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We will miss you greatly, Iosai. :(

You've done so much good for this game and our experience here.
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    Best of luck in your future endeavors. Wherever you're going is super lucky to have you.
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    That is all.
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    Good luck with your new job, Iosai! Thank you for everything you have done to make Lusternia a more magical place. We'll miss you!
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    The amount of hours that sum up time spent coding, giving an insight and explanation to "how do they work?" on various mechanics, working to fix bugs and improve the quality of life with little things (but oh so awesome things) and the constantly friendly discussion and banter that goes with it all every day, can't be measured on paper alone. Because with that level of dedicated service has been an enthusiastic, engaging person, who as Tacita said, bridges the divide between players and admin. Every issue gets explored, and feedback gathered, no matter how much we break stuff to the point to where it'd be easier to just delete that person's account.

    Wait a minute... 


    You will be missed a great deal, and I hope in some form or other you can stay in touch when your new job gives you the time to drop by. I wish you nothing but the best of luck going forwards, and I'm quietly confident you'll be taking your special brand of awesome with you, and being just as appreciated as you have been here by your future peers.


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    Too many things to be said, not enough time. :(

    One big issue is the fact that now some of my really old bugs will never get fixed :(

    Don't leave meeeeeeeeee
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    Celina said:
    You can't really same the same, can you?
    Zvoltz said:
    "The Panthron"
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    All I gotta say is that if the next Iosai isn't at least half as good as our Iosai, I'mma cut a bitch.

    @Estarra, hope you know someone who can fit that bill.  Last I checked, half of perfect is perfect.
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    everything everyone else said. iosai da bess
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    Again, same as everyone else, sorry to hear that you have to leave, you will be missed, but wishing you all the best of luck with your new endeavours, hoping everything works out well in this new job :)
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    Iosai. Thank you. You were personable as you were technically savvy. Your coding imprint and change to envoy culture (in addition to the way in which updates are communicated) will make lasting contributions for years to come. 
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    Yes, we will miss you tremendously, Iosai.

    Thank you for everything you have done!
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    This is all I have to say on the matter:


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    It needn't be goodbye. Does Estarra have a soundproof basement?
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    You will be missed T.=.T

    Thank you deeply for everything you've done for us.

    ...also please keep playing CAH >.=.>


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    We'll miss you, Iosai! ;__;

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    Two years huh? Time sure flies in great company.

    You take care in your new job. I'd wish you luck, but all the great stuff you've shown us here in Lusternia suggests you don't need any. You've got the skills to make it big.
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    Congratulation and good luck with your new job, Iosai! You've been amazing for Lusternia, and we'll miss you deeply. Thank you so much for all your hard work coding, responding to players, and improving the game in ways both big and small.
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    Best of luck Iosai, going to miss you for sure. <3
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    I wonder if Iosai can leverage this thread for higher pay at the new job  B-)
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    Hey Iosai,

    I've been very scarse lately, long I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all you've contributed to the game, and what fun you've been when we've interacted.  I know you did a lot behind the scenes, especially as one of the anomolies.  I know the call of life that has happened to so many volunteers has called you, and I wish you luck in your new endeavors.  I'll try to drop in this week to say goodbye if I can.

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    Acrune said:
    I wonder if Iosai can leverage this thread for higher pay at the new job  B-)
    Only if she's gonna be working customer support...

     in which case she can never be paid enough.
    Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
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    Now if only I could get Iosai to love Ardmore. :(
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