Happy New Year!

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Share your accomplishments for 2013! Did you achieve your resolutions? What do you want of 2014?

Personally I'm pretty pleased with 2013. I don't remember what my resolutions were (or if I even bothered to make them), but I'm pretty happy with some of my accomplishments, including some fitness goals I made, as well as improvements in the independence and social skills department. Still a ways to go yet, but I gotta leave something for 2014, right? :D


  • MunsiaMunsia The Supreme Goddess Member Posts: 1,374 Transcendent

    Quit celebrating things damnit. 
  • NeosNeos The Subtle Griefer Member Posts: 1,538 Transcendent
    I got a job before the years end, so that was cool. Unfortunately, I lost my last LoL game of the year :(.
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    Celina said:
    You can't really same the same, can you?
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    "The Panthron"
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    Munsia said:

    Quit celebrating things damnit. 

  • ZouviqilZouviqil Queen of Uberjerkiness Member Posts: 975 Transcendent
    My accomplishments for 2013:

    I survived.

    The end.
  • KethaeraKethaera Member Posts: 895 Transcendent
    Quit my awful job, got a better one, went back to school, and started playing Lusternia. All in all, not a bad year.
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    Wonder who the father is... the child is much too adorable to be the spawn of Sidd.

    This year generally sucked. Became single, came back to this crack-like game, parents separated (this is a positive thing!) and finally after many threats got a big raise and bonus.

    Could be better. Could be worse.
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  • RialormRialorm Member Posts: 1,055 Transcendent
    I got my own place, got a boyfriend, didn't work out so we broke up, got depressed because that and a lot of other bad stuff finally kicked me down, decided I didn't want to be depressed and got meds and therapy, changed jobs to a better one, started running, and signed myself up for yoga classes in the new year. Somewhere along that line I also decided to be a responsible adult and started taking personal finance seriously.

    Resolutions for the new year would be to keep doing hobbies that involve social contact with people, meet my target of running 5k, start a keto diet, and further find things to do that are fun without letting anxiety be the boss of me. Oh, and give less fucks about the things I should not give fucks about, like other people's opinion of me.
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  • TurnusTurnus The Big Bad Wolf Member Posts: 581 Transcendent
    Hey pretty decent year for me too. Started a new job (moved a few times cause of it heh), got an awesome dog, and started running (went from nothing to half-marathon distance). Hopefully next year is a good one too, starting it off with a race which I actually feel pretty confident about!


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  • ParuaParua Member Posts: 319 Gifted
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    It's been a long year. 

    Lots of drama with friends, ended a nearly two year relationship due to him being a d*uchebag. Got fired from my main job. Got a second crappier job, got a better third job. Quit crappier job in an equally crappy manner.

    Oh, and my parents are separating after 25 years of marriage, and it's putting a strain on the relationship between myself and my sister.

    Came back to Lusternia after a 3 year break- havent decided if that's an entirely positive thing or not >_>
    Here's hoping that 2014 will be better.
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    新年快樂! One of the few chances I have to exert my foreign language skills...
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  • DaraiusDaraius Shevat The juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,774 Transcendent
    I broke my thumb and learned about a surprise $40,000 debt in 2013. But I also started being much more conscientious about my eating and exercise habits and got over my anxiety disorder and the suite of psychosomatic symptoms that came with it, so overall I'd count it as a win.

    Goals for 2014: don't break any fingers, keep making healthy choices, put my new running shoes to use, and get a house of my own.
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