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    Moving on...

    I have another question for the PK gurus, if they're willing to share.

    In all the logs I've seen, I see people using power skills pretty frequently and to great effect, such that it's rare that they're every at full 10 active power unless they refresh. But so far, as a psymet Tahtetso, I'm not really finding opportunities to effectively use power besides knowing to keep five free for a gah' kill, which I think puts me at a disadvantage.

    Should I just abuse the crap out of tahtai, or where should my power be going?

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    It shouldn't, monks don't really use power.
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    Uhh, monks do use power, and quite a bit of it. It depends on the guild specifically, of course. For example, Nekotai is probably the most power heavy of the monk guilds, because our signature moves (except bleeding) require liberal use of power. A 5p autorazer that lasts for a minute, all our greenlocks cost a minimum of 5p etc. The Shofangi slit-throat costs 3p, is another example.

    Ninja and Tahtetso don't have as much power usage in their normal repertoire (I can't recall any of their affliction-specific abilities requiring power), though they probably should, but that's another discussion. Despite that, however, the assault equivalent for monks as well as the momentum booster both use power and should be utilized in most monks' repertoire for maximum effectiveness. So yes, you should be using Tahtai often. Note that this assault equiv not only double razes, it also gives a very significant boost to both damage AND wounds. It's definitely well worth the 3p. Of course, knowing when to use it is important - spamming yourself down like a warrior is pointless, since it doesn't give a burst of afflictions or increase the chance of stronger afflictions. One of the most obvious usages is to prevent a timely rebounding aura from slowing down your momentum when you're going for the kill. The Tahtetso gak-tirak-sho setup, specifically, spans over a few forms, and having to raze in between may compromise its success. Or at least, hopefully, it does. Using it as a leg-up for a burst of wounds is useful for Tahtetso as well, since Starkick is based off wounds, and devastating when used correctly.

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    I should rephrase: The majority of monks use power less liberally than the majority of other archetypes and classes, by a large margin. They can use power for convenience or to boost themselves, but it's typically not as necessary as it is for other classes. It will be good if you can use it to raze instead of a raze attack, for obvious reasons... but monks still don't really use power in anything like the same way the rest of the game does.
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    Monk power usage is not "for convenience", nor is it "not as necessary". The Shofangi cannot give the slit-throat affliction without using power. That is a part of their core repertoire. The Nekotai require power to make any attempt at a lock.

    How exactly any player uses power, as any archetype, is a matter of their combat style, and which has different implications for the flow of combat. There are people who prefer to continually spend power and always hover around 3p-5p. There are others who constantly keep themselves at 8p-10p and wait for the opportunity for a burst. Obviously, a player that prefers the former will find less opportunities to use huge power attacks like mage Unleash etc. Different monks also choose different ways of using their power, and the usage for their power has the same implications for their combat as with any other archetype. Monk power usage is in no way less impactful, or less necessary, than any other archetype.

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    Syrennia said:
    1) It was a disagreement, given that I said you were wrong. Hint: This means you're disagreeing with someone.

    2) I've given you an answer twice now, it's hardly my fault you're the only one that can't see this. Especially since one was a flat out answer, as opposed to the other obscured one.

    3) Weren't you the one who commented about how combat logs always devolve into shit all the time... Have you ever noticed that you're in every single thread where said situation happens? Shocking.
    1) Alright. I will concede that it was a "disagreement" in that when I ask my nephew what shoes he wants to wear, and he starts stomping and snorting because he wants to wear scuba flippers we are having a "disagreement." He should probably just wear the shoes when I ask about it.

    2) Nope. I've given you examples on how to be specific. "Stun," is not a specific answer. "How do you sap lock?" Stun! Here's the druidry helpfile!" How do you toad? Mana drain! Here's the wiccan helpfile!

    I'll help again: How do you toad people? Well a solid tactic is timing your banshee, pixie, and shuck and order them all passive. I nightgaze with nightsweats to force the sip AND drain the mana, sometimes twice depending, and then I final twist. While the final twist stun is in effect, neuorosis aura should stick, I order shuck, banshee, and pixie to all attack to put them to sleep (they'll have kafe up but it can require them to WAKE under aeon which is an additional second), shuck hopefully will throatlock or mana drain, and banshee will mana drain. I will have time to lash once before they recover from the stun. Unless they have changed their prios to cap off their mana, it's NEAR PERFECT.

    You're welcome. You can use it as a template for next time.

    Coincidentally, the only time you were specific, the numbed limbs comment, you were wrong. But as you are more intent on deflecting back at how big of a meanie I am instead of addressing specifics and your specifically quoted incorrect information, I suspect this is a point that is lost on you.

    3) Go cry in the corner about how mean I am, get it together (nobody likes a hot mess in runny mascara) then come back when you've worked it out.  It's the forums. If you can't take "unnecessary aggression," without breaking down into refusals to participate in your own pig headed discussion, that's on you. All I said was "you can't stop contort," and you turn on passive aggressive mode and post links to entire skillsets and telling me to "you obviously don't know as much as  you think you do. " I don't know what that has to do with me "devolving in to shit," but it's absolutely indicative of how petulant attitude from the get go. Tip: if you're going to try to blame me for a shitty attitude, you probably shouldn't have started off with one yourself. DON'T WANT NONE, DON'T START NONE HOMEGURL. I only gave you what you gave me, suck it up.
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    Had a proper response, but instead will just go with:

    You're an idiot. Plain and simple. One that also lacks basic reading comprehension, at that.
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    Let's be friends, girl. You're so fetch.


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    Syrennia said:
    Had a proper response, but instead will just go with:

    You're an idiot. Plain and simple. One that also lacks basic reading comprehension, at that. never actually answered it, all you ever said was 'lol stun, now I'm going to talk down to you.'

    literally, that's the only answer you ever gave, and one that Celina acknowledged and was asking for more specifics on your 'near perfect handling' of contort. 

    Then you said Lerad hit the nail on the head, and even he said there was no 'near perfect' way of handling contort. 

    So the answer to your 'near perfect' way of handling contort hasn't actually been answered because 'lol stun' isn't an answer.

    Everiine said:
    "'Cause the fighting don't stop till I walk in."
    -Synkarin's Lament.
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    I'm not a ninja, never been one, but the only real way to stun with ninshi is with Akogh, which is unlikely to be used at 3mo or less, given that that would put you at 2mo and unlikely to be able to yank with any modifier worth a damn. This means at 4mo, a ninja will ninshi with the relevant mods (speed, steelgrip, not sure if the bleeding mods apply here) and an Akogh to the head for the stun. That would put them at 3mo to yank with the bleed mods and maybe tendon. It'd be more effective if done at 5mo, of course, since they'd then be able to yank at 4mo, and could combo it with another Akogh to the legs for longer prones.

    Whether or not this is the exact way Rasta does it, I'm not sure, but it's probably the most likely one. It's not something you can do repeatedly unless you give up the second Akogh, as the momentum requirements will run you out of moves soon enough. Depending on how long the stun lasts, it may even still be possible to contort out of it, though apparently it's long enough to ensure a yank.

    Counters will be parry/stancing either the ninshi or the akogh, both of which is possible unless he beast spits mantakaya, which could possibly be shrugged as well. A tendon yank will require leg ninshi, which is theoretically the more useful type of yank to go for if you're going to akogh-stun for it, since a constrict yank will require head ninshi, and given that akogh must go to the head, that's all your eggs in one basket, doubling the chance of getting parry/stanced if the opponent is smart enough to guard the head. Which you should, if you're fighting any physical class anyway.

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    There is too much hate in this thread. :(
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     Listen here, Lardmore. I will hate you too.


    (Jk <3<3)

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