Lack of Raves VI: Rave Today, Tweet Tomorrow



  • NepentheNepenthe Member Posts: 126 Gifted
    Rave for Wecheff, whom I haven't met but already love.
  • UzrielUzriel Member Posts: 242 Fabled
    We were happy to have so many people attend, hope you all can make some of the other events too!
  • MisericordeMisericorde Member Posts: 100 Gifted
    Great Order discussion with @Daxi, @Gyorn, and @Tridemon today! Loved getting a bit of a break in the day to have some good old fashioned speculation and information sharing with people :D

    As always, @Carakhan is the loveliest of Mermoms <3
  • XiranXiran Member Posts: 213 Virtuoso
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    So much roleplaying today. I'm so grateful.

    Tea time with @Gurashi and Ferne.

    Then getting to hear @Aeldra's memories and be with her, oh gosh.

    Afterwards @Galaphyrae being cool and formidable, making to set Xiran's head straight, but also granting compassion. @Calfuray and @Qistrel coming in to give support and advice.


    Edit: I forgot @Lorina at the 'plex. Intimidating lady.

    Teasing from Galaphyrae.
    Welcoming @Ferne to the Wilde, getting to teach a bit again!
    @Velcora on the welcoming committee. @Llani and Jolanthe together, fearsome.


    I got to witness people in their moments and experience a lot of touching interactions. Thank you!
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  • AvarisAvaris Member Posts: 53 Adept
    I have returned to once more scream from the rooftops about how amazing Lantra is. Seriously, if you haven't gotten yourself a helping of that sweet, sweet Lantra RP, you're doing yourself a disservice. (Tavi is great but allies and enemies should be sure to nudge the big Lady herself, absurdly layered and well-developed character )

  • AvarisAvaris Member Posts: 53 Adept
    I was murdered and loved every second of it. Really, though - Thoroughly enjoyed that interaction with Li-Varili, marvelous sense of tension throughout. The character just oozes personality and presence, and I am so envious of characters that get to exist around her without being splatted. Soak up that magnificent villainy.

    And, of course, Lantra. Just, Lantra. I feel super bad about the late hour RP, but gosh, was it ever good stuff. It's so delicious to have that differing of opinion with a character's god, and I am really looking forward to how this shapes the dynamic going forward.
  • EseiEsei somewhere, most likelyMember Posts: 202 Fabled
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    Raves to @Nocht for [redacted] order-related things with @Illyria, and then, much to my surprise, asking me about my motives! The new description and frankly the entire conversation has got me going like:

    my links!
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  • AvarisAvaris Member Posts: 53 Adept
    I have tasted of Terentia's displeasure, and it was glorious \o/ OOC, anyway! That was one of the most satisfying and intense scenes I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of, and I am humbled by Terentia's ability to convey such a force of personality, with nothing but words. You are a masterfully skilled wordsmith, and I salute your ability with the art. I desperately wish I could have a way to write with you as regularly as another player, but gosh, you do the god role so well it would be a crime for you not to play one. I'm rambling, but, just. I am so incredibly impressed. I suspected that would happen, but the reality of it was far, far more wonderful than I could have guessed. Your Order are very lucky people. Kudos.

    I also really appreciate the fact that She used the swords and not a zap - Very, very nice touch!

  • AeldraAeldra , using cake powered flight Member Posts: 1,319 Transcendent
    I should return that rave right back at @xiran for our always lovely exchanges and conversations. Also for that trip to Serenwilde... bittersweet old memories <3
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  • ArixArix Member Posts: 1,454 Transcendent
    the tae'dae teleport is in and I forgot to share it here:
  • JolantheJolanthe Member Posts: 659 Mythical
    Not gonna lie, I am definitely enjoying seeing sargassum and random sea life on the highways - and being able to use trailblaze on them since they are natural terrain now.

    Optional plot to keep flooded highways forever pls? <<

  • MisericordeMisericorde Member Posts: 100 Gifted
    I had the extremely rare joy of both Niralahi and Glacydra being on at the same time and getting some family chat in with them <3
  • ZagreusZagreus Member Posts: 862 Transcendent
    #203 He swam Sea's tempests and survived Li-varili's Curse of the Sunken Heart.
  • XiranXiran Member Posts: 213 Virtuoso
    Everyone's memories in the globe. Omigod. I lingered on that and never got to contributing essence.

    Teyitha Contelli, you are forever captain and [---]. ;_;

    The mirror and more feels.

    @[email protected] Hit lots of emotional notes in this event today. Thank you admins!
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