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ArdmoreArdmore Member Posts: 509 Fabled
So, just a simple question, I noticed that when I sell my esteem not all of it shows up. I just want to confirm it's intended to be this way.

If I have a figurine with 500 esteem... there will only be 475 for sale in my shop, a 5% loss.

I know there is loss when moving from one figurine to another, but I thought that was always on the part of the buyer, not the seller.

Can anyone provide clarification for this? I guess I just don't understand why 5% is missing.


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  • ArdmoreArdmore Member Posts: 509 Fabled
    If they buy 95 and 100 is drained from my figurine - I should be paid for all 100, not just 95. Does this happen?
  • ArdmoreArdmore Member Posts: 509 Fabled
    That doesn't make sense to me, but... ok.
  • AkyaevinAkyaevin Member Posts: 586 Fabled
    If I buy 100 units, and pay the price agreed for 100 units, I should get 100 units. I should not suddenly be out 5 units. The shopowner has the option to raise their prices 5% to cover the difference, which is much easier and more natural than requiring the buyer to remember they need to pay for 5% extra.
  • KagatoKagato Auckland, New ZealandMember Posts: 1,299 Mythical
    The 5% "tax" has existed a long time now - it comes into play whenever you transfer esteem between figurines - so if you transfer 100 esteem from figurine A to figurine B, 95 will transfer and 5 will be lost. Same concept in shops, except the customer does not pay for the disappearing esteem, the tax is the owners responsibility.
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