Aetherspace mapping



  • Oh, and directions (and let's see if the spoiler tags work):

    The structure is basically as follows:

    At the bottom level, you have a map with two keys: keys and map.

    Under keys you will find the keys in an array, wit the same layout as above.

    Under map you will find the map. It consists of first five arrays, each containing the map for a plane.

    Each array first has a string with which map it is (so Prime, Ethereal, etc). After that follows several arrays with map data.

    Each of those arrays have first a string with a number, representing the offset of that array, followed by a second element with all the bytes. Each byte corresponds to a key as above, although if read in an unsigned form, the first key is 129, with 128 being unexplored (if read in a signed byte, it's -128 being unexplored and -127 being the first key).

    I plan to add a third key to the topmost map with all the docks in it, probably named "docks", which will have Z/X/Y values and the name of the dock, as well as a description of the dock.
  • Lerad said:
    Oooh. Would it be possible to integrate these into the mudlet mapper, and be tracked as we fly around in aetherspace?
    These were made with the Mudlet mapper. There's far more work to do before you can use it for flying about - and that's not my intent with this at the moment. If anyone else wants to use the map as a starting point for that, get in touch.
  • Stats for Ssaliss' map. If anyone has a bigger map for any other game, please get in touch.

    List of all areas we know of (click to view room list):
          1 main                                    (0 rooms)
          2 prime                                   (741,970 rooms)
          3 ether                                   (1,001,000 rooms)
          4 elem                                    (312,129 rooms)
          5 cosmic                                  (176,303 rooms)
          6 astral                                  (98,677 rooms)
    Total amount of rooms in this map: 2,330,079
  • Apologies for the slight (?) necro, but the maps are updated to include Aquagoria. And there was much rejoicing.
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