi gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

Eyes sparkling, Aiya Ehc'zi says, "Do not rush. I will turn you away if you're not ready, you know."

His smile now a grin, you say, "I certainly wouldn't want to be rejected by my doctor. I won't, Lady Ehc'zi. After some rest I'll be off to find my helper. Thank you again for today."

Aiya Ehc'zi nods her head.

You give the world a smart salute.
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    Met Aiya today, 10/10 would chat again. I wonder who in the world could teach Trahey about reaching a state of profound peace and relaxation?
    I used to make cakes.

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    Sadly, I'm not sure if this wonderful line of RP will continue, but there were some additional chapters involving Trahey, Doctor Ehc'zi, and yours truly.

    1 Roarkian, 535 C.E.

    His tone laced with a gentle growl, Daraius says, "Not to put too fine a point on it, but I'm quite pleased."

    "And I am happy to hear you are, sir," Trahey answers. There is still some sentiment remaining in his gaze, something a little hopeful and a little sad. "I just hope I'll actually feel like a Shevat to all of you, one day."

    Daraius cants his head quizzically, a subtle tension thrumming about his aura. "Who has given you cause to feel otherwise?" he asks, bemused.

    Daraius asks, "Has a grandpup of mine questioned your legitimacy?"

    His eyes dimming, Daraius says, "I can correct them if needed."

    Trahey blinks, only realising the melancholy in his own tone on Daraius's reaction. He takes a moment to answer, tilting his head ever so slightly. "Me and not quite me, sir," he says, "but before I elaborate - if needed - I must say I hope nobody else has done what you suggested?"

    A tawny gryphon with grey-feathered wings talons the ground with a fierce shriek, his wings spreading gloriously behind him.

    Daraius rests one paw on the gryphon's beak to quiet him, returning his attention to Trahey. "No," he states firmly. "I've heard no objection to your consideration."

    A tawny gryphon with grey-feathered wings bobs his head several times just before trotting off.

    "Good," Trahey exhales. He rolls his shoulders and gives his mane a little shake - subtly taking a step towards one of the bridges as he does so.

    Trahey tells Daraius, "Might there be a nice private spot to discuss matters like these, sir?"

    Daraius tells Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard, "Of course. I was about to suggest finding a more comfortable venue."

    Trahey begins to follow Daraius.

    Stepping to the edge of a mist-filled quartz fountain, Daraius runs the tips of his fingers across the surface of the roiling mists. The mist expands to fill his vision and as the grey haze recedes he finds himself elsewhere.

    An intimate wood-paneled parlour.
    Banks of clouds roil about here. A sturdy staircase of rich mahogany descends with stately precision along the octagonal outer walls of this handsomely appointed parlour, each of the eight corner landings supported by wooden columns etched with intricate knotwork patterning. Sunlight, moonlight, and the glow of the surrounding spires pour through arched berylline windows at the top of each wood-paneled wall, illuminating the space with a warm, steady lambency that highlights the robust tones of polished cedar and rosewood that grace the rest of the parlour. Discreet, delicate sconces of burnished gold brighten a stately seating area at the centre of the space, a suite of chairs and tea tables arranged comfortably in a cosy circle. An intricate parquet of deep mahogany and honey-hued cedar scribes a striking geometric mosaic across the entire floor: eight narrow rays of diamond-shaped lattice reach from the central seating area to the columns along the outer walls, the space between them arrayed with rigid chevrons. Set in creamy, golden teak at the centre of the sunburst is the profile of a regal aerial, her wings held aloft above her noble head, enwreathed by a ring of stylised flames carved into the flesh of the hardwood and polished to a lustrous sheen. A sinuous, teak-framed divan couch stands here invitingly, glittering beryl flourishes undulating across the opulent satin. There are 2 exquisite teak and satin arm chairs here. An exquisite tea table rests low to the ground, its exotic teak frame in delightful contrast with glittering shards of beryl. Framed in stately cedar, a massive landscape of the Beacon of Harmony adorns the wall. In the shape of an open palm, a metallic sigil lies here. 

    Approaching the seating area on the dais, Daraius says, "You may have found yourself here once or twice if you spend any time in the company of Shevats."

    Trahey's expression fills with wonder, and he reaches out to brush his fingers against a panel, unconsciously stooping to reach a spot lower down. He follows you.

    Trahey sits himself down on an exquisite teak and satin arm chair and makes himself comfortable.

    Daraius sits himself down on an exquisite teak and satin arm chair and makes himself comfortable.

    Trahey brushes some stray feathers back over his shoulder and settles in. "Well. About this not-quite self-ostracising business..."

    Carefully, Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard says, "I suppose Da - he hasn't spoken of the circumstances where we reached... our agreement?"

    The swirling motes of Daraius's aura array themselves in such a way that suggests his entire attention focused on Trahey's words. "In no certain terms, no. Nelras is notoriously vague when he speaks with me," he admits. "He informed me only that he believes you are 'truly one of us,' meaning that you may share a bond of blood."

    Daraius adds, "A notion I disabused him of believing had any significance to my conception of family."

    Daraius swivels his ears towards Trahey, listening with rapt attention.

    Trahey blinks a little bit faster. "Well - yes, that sounds like him," he says. His voice has gone quieter in this parlour, subtly tense but soft all the same. "I... well. Forgive me if I'm not as collected as I should be. After all, matters close to the heart ought to be delivered all the more calmly, no? Best dispel misunderstandings with that." He takes a breath, and continues anyway. "I feel like I ought to fish out some definitive proof for us both. Prove myself somehow. I remember things. Little snippets of my past, but rarely very detailed or clear. It's... well, frankly it's rather frustrating."

    Half to himself, Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard murmurs, "What point is it when only one person remembers? Agreement is everything in this world."

    Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard says, "That... was what I meant when I said it was me that was doubting me. This need to prove myself."

    Daraius gives Trahey a solemn nod, something in his stance or expression betraying an earnest empathy with Trahey's plight, but he remains conspicuously quiet on the matter.

    Experimentally, Daraius says, "You mean to prove your legitimacy as Shevat-born by finding common memories you shared with members of my family before passing through the Portal?"

    Daraius says, "Rather than simply demonstrating your legitimacy by serving the Collective and adhering to the family's aims and expectations?"

    Daraius brightens with benevolent curiosity, his dispassionate gaze assessing every aspect of Trahey's body language, and his ears trained on every word.

    "Come to think of it, there's no 'not-quite-me at all," Trahey amends. "That was me projecting on... well." He lowers his gaze, offering a rueful sort of grin to lighten things - he is quick to look Daraius in the eyes again after the question. "I can't help it," he says, and a little more of his emotions spill from him. "I need to believe it's real. I've... hurt my parents. Leaving like I did. I have to know. Have to make amends." He stops himself from further tripping over his words here.

    Softly, Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard says, "I, of course, will do all I can for the Collective. It accepted me, after I ran to the Portal and forgot all about... before and had no place to go."

    Trailing off, Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard says, "But for me, there'll always be a hole where my memories have been, and until I do find them..."

    Daraius lifts one paw from his armrest in a benign forestalling gesture, absolving Trahey from having to further explain. "I understand," he states simply.

    Trahey blinks at Daraius in response. He is quiet for a time, what little of his ears one can see behind his feathers reddening.

    His tone touched by an indecipherable growl, Daraius says, "I knew the draw of Portal-claimed memories in my youth as well. I was also not dissuaded from trying to recover them, despite the discomfort it caused those around me."

    Suddenly childlike, Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard whispers, "Dis...comfort?"

    The fluid swirling of motes about Daraius's form slows perceptibly to a clockwork crawl as he offers a soft growl of acknowledgement. "My quest to recover my loss took me out of my own time, and away from the Collective itself," he says gravely. "I'm quite sure it was not an easy thing for my siblings or my friends to let me go, but they did, and sent me with their faith."

    Returning slowly to a certain vibrancy, Daraius says, "And I returned a better man for the experience. So, similarly, I will not dissuade you. What you discover may indeed be crucial in shaping the citizen and Shevat you become."

    "For the greater good?" Trahey quietly asks, a little bit of lightness returning to his tone. His eyes were wide as he took in all Daraius said, and wide they remain, taking in the motes' fluctuating swirl as well.

    Acknowledging Trahey's point to be true, Daraius nods his head gravely at him.

    Almost shyly, Trahey asks, "Were you able to discover interesting things on your journey back then, sir?"

    Daraius issues a soft huff of a growl, leaning back into his chair as he considers the question.

    In placid tones of long-since-reconciled exasperation, Daraius says, "I learned that aeonics -- for me, at least -- is not a particularly effective mnemic therapy. That surrounding myself with sounds and locales familiar from my pre-Portal memories did not awaken a flood of buried memories."

    Very much to himself, Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard murmurs, "Oh, I hadn't thought of that."

    Daraius says, "But I also came to appreciate the necessity for my monastic lifestyle, and a new appreciation for the structure and order offered by Hallifaxian society and Shevat expectations."

    A warm growl rumbling in his chest, Daraius says, "I explained the capacity for monstrosity that all loboshigaru carry, yes? When we spoke of the lotus?"

    "At Tosha Monasteries, yes," Trahey answers, a slow but bright smile returning to his face. "I couldn't forget that, sir."

    Daraius dips his muzzle in acknowledgement, clearly pleased by the comment as evinced by his aura's steady flare. "My time with the Tahtetso, and with the Toshan monks, and among those I love and who love me here in Hallifax--" He pauses abruptly, uncharacteristically overcome with sentiment for the briefest moment before continuing, "All were essential to my coming to a sense of peace with myself. Essential to my proving myself, I suppose, if I were to use your term."

    Daraius says, "All this to say, I will support your efforts, even as I fully accept your legitimacy as a Shevat already."

    Daraius folds his paws serenely in his lap, his face displaying something suggestive of a smile as he nods to Trahey.

    Something had stirred in Trahey's eyes at Daraius's shift in attitude, but he hadn't given any sort of voice to it until after the older man's declaration. Now he leans forward in his seat a little, his smile only growing warmer. "Thank you, sir," he says quietly. "That means a great deal. Peace. And it means much that you found it, too. You always look it," he adds. Some unseen movement beneath his coat suddenly chases a bit of his smile away.

    Under his breath, Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard says, "Damn wings! No, not damn them. Can't have that."

    Offering a grin instead, Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard says, "You know, sir, I only started using these again - feeling them again - after this family business kicked off?"

    Long, thick feathers of a rich brown sheen freely cascade down Trahey's back, reaching almost to his waist like a protective cloak. He stands at a little over seven feet, the apparent absence of wings not changing the fact that he is a feathered trill. His eyes are a sunlit, smoky grey, his cheeks ruddy, and his bushy eyebrows are often raised with mischievous curiosity. The youth is lithely built and slightly tanned from frequent hours in the sun, but the slight flecks of ink on his fingers as well as the unexpectedly intense gleam in his eyes suggest other facets to his character.
    He is wearing:
    a pale great coat of the Sentinels over bronze-tinted scalemail
    a Sentinel Company watch gleaming silver upon his left wrist
    a broad iron ring
    armoured boots of dark leather
    a nebulous pauldron of trailing mist, capricious tendrils spilling from his right shoulder
    a desaturated stole of rough patchwork, its embrace both softening and sobering his countenance
    paned, loose-fitting pants of blue and pale grey tucked neatly into his boots
    a beret hat of soft white wool as a jaunty, rather than jarring, addition.

    Daraius sits up a little straighter, his eyes flickering in surprise. Delicately, his tone carefully neutral, he asks, "You.. have wings?"

    Trahey lifts a hand to scratch at his headfeathers. "I do," he says, equally carefully. "I... think I hurt them. Hurt them young. My parents sang the Loralaria to me often enough for me to only feel how bad it was, after the Portal."

    Exhaling softly, Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard says, "I've been to see a healer about this, she said... no damage is permanent there, but I'd need some preparations. Some sort of physiotherapy."

    A low wary growl rumbles in Daraius's chest as he considers Trahey's words. "You'll forgive my lack of perceptiveness," he says, uncertain. "In all our time together I had mistaken you for a unusual sort of human, rather than an unusual sort of trill..."

    "I think I'd get that a lot," Trahey says, leaning back and spreading his hands upon the armrests. "Probably did. And it didn't matter much to me, not until recently," he says. "I didn't like to leave my wings out for... other people to see. They aren't the magnificent things other trills have, not now. Not like... *his*."

    Bluntly, Daraius asks, "Whose?"

    Both his ears and his cheeks flashing red now, Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard says, "M... my father's."

    A subtle sparkle manifests in Daraius's eyes as he nods knowingly at Trahey's reaction. "I am no stranger to admiration for a certain trill's plumage," he muses.

    A flurry of silver sweeps among the golden motes of Daraius's arms as a spray of starlit feathers takes flight.

    With a quirk of his head, Daraius says, "But you say a healer can restore you? That is promising."

    Trahey's eyes follow the illusory images, delight transforming his face into a child's once more. Some of that happiness carries over in his answer. "Yes! Damaged nerves, but with proper preparations even that can be healed, she says."

    Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard says, "Lady Aiya Ehc'zi, I wonder if you know her, sir. She *is* associated with Divine, though, you may not have spoken yet?"

    The motes at the tips of Daraius's ears sparkle as the name triggers a flash of recognition. "Miss Aiya, yes," he says, nodding. "We crossed paths at the Matrix while she was visiting a colleague to discuss some aetheric science beyond my understanding."

    Sitting up, Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard asks, "A fine specimen of Hallifaxian researchers, isn't she?"

    With a sound somewhere between a chuckle and a growl, Daraius says, "It is hard to say. I suppose she does good work by embodying Hallifaxian values abroad, though perhaps her talents might be put to better use in the city proper."

    Daraius says, "We did not discuss her work in any detail. It seems she was rather taken by being in my very presence." He shakes his head, still rumbling with an amused growl, continuing, "For reasons I can't begin to understand."

    "I think I can guess, sir," Trahey comments, a sunny twinkle coming into his eyes.

    Daraius says, "She is not unfamiliar with other Shevats, and I am apparently spoken of fairly highly by them." Turning up one paw in a benign kind of shrug, "This reputation travels as far as Czixi's realm, I suppose."

    Daraius says, "In any event, I should hope you are in good hands with such a doctor. I cannot vouch for her competence in healing, but she did at least seem quite conscientious."

    Daraius says to Trahey, "What 'preparations' did she prescribe? I confess I know nothing of auric healing, myself."

    "Oh, erm, she mentioned getting to the point where I can stretch my wings out, recover range of movement. I do exercise when I wake," Trahey says, thoughtfully. "But I think she's thinking along the lines of... well, anything to help soothe hurt muscles and limbs."

    As an afterthought, Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard says, "While helping my wings get back on their proverbial feet."

    Daraius takes a moment to process the image, but ultimately appears nonplussed. Returning his attention to Trahey, he asks, "Do you feel you've made progress so far?"

    "They still hurt," Trahey admits. "But that was to be expected. I am able to stretch them farther than I could when I first started out. Some months ago."

    Daraius glances askance of Trahey, ruminating privately for a moment as his gaze traces the contours of the parlour. "I gather this is important to you," he says at long last as his eyes come to rest again on Trahey. "I am no healer, but through my studies of the Toshan doctrines, and my psychometabolic control of my own body, and the bolstering energies I can manifest through my training in zarakido and kata..."

    With a gentle growl, Daraius says, "I believe I could be of service. Allow me some time and I will see what I can do to help you on your way."

    "I think it best not to keel over in the parlour, lovely as it is," Trahey grins, "but I've time enough to show you the damage, at least. We could plan more next time," he says, shrugging off his coat after a moment of hesitation.

    Trahey removes a pale great coat of the Sentinels.

    Daraius observes Trahey's movements attentively and without comment.

    Trahey gets to his feet and turns around to put his sad, atrophied wings on display. They are crooked, and apparently naturally on the smaller side.

    Long, thick feathers of a rich brown sheen freely cascade down Trahey's back, reaching almost to his waist like a protective cloak. He stands at a little over seven feet, the crooked, frail-looking wings attesting that he is a feathered trill. His eyes are a sunlit, smoky grey, his cheeks ruddy, and his bushy eyebrows are often raised with mischievous curiosity. The youth is lithely built and slightly tanned from frequent hours in the sun, but the slight flecks of ink on his fingers as well as the unexpectedly intense gleam in his eyes suggest other facets to his character.

    Trahey lifts his right wing with a bit more ease than his left. "She told me where they were damaged, what did she say again..."

    Daraius listens carefully as he assesses Trahey's malformed wings.

    "Right wing," Trahey says, lifting it. "The upper bone where there are two bones - you'll know once you touch - called the radius, and the one close by, only closer to the outer edges, the metacarpus. That one bears the most weight. Some nerve damage along the area... oh, and my lower back and legs are also pretty strained trying to divert weight from my wings. As for the left..."

    Daraius continues to listen, unmoved from his seat and paws folded placidly in his lap.

    Wincing as he lifts it, Temporal Procurator Trahey, Sergeant of the Guard says, "Near my shoulder blades, underside of the humerus bone. Bad damage, sir, but not sure how much."

    "I see," Daraius states. "To avoid the risk of harming you further, I will need to brush up on my trill physiology. I trust my ability to provide you techniques to ease your tension," he continues, glancing for a moment over his own body, "but if the wings are to require any physical manipulation, I will have to assume a more, ah, tangible form, myself."

    Daraius asks Trahey, "I don't suppose you have ever received a tattoo?"

    Trahey blinks. "Erm, no, sir?"

    With a nod, Daraius says, "Another loboshigaru technique I'm familiar with. They are images infused with a monk's ka energy." He holds up one insubstantial arm and allows his own to manifest in sequence -- the starlit silver feathers of his arm flow into a chain of interlocking black and white lotus blossoms around his wrist. The tints swirl into silver script upon his palm as he rotates his paw, and then finally form four crisp letters on each of his knuckles before dissipating altogether. He continues, "Merely theorizing here, but I imagine some form of healing or relaxing energy could be imbued into a tattoo where you are most in need."

    Daraius says, "I know the monks of Tosha Monastery undergo full-body tattooing in one session, as something of a rite of passage. It is meant to help them achieve stillness even in pain."

    Benignly, Daraius says, "But I have no wish to cause you further pain. Simply something to consider if other efforts are not entirely effective."

    "Y-yes. That is... something to think about, and think about carefully," Trahey mutters. "That I'll do, sir, after some sleep, and I do thank you for one solution. I need to learn to fly someday - I will." With a resolution not quite dampened by fatigue, he steps forward and offers his hand for a shake. "It really was good to speak with you - Four... times great-grandfather."

    Trahey gets up off an exquisite teak and satin arm chair.

    Eyes sparkling with amusement, Daraius says, "Likewise, dear Trahey. My appellations grow more cumbersome with every new generation."

    Daraius says, "As does the greatness of my grandpups. I'll let you take your rest."

    Daraius notices Trahey's eyelids are beginning to droop.

    Daraius says to Trahey, "Fates willing, I'll be able to help you achieve more tangible progress in your pursuit when we next cross paths. In the meantime, may you be well, and your efforts fruitful."

    Expression open and warm, Trahey says, "I hope we'll get to talk again, sir. I enjoyed this." With an odd familiarity he moves to the landscape, offering a solemn salute before reaching out.

    With a wistful look on his face, Trahey touches a landscape of the Beacon of Harmony.
    Brushing his fingertips against a landscape of the Beacon of Harmony, a ripple of swirling paint spirals outward from Trahey's hand. The towers and bridges of the painted city rearrange until a corridor of swirling mist stands in its place. As Trahey steps into the painting, the blocks of the corridor rearrange themselves behind him until the Beacon of Harmony once again fills the frame.
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  • DaraiusDaraius Shevat The juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,777 Transcendent
    3 Urlachmar, 536 C.E.

    Daraius's considers a tawny gryphon with grey-feathered wings for a long moment before his gaze drifts briefly to Nelras, then to Alexandria.

    Alexandria flashes Daraius a joyous smile.

    Daraius asks, "May I ask an unusual question?"

    Cade nods his head emphatically.

    Alexandria tilts her head and listens intently to Daraius.

    Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to Daraius. "You may. Is it a question that you can ask here?"

    Daraius says, "It is, and it is for the representatives of the trill race here."

    A slight smile crosses Nelras's lips as he says, "Then of course, please do feel free to ask."

    Daraius ruminates on an uncertain growl, considering his words carefully. At long last, he says, delicately, "To what extent do you believe your wings share, ah... structural similarities to those of other flighted beings?"

    Indicating a tawny gryphon with grey-feathered wings, Daraius says, "For instance, in observing Shantu, I would guess his wings are much the same as yours, both in form and function. Does that seem a plausible assumption?"

    Alexandria flexes her wings, stretching them out to catch a stray breeze before saying thoughtfully, "I've really never given it much thought. But I would assume so."

    Nelras considers this for a time before answering. "It does seem plausible," he agrees with a slight nod of his head. "Certainly the feathers are arranged in a similar fashion, and I believe that the structure of the bones would also be similar." He lowers his voice slightly, adding, "It is not something I have thought about too much, until recently."

    "Of course, I understand," Daraius says, dipping his muzzle humbly. "Even at my most corporeal, I never considered with any rigor the skeletal similarities between my features and those of the wolves and dingoes."

    Brightening subtly, Daraius says, "As I said, an unusual question. Thank you for offering your thoughts."

    Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to Daraius. "I suspect that any differences would not be in the wings themselves, but in how they are connected to other parts of the body. I would consider looking at how the weight of a Trill is supported in flight, it might indicate subtle differences in the stresses the wings must undergo."

    The lonely cry of a hunting bird echoes, calling out from somewhere below.

    Gently patting a tawny gryphon with grey-feathered wings's head, leaving errant golden motes among his ear plumes, Daraius emits a soft growl of acknowledgement at Nelras's answer.

    With a nod, Daraius says, "Something to consider."

    Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "I am afraid that I must ask an unusual question of my own now, if you would not object?"

    Daraius swivels his ears towards Nelras, listening with rapt attention.

    Daraius says, "It is only fair."

    Nelras glances around quickly before quietly asking you, "Might I ask if there is a reason for your sudden interest in wings?" He pauses for a moment, considering your expression, then says, "I am only asking because, well, I have recently become more interested in such matters also."

    Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to Daraius. "I wished to know if our interests shared any common cause, you see. I might be quite glad to learn that they did, but I would not wish to assume."

    A subtle sparkle manifesting in his eyes, Daraius says to Nelras, "I'm fairly confident they do. Young Trahey spoke to me of his concerns, and I pledged my assistance."

    A tawny gryphon with grey-feathered wings talons the ground with a fierce shriek, his wings spreading gloriously behind him.

    Nelras smiles, although there is a hint of sadness to his voice as he says, "Thank you."

    Daraius assesses Nelras's expression with unblinking scrutiny, as if cataloging every nuance of his smile and tone.

    Turning up his paws in a benign kind of shrug, Daraius says, "I'm well versed in meditative techniques, and have vast control over my own psychometabolic systems. Likewise, my study of zarakido and kata give me some influence over the energies that flow in myself and others."

    A flurry of loose feathers blows by in a gust of wind, whirling over the edge of the platforms into open air.

    Pointedly, his tone laced with a gentle growl, Daraius says to Nelras, "But I cannot fly."

    Nelras's concern is clear from his demeanor, yet he sounds genuine as he says, "I am glad for all of your studies and your knowledge. If there is any assistance which I might offer, you need only ask."

    A tawny gryphon with grey-feathered wings talons the ground with a fierce shriek, his wings spreading gloriously behind him.

    Daraius rests a tender paw on a tawny gryphon with grey-feathered wings's beak to quiet him, saying to Nelras, "I shall, by all means. I imagine you'll hear of our progress one way or another, and I also have no doubt that further instruction will be needed after I've done what I can."

    Nelras nods his head at Daraius.

    A sparkle manifesting in his eyes, Daraius says to a tawny gryphon with grey-feathered wings, "You get the slightest bit of public attention and you can't help but show off. Go wait for me at home."

    A tawny gryphon with grey-feathered wings bobs his head several times just before trotting off.

    Daraius says, "If you'll pardon me, I'm afraid I have to take my leave for a time."

    Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to Daraius. "Of course."

    Daraius clasps his paws and offers a polite bow, saying, "May you be well, and your efforts fruitful."
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  • DaraiusDaraius Shevat The juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,777 Transcendent
    From: Daraius Shevat
    To  : Aiya Ehc'zi
    Subj: Trahey
    Date: 18 Estar, 538 C.E.

    Comrade Doctor Ehc'zi,

    I hope you have been well since your last visit to the city. I'm given to understand that you have served, more or less, as a primary care physician for my great-great-great-great grandpup Trahey, and I wished to inform you that he has come to me for assistance in the matter of his atrophied wings. I am no doctor myself, but I have several centuries of experience in matters of meditation, psychometabolic self-monitoring, and the manipulation of the various energies that flow through and around the mortal body. As such, I have shared with Trahey some of my techniques for reaching a state of stillness and relaxation, in hopes that with time he will be able to release some of the tension he carries. He has been secluded for quite some time now, presumably mastering these techniques. Fates willing, this will make his wings more receptive to the physical manipulations I plan to perform to help him achieve better mobility, which will in turn allow you to conduct the final necessary ministrations.

    Having said all that, I would appreciate any advice you can give with respect to the coming stage of his treatment. I have made a close study of my endlessly patient gryphon's wings, and observed as carefully as I can the ways in which my trill comrades carry and move their own, but I am no scholar of trill physiology. Were dear Trahey a loboshigaru, perhaps, with a malformed tail or a weakness in the critical wagging muscles, I could shepherd him to health and vigor with confidence. As it is, however, I fear I could cause more harm than good. I have no illusions that you might transform me overnight into a renowned physiotherapist, but should you have even the broadest suggestions for me to proffer Trahey some benefit without injuring him further, I would happily accept them by any means you can provide them -- either by mail or perhaps over tea.

    Thank you for your consideration, and for your care of my dear family member. May you be well, and your efforts fruitful.

    Earnestly yours,
    ~ Daraius Shevat


    My dear and most esteemed Lord Shevat,
    I was most pleased to receive your letter, the difficult circumstances
    that precipitated its sending notwithstanding. You are indeed correct
    that I have offered some medical advice to Procurator Trahey, and that I
    have recommended that he locate a physiotherapist that can offer some
    strength to his pectoralis and supracoracoideus muscles.
    Though my specialism is in aetheric physics, I spent a great deal of
    time training in the Laboratory of the Natural Sciences and Higher
    Energies whilst studying within the Institute as a complementary
    subject. During that time I made some extensive study of trill and
    lucidian anatomical structure. However, I regret that my studies were
    primarily theoretical in nature, hence the need to call in a more
    experienced professional.
    My assessment of Trahey's injuries is that, fortunately, he does not
    have any skeletal damage or malformations. The range of movement that he
    possesses, and in many instances lacks, indicates strongly that the
    issue is a muscular one. In addition, he has suffered some damage to the
    nervous system in the region as a result of the past trauma.
    As a trained healer, it is trivial for me to manifest a regenerative
    aura and tackle this nervous damage. However, with his wings in their
    present state, this would indeed cause extreme injury and a potential
    crippling of his wings.
    You note that he carries a great deal of tension in his body, and this
    is what concerns me. Due to the asymmetrical nature of his muscular
    rigidity, Trahey's shoulders and spine are held out of place by the very
    muscles intended to support them. The hunch that he carries is not due
    to a malformation; it is wholly a manifestation of that tension, one
    exacerbated by the partial atrophy of those few muscles that are not
    holding themselves rigid.
    Thus, in essence, what must be done is to loosen this entire region and
    return his posture to its intended form. He suffers a great degree of
    referred pain in his lower back and legs, as you may have observed or
    been informed. It would be tempting to tackle this first, but I would in
    fact recommend the opposite. The root of the problem is a far more
    important target.
    However, this must be done carefully. I would encourage you to approach
    his stronger side - that being his left - and encouraging it into the
    correct position first. This will serve a dual purpose: it will enable
    you to have some practice with trill physiology, and will help combat
    some of that referred pain. After that I would approach his weaker side,
    and only after that the referred regions of pain.
    Your goal is to relax those muscles that are held in cramped positions.
    It is very clear which muscles are the problem, as you will feel that
    they are unresponsive to moderate pressure - if you will pardon me an
    abysmal and mildly inappropriate analogy, it is not dissimilar to
    touching a steak to test how well it is cooked. I suspect that once a
    few points have been gently and slowly encouraged to relax, there will
    be a cascade reaction as his body stabilises and balances out.
    I hope that this offers you some greater insight upon my assessment and
    the demands placed upon you as his physiotherapist. I appreciate that
    this is a great deal of information, however, so I would be pleased to
    additionally accept your invitation to tea, that you might have the
    opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
    With kind regards, and wishes for fair winds,
    Aiya Ehc'zi
    the Unfettered Aspirant
    Doctor of Aethereal Astrophysics
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