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  • Deichtine
    I put up a mirrored report to cover all the classes that had access to asthma and aeon without terts. The jist of it is if we feel asthma and aeon is too strong then we should fix all classes with it at the same time. Reports take ages to get through so I figured we can do it all together. Orael asked me if I believed institute or shadowdancer having access to aeon and asthma was op and I said no. Having easy access to asthma and aeon is something classes have had for ages and something that can be dealt with.

    After talking to Orael he said that if I believed that aeon and asthma together is fine then don't report on it. He said if the Admin feel that asthma and aeon together is too strong after judging the Night report then I should redo the institute report but as it stands right now I'm for keeping Shadowdancers and Institute with their asthma and aeon together.

    April 25
    • Kethaera
      Welp, you're a liar or you're bad at balancing combat. Tell you what, if you want to see what actual combat balance looks like, try playing Aetolia. People who are good at pk over there are ACTUALLY good at pk - they don't just spam the same command over and over again and take advantage of a broken class.
  • Deichtine

    Institute have same speed aeon, and 2.5 second hidden asthma. Passive asthma and aeon on a chance, passive aeon on a reliable tick. The Night report seeks to remove asthma and aeon or significantly nerf them on the basis that having spammable asthma and aeon is too strong.

    If the OP really believes thats the case the OP should be seeking to nerf institute at the same time

    April 25
    • Kethaera
      No. You cannot argue that because one class has a non-passive asthma and aeon, that another class with a PASSIVE asthma and aeon is "balanced." That's not how class balancing works. It doesn't work, generally, by claiming that X class has so Y class needs , too. The entirety of the skillset - including teriaries - need to be considered. If you can't do that, fine, it's difficult task. But don't be dishonest about it and continue with these ridiculous report wars.